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If Dropshipping Is So Profitable, Why Isn’t Everyone Doing It?

By Andrey Y.

dropshipping profitable

Why isn’t everyone getting into dropshipping if it’s so profitable?

This question can cross the mind of those who discover this business model for the first time.

Indeed, what are the reasons that hold some people back from launching their own dropshipping businesses?

Let’s take a closer look at the most common dropshipping fears!

Why people stop short of starting such a profitable venture as dropshipping

The Internet is swarming with the stories of regular people who share success in dropshipping. Moreover, the new stories keep popping up regularly.

All of them say that you can launch this type of business easily and fast and be riding high soon.

So, why not to give it a try? Strike while the iron is hot!

However, people don’t rush to get started. Only the most resolute of them venture to get their feet wet. The rest dismiss the idea or stand aside unable to make up their mind.


The reason is humans themselves. All people have their fears and anxieties. Besides, our brains work in a bit strange way.

It’s hard to make us believe in something, but… At the same time, it’s easy to sow a seed of doubt in our mind.

Once people desperately resisted accepting the fact that the Earth is round. We even burned those who claimed that.

Now, when the round shape of our planet is the scientifically proven fact, you may come across people for whom it doesn’t seem so evident.  The so-called flat-earth theory has even gained some ground nowadays.

So, let’s go through the most popular fears and prejudices that could keep you from starting the dropshipping business and figure out how sound they are.

Dropshipping fear #1: It’s too late to start dropshipping

How come people refused to believe that the Earth is round?

It’s not difficult to understand it. There was a lack of information at the moment. So, we can partly chalk it up to the human ignorance.

But it’s hard to get your mind around the popularity of the flat-earth theory today. Why do people call the scientific fact into question?

Surprisingly, it happens due to the abundance of information nowadays. The Internet has set the stage for everyone to speak up.

Thus, some people use this opportunity to fan the flames, whip up human fears and strengthen doubts.

Similarly, some online entrepreneurs may create videos or write articles to state that it’s too late to start dropshipping already. That this business model is simply playing itself out.

Some of them could be quite convincing in their claims. However, if you look into it carefully, you can easily find out that the only thing they draw on is their own unsuccessful experience. Whereas there are at least seven reasons why dropshipping is still a profitable and promising business.

So, the best words to describe this is “A bad workman blames his tools”.

Dropshipping opens up great opportunities for entrepreneurs. Yet, it doesn’t mean that money will be given to you on a plate. Your success is up to you.

Dropshipping fear #2: Too many resources are necessary

The other obstacle that could stop you from getting into dropshipping is a lack of resources.

People are used to thinking that starting and running your own business require significant financial investments and knowledge.

So, many simply miss the opportunity to open up their online stores because they don’t have much savings to put in and time to learn the ropes.

The beauty of dropshipping is that you don’t need both of these.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to launch it. Actually, you can get along with $147.

And you don’t need a degree in rocket science to create your online business. All you should do to pull it off is read this one article.

Dropshipping fear #3: Customers will choose AliExpress over a smaller store

While learning about dropshipping, you may get puzzled.

Why should customers buy from my online store? They could go shopping straight to AliExpress, couldn’t they? What makes them choose dropshipping stores over AliExpress?

At first glance, the answers to these questions seem to be not in your favor.

Therefore, it might cast doubt on the prospects of dropshipping business and scare off entrepreneurs. So, many of them could kick their plans to start it into touch.

However, if you take a closer look, you can see the things in a new light.

AliExpress is a huge e-commerce platform selling plenty of different products. It’s hard and inconvenient for customers to find what they need there. The process is usually wearing and time-consuming.

On the other hand, if your online store is dedicated to a certain niche, people can easily get the necessary items and stay pleased with the visit.

Moreover, when it comes to marketing, you have the serious edge over AliExpress. By choosing a narrow niche, you can use different marketing channels to track down and target only your potential customers. It’s the luxury AliExpress can’t afford.

And these are just the most obvious advantages dropshipping stores have. To learn more of them, read this article.

Dropshipping fear #4:  It’s too risky

One more fear that may outweigh the fact that dropshipping is profitable is typical of humans.

It’s reluctance to take a risk.

