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May 22, 2016 Category: Success stories
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Dropship Business Success Stories

My adventure with dropshipping business started 5 years ago. There was no tool that allowed automating the product import with Aliexpress and the ordering process. The best solution for me was to sell expensive products to achieve high margins and solid profits. I was selling at the biggest Polish portal which is called Allegro and generated the revenue of more than 450 000 USD. Also I got a lot of experience and knowledge in dropshipping business.

Three months ago I started using dropshipping tools offered by AliDrophip and have already processed more than 2,500 orders. It is the best solution for anyone who wants to start selling products from Aliexpress. With the right amount of efforts you are able to make huge money. The solution gives you an opportunity to create your webstores and increase profit fast. Now I am expanding my business creating more webstores in different niches.

Alidrophip plugin will do for you more than 80% of all the work. You need to promote your store and have a good customer service. That’s all. With AliDropship I spend about 30 seconds to process an order.

I would recommend the plugin to anyone who wants to get started with dropshiping and to those who are already involved in this business and need tools that will allow growing quickly.

AliDropShip team is very helpful and very quick to answer all questions and solve any problems. If you are wondering whether it is worth trying dropshipping business model and starting selling using AliDropship tools then you should know that if you are working hard and take your business seriously, you can become a millionaire.

Dropship Business Success Stories

Dropship Business Success Stories

Tomek N. from Poland.



Cha Cha October 31, 2016 13:19:03

How do you doing promotion to promote your product on store? You not share about promotion which You get many orders. I hope you share your promotion too. Thanks

    Tomek November 3, 2016 4:29:45


    I focused on Facebook Adverts, here are some tips:

    First tip i like to share with you is carousels format.

    you can add 5 slide. Is good to add products photo, and information about free delivery and “watch more”. I don’t link to products. In my opinion is better to link to category. If you put link to products, then you can have more bounce rate. In category you will show more products and get more interested.

    type of advertising:

    I set only CPC, i don’t use another becouse CPC work great for my.


    fist of all i recomend to creat remarketing audience – users that only visit your site. When you will have this group you should copy ads from basic audience. When someone click again in the same ads it means that he/she are interested.

    Great tip is to create lookalike audience based on:

    I recomend to set 2-3%. That means Facebook will find person with are silimiar to this, who visit cart or thankyou page. This work great for me.


    If you care about CPC cost (i recomend to check it and make changes when it is too high) then you need to add new ads when old is show more that 3-4 time. It depend on yours audience and budget so i don’t know how long in your case ads can by showing.

    Also i recomend to make realy good ads, and when CPC is to high then copy it to new audience.

    When some one like your ads then you can invite him to like your page. (only need to click into your ad and then you will have list of people like with button “invite”

    I think this is basic informations. The most important is to check everyday your advertising manager (or power editor) and check what is going on. When some ads have to high CPC then turn off and add new one. I recomend only turn off, becouse after some time you can turn on and get better CPC.

Cha Cha November 8, 2016 4:16:45

Hi Tomek,

Thanks you give an explanation of the promoting you do.

I am a beginner in the business of dropshipping. I would like to ask how your budget per day to do FB ads per day? Typically how much it cost you spend on one campaign fb ads?

How to find a good target for your niche? E.g. age and gender and time to set settings for facebook ads? How many ROI you get with one campaign?

You create ads carousels format., it means that the link to the category instead of to your facebook fanpage? Can you explain to me again.

Your article and the success you so inspire me. I hope you give tips and trick to do promotion so I could get a lot visitor and sales just like you. 🙂

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