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Top AliExpress Best-Sellers: The Hottest Trends To Watch In 2024

By Denis K.

AliExpress Trends 2024 cover article

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through online shops, curious about what people are actually buying? If you’re new to the ecommerce world, or perhaps haven’t even dipped your toes in yet, knowing what’s trending can be a goldmine of information. In this article, we’ll walk you through the AliExpress best-sellers and forecast the trends that will be shaping 2024. Stick around if you’re keen on finding out what products are set to fly off the shelves and how you can leverage this knowledge for your own business!

How to discover the AliExpress best-sellers of 2024? [Explained]


So, you’re intrigued by the idea of jumping into ecommerce, and you’ve heard that AliExpress (or the whole Alibaba Group) is a hotbed for cool, profitable products.

Let’s dive into how you can discover these AliExpress best-sellers for 2024, shall we?

Why AliExpress?

AliExpress ranks among the world’s leading online marketplaces, bustling with a vast array of products. Think fashion, home decor, automotive parts, and even medical supplies. It’s a go-to platform for ecommerce newbies and veterans alike looking to source products to resell online.

Scanning through the endless pages of millions of products on AliExpress can feel overwhelming.

But hey, don’t worry — there are proven ways to narrow down your search and spot those gems.

#1. Top rankings and Top selection sections

On the AliExpress homepage, you’ll notice two key sections: Top Rankings and Top Selection. Let’s decode what these mean.

Top rankings: This area showcases six selling product categories currently excelling on AliExpress. These rankings are a blend of different metrics like the number of orders, wishlists, and followers. They update weekly, giving you fresh insights into what’s hot.

Top selection: Here, you’ll find three items that are killing it on AliExpress. You can click through to explore an even larger selection of top performers.

The quality products here usually feature numerous positive reviews, giving you a clue about customer satisfaction levels.

#2. Category-based searches

If you already have a niche in mind, use the category filter on AliExpress to delve deeper. Sort your search results by the number of orders and ratings to find the most popular items.

#3. Beyond sales numbers

While high sales numbers are appealing, they’re not the only factor you should consider when picking products. Sometimes a product might have a lot of sales but low-profit margins.

Also, keep an eye out for:

  • Well-crafted product descriptions
  • High-quality images
  • Positive reviews
  • Prompt shipping options

#4. Finding inspiration from Amazon

If you’re still hungry for more product ideas, Amazon’s Best Sellers list is another excellent resource. Spot a product that’s doing well on both AliExpress and Amazon? That’s usually a strong indicator of its profit potential.

You can also up your game by using tools like AMZScout, which offers a treasure trove of data on Amazon’s top-performing products. This way, you’re not just following trends; you’re analyzing them.

Ready to turn these insights into action? Keep reading, as we delve further into the specific AliExpress best sellers poised to make waves in 2024!

Must-have AliExpress products you should be eyeing in 2024


AliExpress is a goldmine for unique and affordable products. But hey, let’s talk straight: with a sea of categories to explore, where do you even start?

So here’s a rundown of categories that are currently owning the AliExpress space:

  • Women’s Fashion 👗

Fashionistas, you’re not left out!

Ah, the ever-changing landscape of women’s fashion, always serving us new trends on a platter! Demand is always skyrocketing, AliExpress is teeming with quirky, unique styles — from athleisure to cocktail dresses, the options are endless.

Top women’s clothing picks:

  • Leggings or yoga pants for that WFH life
  • Trendy tees for casual outings
  • Cargo pants that scream ’90s nostalgia
  • Maternity wear that’s both chic and comfy

Electronics 📱🎧

If you’re a techie at heart or a professional always on the lookout for the latest gadgets, AliExpress best-sellers have got you covered. From gaming must-haves to obscure industrial tools, you name it, they have it!

Top picks:

  • Smartphones (obviously!)
  • Can’t-live-without ’em USB chargers
  • Smartwatches for the fitness buffs
  • Headphones that are basically eargasms
  • Ring lights for the budding YouTubers

With tech evolving faster than you can say “Siri,” smartphones and their sidekicks (read: accessories) are a hot commodity. Screen protectors, unique cases, and the latest chargers – you’ll never run out of things to sell or buy.

Men’s fashion 👔

Gentlemen, you’re in luck! Men’s fashion on AliExpress is as versatile as it gets. Whether you’re into the classic vibe or something edgier, there’s something for you.

Top men’s wear picks: 

  • Hoodies & sweatshirts for those chill days
  • Men’s t-shirts that speak volumes
  • Men’s jackets to brave the elements
  • Casual pants for laid-back vibes
  • Casual shorts for sunny escapades

Jewelry 💍

Jewelry isn’t just an accessory; it’s an expression. And AliExpress offers a dizzying array of styles, from boho-chic to minimalist. Rings, bracelets, necklaces—go ahead and add some bling to your cart!

Top jewelry picks: 

  • Customized jewelry to tell your story
  • Fine jewelry that shines bright
  • Rings that make a statement
  • Wedding & engagement jewelry for your forever promise
  • Earrings that dangle with delight
  • Necklaces & pendants that grace any outfit
  • Bracelets & bangles for that wrist candy

Pet products 🐾

For those of us whose pets are basically family, AliExpress has a range of products to keep our fur babies happy and healthy. Whether it’s gourmet pet food or the latest in toy tech, your pet will thank you.

