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Double and triple your conversions with this smart add-on! It allows creating catchy offers based on the individual taste and interests of every shopper. When your customer is about to buy an item he likes – the add-on offers him an enticing bundle of other products that he is very likely to want as well!

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*Add-on will be available right after the purchase

Stay ahead of the competition and boost your conversion rates by adopting the best-practice upselling techniques integrated into this add-on.


  • Enjoy an effortless way to drive more sales and multiply your profits
  • Encourage people to buy more items and make them happier with each one
  • Grow customers’ engagement and loyalty
  • Profit from showing upsells in the right place at the right time – in Shopping Cart and on Thank you page
  • Benefit from the seamless purchase flow


  • Create offers based either on a single target product or a whole category
  • Choose whether to show a variable upselling product or a certain item variation for a quick ‘Add to cart’ action
  • Include coupons in the offer description
  • Add an unlimited number of offers
  • Show upsells on mobile devices
  • Spend just a few minutes to install


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