Every time when it comes to making decisions, this fear starts to creep in. Often people prefer to leave things as they are even if their lives let them down. Who wants to lose everything even though you’re weighed down by this? Changes always look daunting.

When you start your own business, you need to risk everything on it, don’t you? Your 9-to-5 job, money, future… If you fail, there won’t be anything to fall back on.

It used to be like this. But it’s not the case for dropshipping!

You don’t need to quit your job since dropshipping doesn’t require much time to manage the process. Automated software carries out the most burdening tasks for you. So, you can easily combine your work with your online business.

Money is also not a big problem. You don’t have to buy products in advance and store them. You just need to find reliable suppliers on AliExpress. The software diverts your orders to them and they pack the goods and send them to your customers. All of these are for free.

The necessary investment boils down to buying domain, hosting and e-commerce software. And it will cost you only $147 as we mentioned before.

Dropshipping allows you to test the waters without any harm to your venture. If the products you’ve chosen for your online store don’t catch on with customers, you don’t need to panic. You can easily pick another items and try them out.

So, the risks of launching a dropshipping store are minimum. It won’t hurt your future and ruin your life.

Dropshipping fear #5: Dropshipping is scam

Popularity goes hand in hand with rumors.

When you become famous and successful, some people try to spread gossips about you and make you look bad and flawed.

Similarly, you could come across people stating that dropshipping is scam.

Some of them accuse online entrepreneurs of being needless middlemen who make money out of nothing.

Well, you can take any retail company such as Walmart and blame it for this, can’t you?

Another claim that dropshipping is just a hype made to hook people into and lighten their wallets by selling them courses and tutorials.

Ok, there could be some paid guides and lessons on the topic. But, you can easily find a free blog with all the necessary information. You’re reading one of them now, by the way.

The conclusion is, you shouldn’t take people at their word when it comes to rumors. They may turn out to be simply unsound.

So, people may avoid dropshipping because they can’t get the better of their fears. Though the fact is, dropshipping is a profitable business. We hope this article is going to help you overcome them, start your venture and change your life for the better.    


By Andrey Y.
Andrey has just joined AliDropship team. He’s exploring dropshipping business from the very beginning. And, he’s going to share with you the most essential things newcomers need to know.
Rogério Costa 5 years ago

When I have my store ready, the customer buys a product and pays for the product. Is this purchase, or the value of that purchase, sent to my pay pal account, and only after I pay to the Aliexpress seller? Only after that does he send the product to the customer?

Andrey Y. 5 years ago

Hi, Rogerio!
Thank you for your question!
When someone places an order on your online store and pays for it, you need to confirm it on AliExpress and make the payment there. AliDropship software automatically transmits all the information to AliExpress. All you need is to pay with your credit card on AliExpress checkout.
So, the product is sent to your customers after you’ve made the payment.
Unfortunately, AliExpress sellers don’t support PayPal. Thus, if you recieve your payment through PayPal, it could take several days for PayPal to process it and you can move the money to your bank account. Therefore, it would be useful and reasonable to have some money on your credit card to pay for your first orders when starting your business.

Susan 5 years ago

Ali express in my country supports MPesa payments(Mobile Money Payments) Does the Ali Drop Ship tool support the same? Do you also support Debit card payments?

Andrey Y. 5 years ago

Hi, Susan!
Thank you for your question.
You can find out about all the integrated solutions for our plugin here As far as I know, debit card payments are supported by every payment gateway. Check out the list of the available gateways and choose the one that suits you best According to our experience, we reccomend you use Stripe or 2Checkout.

Louisa 5 years ago

Your article was so helpful thank you. Though I have a question; what kind of credit card do I need? And also, if I get a custom store, what are the payment outlets because PayPal isn’t available in my country.
Thank you!

Andrey Y. 5 years ago

Hi, Louisa!
Thank you for your question!
The type of credit card doesn’t usually play a big role. You can choose the most suitable one for you. Speaking of payment gateways, check out this list of available gateways There, you can find the one for your country. According to our experience, we recommend you use Stripe or 2Checkout.

chyke 5 years ago

hello, you said the only money we need is the start up. what if a customer makes an order from my dropshipping site, will i not pay for the goods on aliexpress before it is delivered?

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