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How a $50 Craigslist Find Turned into a Million-Dollar Business [Case Study]

By Denis K.


Ecommerce is a world filled with stories of big wins that didn’t happen overnight. There’s something special about hearing how someone turned a simple idea into a booming online business. It’s like a reminder that with a bit of creativity, the right approach, and some hard work, making it big is totally possible. Plus, with AliDropship’s help, starting an ecommerce business is like taking a shortcut to success. This story we’re about to dive into? It’s all about how a small Craigslist purchase for just $50 sparked a side hustle that exploded into a million-dollar adventure. Let’s get into how it all happened!

Meet Elle: A mom with a mission


The baby gear world was really looking for new, cool stuff. Stuff that was not just useful but also looked great. Then Elle had a brilliant idea.

Why not make baby wraps that aren’t just handy but also stylish and help bring parents and their babies closer?

  • Where Elle found the inspiration for her multi million business


Back in 2009, as a new mom she was juggling motherhood with her husband’s academic pursuits.

Elle started with simple fabric and a big dream. Her first baby wraps weren’t perfect, but they were the beginning of something amazing. When she carried her baby in one of these wraps, she felt so confident and connected.

She knew other parents would love this feeling too.

  • From prototype to best-seller

Elle’s journey began with basic jersey knit fabric and a vision. Her initial homemade wraps were far from perfect, but they were the start of something big. Wearing her baby in the wrap, Elle felt an overwhelming sense of confidence and connection—a feeling she knew other parents would cherish.

Getting her idea out there wasn’t easy. She opened an online shop and made her home a place to make and sell these wraps. Even when she didn’t sell much at first, the good words from people who tried her wraps kept her going.

  • Growing big and embracing success

Money was tight at the start for Solly Baby. Elle had to get creative, so she asked customers to pay before the products were made, which helped pay for making more wraps. The real turning point was when her husband came on board.

With his help, they really started to grow, and sales hit $1 million.

  • More than just a side gig

Today, Solly Baby is a big name, making up to $20 million a year. Elle went from making wraps in her living room to leading a company that helps millions of families.

Elle’s success isn’t just about making money. It’s about how Solly Baby wraps help parents feel closer to their babies. It shows that with a great idea and a lot of hard work, anyone can make it big online. Elle’s story is a huge inspiration. It shows that with the right attitude and some help — like what you can get from AliDropship — you can turn your dream into a successful online business. Your own ecommerce journey could start now, ready to make its own mark.

With the right mindset, approach, and support — now available through AliDropship — turning a dream into a thriving online business is more than just a possibility.

Boost your online store with AliDropship’s best-sellers

Kicking off an ecommerce business has never been easier or more lucrative, thanks to AliDropship. When you select products that have already won the hearts of many, you skip the long journey of product development and leap straight into reaping handsome profits.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the stellar products from AliDropship that are set to turn your online store into an ecommerce sensation.

  • Electric Baby Cradle Rocker


Price for You: $199.00
Your Possible Retail Price: $399.99
Your Possible Profit: $200.99

Introduce your customers to the magic of effortless slumbers with the Electric Baby Cradle Rocker. A true lifesaver for new parents, this multi-functional marvel serves as a cozy bedside bed, a portable crib, and a splicable big bed. Powered by a gentle, electric rocking motion, it ensures the little ones enjoy the most peaceful sleep, making it a must-have in every modern nursery.

  • Baby White Noise Machine


Price for You: $19.52
Retail Price: $252.65
Your Possible Profit: $233.13

Elevate bedtime from a routine to a ritual with the Baby White Noise Machine. This device is more than just a sleep aid; it’s a serenade to sweet dreams with 28 natural sounds and a comforting night light. Designed with the little ears in mind, it’s the perfect companion for parents in search of a soothing, sleep-promoting solution.

  • Multi-Function Diaper Bag


Price for You: $15.75
Retail Price: $68.49
Your Profit: $52.74

Blend style with utility with the Multi-Function Diaper Bag. Crafted for the on-the-go parent, this chic bag offers an organized, stylish way to carry all baby essentials. Its compact design and thoughtful features make it an indispensable accessory for parents everywhere.

