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Facebook Business

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Keep up with rapidly growing marketing automation by giving a boost to your retargeting campaigns with the Facebook Business add-on. FB Business is an efficient solution designed to synchronize your webstore with Facebook Product Catalog and make your promotion experience as smooth as possible.

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Are you dreaming about a hassle-free promotion on Facebook? We have an awesome solution for this purpose. Use the Facebook Business add-on to simplify the process of Facebook ads setup and get a spike in your sales! An easy and effective tool to reach an enormous audience with Facebook Dynamic Ads.


  • Save your time spent on manual Facebook ads creation
  • Sell from your product catalog and get more profit from Facebook Dynamic Ads
  • Spark the interest of your potential clients by reminding them about products they’ve browsed
  • Synchronize your webstore with Facebook Product Catalog
  • Create and add your shop to Facebook and Instagram
  • Enjoy free and lifelong support and updates


Generate your product feed with the Facebook Business add-on 

Promoting your store on Facebook is as easy as ABC with the Facebook Business add-on. Forget about the boring process of collecting and adding products by yourself. You don’t have to do it manually any more. Just click one button and you are done: all the items are ready to be added to your Facebook Shop!


Easily run your advertising campaigns on Facebook 

Plan your marketing campaigns and run seasonal or holiday sales without any hassle. With the Facebook Business tool, you can select the categories of your store you want to promote on Facebook here and now.


Track the behavior of your store visitors and increase the number of purchases

With the Facebook Business add-on, you can encourage customers to BUY the products they have viewed or added to cart by showing these products on their Facebook and Instagram feeds.

You can also show them ads featuring related products, upsells or new arrivals. Just imagine how your sales will grow!

All you need to do is add your Facebook Pixel code to the relevant field of our add-on and set up Facebook Dynamic Ads in your Business Manager.


To learn more about setup and installation, please refer to our Knowledge Base or feel free to get in touch with our support team at

Some questions you might have
Where should I place the Facebook Pixel?
Please note that the add-on’s FB Pixel settings should be the only place where you are entering your FB Pixel ID. You don't need to add FB Pixel code to the header of your site or use any third-party plugins.
Is Facebook Business supported by AliDropship Woo plugin?
This add-on is compatible with both plugins: AliDropship and AliDropshipWoo
Can I use Facebook Business on WordPress or WooCommerce sites without the AliDropship plugin?
No, you can’t. This add-on isn’t compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce sites without AliDropship.
How do I start using the Facebook Business add-on on my online store?
Firstly, you should create an account on Facebook Business Manager. You will need it to start your promotional campaign on Facebook and Instagram.
What events does the Facebook Pixel track?
When added to our Facebook Business add-on, the Facebook Pixel tracks three main events: content views, adding to cart, and product purchases. Depending on customers’ behavior on your store, Facebook will show different products from your product catalog, motivating people to come back and buy from you.
Can I promote a specific category from my store?
The Facebook Business add-on allows you to choose the category you want to promote on Facebook Dynamic Ads.
Why should I edit the attributes of my products before generating a product catalog?
If you want to promote products that have different variations (such as color, material, etc.), you have to match the right Facebook attributes for the products. Otherwise, the feed will be disapproved because of the missing required attributes.
Is setup service included in the price of the Facebook Business add-on?
No, but you can order this service here.
How long will my Facebook Business add-on license key be valid?
All our add-ons have a lifelong license key. You can use it as long as you want.