Top pet picks: 

  • Cat collars & leads for your feline friend
  • Cat clothing that’s purr-fectly stylish
  • Playful cat toys
  • Dog toys for endless tail-wagging
  • Dog clothing & shoes for the canine couture
  • Dog grooming to keep them looking dapper

Home appliances 🏠

Who says shopping for home appliances has to be boring? With smart home devices and high-end appliances, you can add a touch of luxury to everyday living.

Top picks: 

  • Smart devices (LED lamps, speakers, vacuum cleaner, plugs, etc.) 
  • Home decor (Wall décor, vases, figurines & miniatures, candles & holders) 
  • Home textiles (Bedding sets, blankets, sofa covers, carpets) 
  • Kitchen (Bakeware, drinkware, kitchen tools & gadgets, tableware)
  • Household items (Bathroom accessories, cleaning tools, artificial & dried flowers)

Bags & footwear 👜👟

Whether you’re an urban nomad or a chic socialite, bags and shoes are essential wardrobe staples. From trendy backpacks to designer dupes, AliExpress has it all!

Top bag & footwear picks:

  • Backpacks for the urban adventurer
  • Totes that carry life’s essentials
  • Wallets because cash is still king
  • Briefcases for the 9-to-5 grind
  • Clutches for those night-outs
  • Casual shoes for the everyday shuffle
  • Sandals to feel the breeze
  • Loafers for a touch of class
  • Flip flops for beach days
  • Boots that brave any weather
  • Heels to elevate any look

Beauty & health 💅💄🌿

Raise your hand if you love a good beauty bargain! AliExpress is a hotspot for all things beauty. Even better, you can snag these essentials at prices that don’t break the bank.

Top beauty picks:

  • Magnetic eyelashes for that dramatic flair
  • Facial massagers to pamper yourself
  • Makeup brushes every beauty guru needs
  • Face masks for skincare Sundays
  • Blackhead removers because, well, ew!

Because one can never have enough beauty products! Organic, cruelty-free, or globally renowned brands — take your pick!

How to find best-sellers for your online stores easily? [Solution]

how to dropship fashion

While AliExpress definitely services as a great source for finding new trending products and best-sellers, it’s not always the best logistical solution if you’re goal is to provide the best service possible. That’s why we’re offering you an amazing alternative, our selection of fashion hits that will boost your online store!

These awesome selection of products come straight from our warehouse that provides our partners with swift delivery that leads to high customer satisfaction. A definite must-have for people eyeing to conquer the fashion stage.

Here’s a detailed look at how these collections can transform your ecommerce strategy.

  • Seasonal collections

AliDropship curates an extensive array of products for each season, ensuring your store remains relevant and timely. Whether it’s spring fashion hits or winter holiday gifts, you have access to products that resonate with consumers’ current interests.

  • Holiday and event-based packages

Special collections are designed for major holidays and significant global events, capturing the spike in consumer interest and buying behavior during these periods. From Valentine’s Day to Black Friday, you’re prepared to meet your customers’ needs.

  • Wide selection of products

Each package offers a broad range of products, including 100, 200, 300, 1,000 products — each is the ultimate solution for those wanting to dominate their market with an expansive range of items.

  • Product uploading service

AliDropship doesn’t just provide a list of products, it offers a complete product uploading service. This means the products you choose can be seamlessly integrated into your existing store, making the setup or update process effortless.

  • Ready-to-go stores

For entrepreneurs looking to hit the ground running, AliDropship offers ready-to-go stores that come preloaded with your selected product package. It’s a turnkey solution for launching a new e-commerce venture without the hassle.

  • Start from scratch solutions

New to ecommerce? AliDropship’s seasonal collections are accompanied by comprehensive support to help you start from scratch. This includes everything from store design to product integration, ensuring you have all the tools to launch successfully.

  • High-converting product data

Beyond just the products, AliDropship provides high-converting product descriptions, images, and even marketing materials like promotional videos for select items, ensuring you have everything you need to attract and convert customers.

By leveraging AliDropship’s seasonal product collections, you’re not just filling your store with products; –you’re adopting a strategic approach to meet consumer demand head-on easily, in a couple of clicks.

This solution empowers you to keep your store updated with minimal effort, focusing instead on growing your business and increasing sales.

AliExpress best-sellers: Your next retail adventure awaits!


And there you have it, savvy shoppers and business builders — a treasure trove of the best-selling categories and niche products that are totally crushing it in 2024!

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a current business owner looking to diversify your online store, you’d be missing out big time if you overlook these in-demand categories. With ever-changing trends and an array of products to choose from, you’ll never hit a dull moment in your ecommerce journey.

So, what are you waiting for? Ready to dive into the incredible world of ecommerce with AliExpress best-sellers of 2024? Get the collection of Best Dropshipping Products of 2024 by AliDropship. Your future self will thank you. Happy selling products!

By Denis K.
Denis is a copywriter at AliDropship. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business as a specialist in advertising, he explores the rapidly changing and evolving digital marketing industry and feels committed to sharing his findings with a wider reader’s audience.
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