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Facebook Business

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Keep up with rapidly growing marketing automation by giving a boost to your retargeting campaigns with Facebook Business add-on. FB Business is an efficient solution designed to synchronize your web store with Facebook Product Catalog and make your promotion experience as smooth as possible.

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With FB dynamic ads you can be sure that your prospective customers will see only relevant products in Facebook and Instagram feed. These ads are based on items which your visitors viewed on your website, so they are more likely to return to your store. This opportunity is just too tempting to miss!


  • Sell from your product catalog getting the most out of dynamic ads
  • Increase customer acquisition efficiency
  • Spark interest of your potential clients by reminding them about products they browsed
  • Create and add your shop to Facebook and Instagram


  • Create your Facebook product catalog in one click
  • Set up automatic product catalog updates
  • Create personalized recommendations to your target audience
  • Let people know about your web store by showing them your ads across devices they use
  • Enjoy clean interface
  • Compatible with WooCommerce


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