  • Diaper Bag Backpack with Foldable Baby Bed


Price for You: $23.30
Retail Price: $56.49
Your Profit: $33.19

Discover the pinnacle of convenience and style with the Diaper Bag Backpack with Foldable Baby Bed. This groundbreaking backpack marries a diaper bag with a foldable baby bed and a waterproof travel bag, all complemented by a USB charge port. It’s everything a parent needs, wrapped up in one stylish, functional package.

  • Unicorn Plush Bean Bag


Price for You: $12.56
Retail Price: $65.49
Your Profit: $52.93

Transform any room into a whimsical haven with the Unicorn Plush Bean Bag. More than just seating, it’s a plush, magical companion inviting kids to read, play, or simply relax. This bean bag is the ideal addition to any child’s playroom or bedroom, offering style, comfort, and a touch of enchantment.

  • Baby Swaddle Sleeping Bag


Price for You: $5.25
Retail Price: $27.49
Your Profit: $22.24

Keep your customers’ little ones cozy and secure with the Baby Swaddle Sleeping Bag. Specially designed for the chilly months, this product features a warm, thickened design with anti-jump technology, ensuring a safe, snug sleep every time.

  • Baby Activity Play Mat


Price for You: $20.62
Retail Price: $51.95
Your Profit: $31.33

Encourage playful learning and growth with the Baby Activity Play Mat. This soft, inviting mat offers a safe space for babies to explore their world, making it an essential for early developmental stages.

  • Comfy Cotton Ribbed Baby Leggings


Price for You: $2.28
Retail Price: $19.95
Your Profit: $17.67

Marrying comfort with fashion, the Comfy Cotton Ribbed Baby Leggings are a dream for any parent. Perfect for any event, these leggings are the go-to for those seeking a blend of style and practical comfort for their babies.

  • Baby Cute Bear Shoe Socks


Price for You: $3.86
Retail Price: $20.49
Your Profit: $16.63

Add a dash of warmth and a whole lot of cuteness to your inventory with the Baby Cute Bear Shoe Socks. Combining style, comfort, and functionality, these socks are an adorable, practical choice for tiny toes.

  • Baby Monitor with Mobile App Control


Price for You: $80.57
Retail Price: $226.80
Your Profit: $146.23

Offer peace of mind to parents with the cutting-edge Wireless Baby Monitor. Featuring a high-definition screen and comprehensive camera control, this monitor ensures parents can keep an eye on.

Start your online business dream with AliDropship


So, if you’ve ever thought about starting your own online business, AliDropship is here to make that happen.

Whether you’re into products for little ones or any niche you can think of, AliDropship is your best bet to kick things off on a high note.

  • Build the online store of your dreams

With AliDropship, you’re not just opening an online shop. You’re creating a special place that shows off what you’re passionate about and what you dream your business to be.  Your shop will be filled with products that people already love, so you’re set up to grab attention and succeed right away.

We do more than just get your site up and running. We make sure it looks so good that your visitors won’t want to leave. They’ll stick around, browse, and buy.

  • Easy-peasy store management

Managing your store with AliDropship’s system is super easy – like walking in the park easy. From taking care of orders, updating your products, to chatting with customers, we make all that stuff simple. And no matter where your customers are in the world, it’s no sweat to keep things running smoothly.

Our product catalog is chock-full of great stuff, complete with all the details you need to show off what you’ve got. And because we know everyone hates to wait, we send out your customers’ orders quick-smart.

  • Making money with top sellers


Our team is always on the lookout for products that sell like hotcakes, meaning more cash in your pocket without the extra headache. Here’s the scoop on how AliDropship helps you hit the ground running:

  • The Best Products: Jump into our pool of awesome, must-have products that fit your shop’s vibe perfectly.
  • Sell More, Earn More: We’ve got all the tricks to help you make more money on every sale.
  • Easy Restock: Keep your shelves filled with the best stuff without breaking the bank, making sure you’re always ready to sell.
  • We’ve Got Shipping Covered: From packing to shipping, we handle the heavy lifting, so your orders get to your customers fast and without a fuss.

Thinking about making a splash in the online world? Dive into creating an online store that brings what you love to people everywhere. Start your adventure with AliDropship now and watch your business fly high.

By Denis K.
Denis is a copywriter at AliDropship. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business as a specialist in advertising, he explores the rapidly changing and evolving digital marketing industry and feels committed to sharing his findings with a wider reader’s audience.

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