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Promo Banner

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Experience a giant spike in sales with the Promo Banner tool. These professionally designed banners motivate clicks, raise the buying temperature of your audience, and radically increase your monthly profits. See for yourself what a beautifully crafted banner can do for your bottom line!

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We’ve done the research. We’ve uncovered what works. And we’ve created a banner platform that mimics the highest converting designs on the Internet. Just plug and play. What could be easier than that?


  • Get more sales from the traffic you already have
  • Create a sense of urgency that makes people buy
  • Save time with banners that work the first time
  • Run sales on your webstore whenever you’d like
  • Enjoy free lifelong support and updates


Your hassle-free creation of catchy banners

Our intuitive interface is fast, simple, and extremely easy to use. Simply install your tool and become a wizard of banner creation.

Promo Banner features a wide range of customization tools. Write your own text, change fonts and sizes, choose from a variety of colors, add links, design calls to action,  choose display positions, and even upload your own image as the background.


Holiday and event templates created by professional designers

Use one of 24 stylish templates designed especially for holiday promos! These banners elicit a holiday mood and motivate shoppers to BUY.


Automate your campaigns

Another great benefit of Promo Banner is automation. This feature allows you to schedule the beginning and end of sales while you sleep. You can plan your marketing campaigns a year or more in advance and set your banners accordingly.


Ready to double or even triple your profits? Then try Promo Banner today!

Questions? Feel free to check out our Knowledge Base or contact our customer support at

Some questions you might have
Can I upload my own image as a background?
Yes! You can choose any image you’d like to be added to your banner. Please note, the size of the image should be 1920*1000 or 100*100.
Can my banners be displayed on the mobile version of my website?
Yes. The Promo Banner add-on adapts to user’s devices.
Does the Promo Banner add-on support Alidropship Woo?
This add-on is compatible with both plugins: Alidropship and AlidropshipWoo.
Can I use the Promo Banner add-on on WordPress and WooCommerce sites?
Yes. It’s suitable for both platforms.
Who should use the Promo Banner tool?
The Promo Banner add-on can be installed on any WordPress site. You can create banners to trigger impulse purchases or to inform your visitors of a new article to get more page views. The add-on has a wide variety of uses.
Can I save my banners for future sales?
Absolutely. In addition to that, you can copy your banner for editing while saving the original variant.
Is setup service included in the price of Promo Banner?
No, you can order the service here.
How long will my Promo Banner add-on license key be valid?
All our add-ons have a lifelong license key. You can use it as long as you want.