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Do You Have The Mindset For Success? You Can Make $45K+ A Month With Dropshipping!

By Denis K.


Have you ever dreamed of launching an online business but found yourself short on time, cash, or the necessary skills? Does the thought of diving into dropshipping seem daunting, filled with complexity, risk, and competition? If you nodded in agreement, it might seem like you don’t have the mindset for success and dropshipping is simply not your cup of tea. Perhaps sticking to your mundane 9-to-5 job, streaming Netflix, and wistfully pondering “what if” scenarios is your best bet.

However, if you’re the kind who’s poised to take the leap, eager to acquire fresh skills, and ready to pave your path to online success, then don’t let the dropshipping world intimidate you. It might just be the perfect opportunity waiting for you to seize. Just glance at the astounding stories of ordinary individuals like you who ventured into ecommerce and began raking in the profits!

Earnings potential: The lucrative world of online stores


Junglescout shed some light on the revenue potential of online ventures through its comprehensive research. Would you believe that a staggering majority of top-tier Amazon sellers pocket over $250,000 monthly? That’s not even the pinnacle – some are clocking in revenues surpassing a cool $1 million!

Let’s dive deeper into the numbers:

  • 73% of Amazon sellers proudly boast profit margins soaring above 10%.
  • Even more impressively, a substantial 35% of sellers enjoy margins that leap beyond 20%.

Now, let’s compare this with the conventional brick-and-mortar small businesses across the U.S.

Depending on their industry and operations, these traditional businesses typically retain a profit margin ranging between 7% and 10%. Quite a difference, right?

These numbers serve as a testament to the robust potential of online selling platforms like Amazon. It’s awe-inspiring to think that many of today’s industry giants initially sprouted as modest Amazon ventures, often orchestrated by solo entrepreneurs. This truly underlines the power of adopting the right mindset for success in the ecommerce realm!


Did you know the ecommerce sector experienced a meteoric rise of 49% in profits in 2022 when compared to the previous year? That’s not just growth, that’s an explosion!

Even if you stumble upon some roadblocks and your online venture doesn’t rake in the expected numbers, all is not lost. With platforms like Flippa, you can turn your website into a desirable asset, regardless of its sales figure.

So, what’s the big takeaway here? Success in ecommerce doesn’t solely hinge on sales. There’s value in the journey, the brand, and the potential. However, with the right mindset for success, if you do strike gold and set up a flourishing online store, it has the power to be a game-changer. Need proof? Just take a peek at the triumphant stories of some of our elated customers!

Rodney’s journey from tech enthusiast to ecommerce success

Meet Rodney, a tech aficionado who dreamed of breaking into the technology sector. Armed with a college degree, he stepped into the real world, only to find himself caught in a battle against student loans and a job market that didn’t align with his aspirations. The need for additional income, coupled with a desire to immerse himself in the tech world, led Rodney to cross paths with AliDropship.

Taking a leap of faith, Rodney plunged into the world of ecommerce and launched his very first store through AliDropship, all within a matter of minutes. What surprised him most was the seamless nature of it all – from the initial setup to product sourcing and even the complexities of fast shipping,

As time passed, Rodney’s side hustle transformed from a mere pastime into a lucrative venture that symbolized financial independence and personal satisfaction. Within a mere month, his bank account was richer by over $12,000, all while enjoying the comforts of home and the precious company of family.

But that’s not where the story ends. Rodney’s entrepreneurial journey became a family affair as his wife, brother, and daughter joined in, creating a formidable team united in their vision and goals.

The ecommerce adventures of Gar Lee: From the peaks of Seattle to online peaks

Enter the world of Gar Lee, a spirited entrepreneur from Seattle, whose love for adventure rivals his passion for ecommerce. As he embarked on his professional journey, traditional roles seemed confining, pushing him to seek a path that granted him both financial rewards and personal freedom. The answer? Ecommerce. Gar ventured into the vast online marketplace, rapidly adapting and evolving with the dynamic ecommerce landscape. And while his journey with ventures like AliDropship came with its set of challenges, the swift solutions and innovative approach were his guiding stars.

Today, with a decade of experience and a resolute mindset, Gar not only enjoys the sweet fruits of his labor but also stands as a beacon for many aspiring entrepreneurs. From snowboarding across Canada to diving into ecommerce strategies, Gar Lee’s story is a testament to the fact that with the right mindset and tools, success is just a click away.

Samuel: From turbulence to triumph in the world of dropshipping

Meet Samuel – a 31-year-old automotive technician, a devoted husband, and a loving father to young Nicholas. Wearing multiple hats in life, Samuel navigated its twists and turns with unwavering determination. Yet, life had other plans. The tumultuous waves of the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted his professional stability, creating a constant state of upheaval. To compound the challenges, news of his wife Courtney’s pregnancy arrived, accompanied by significant health complications. As if that weren’t enough, an unexpected job loss pushed him to the edge.

In the midst of this seemingly insurmountable despair, a glimmer of hope beckoned. A casual conversation with a friend on the basketball court briefly introduced Samuel to the world of dropshipping – a concept hitherto unfamiliar to him. Intrigued by the notion, he delved into the vast realm of ecommerce, finding an online platform that ignited his determination. With unwavering resolve, Samuel decided to step into the unknown territory of online retail, choosing vacuum cleaners as his inaugural product.

In a matter of days, the results astounded him. Five sales within the first week soon multiplied to 34 within two months. The earnings went on to alleviate the burden of Courtney’s medical expenses, offering a ray of hope and joy during her challenging journey through postpartum depression.

For anyone grappling with the unpredictable challenges life throws their way, Samuel’s message is clear: “Embrace change, trust in yourself, and leap into the unknown. Remember, the path to happiness often emerges from the most unexpected corners.”

Samuel’s story stands as a beacon of hope and an inspiration to countless others. As you embark on your unique journey, may Samuel’s resilience and unwavering faith serve as a reminder that life is brimming with boundless possibilities.

Mompreneur Daphne: Crafting an outdoor empire online

During her maternity leave, Daphne, a passionate outdoor enthusiast, was feeling confined and restless. As she grappled with her love for hiking and camping and the demands of her new role as a mother to baby Christian, she found inspiration online. Transforming her deep knowledge and hands-on experience in outdoor adventures into an ecommerce venture, Daphne quickly turned her passion into a profitable endeavor.

Her strategy was simple yet effective: she loaded her online store with must-haves for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Items such as tents, knee wraps, and water bottles became the bedrock of her online brand. Leveraging the power of social media, she began an Instagram blog, which soon gathered a large following of fellow outdoor aficionados. In a mere seven months, Daphne’s dedication bore fruit as she raked in an impressive $44,897. These earnings not only set the foundation for Christian’s college fund but also solidified Daphne’s position in the ecommerce world.

One of Daphne’s notable accomplishments was her innovative marketing strategy. She encouraged her customers to share their real-life experiences with her products, boosting her brand’s visibility and authenticity. In return, she offered them discounts, freebies, or social media shoutouts, cementing their loyalty. Among her offerings, the knee wraps stood out, showcasing Daphne’s intrinsic understanding of her audience’s needs.

As she looks to the future, Daphne envisions expanding her product range and reaching out to a global customer base. While her business aspirations are high, she is also keen on introducing her son Christian to the joys of hiking once he’s a bit older. Daphne’s entrepreneurial journey underlines the immense potential the online world offers. With dedication, understanding of one’s niche, and strategic marketing, success is not just achievable but also sustainable.

Craft your own success story: Making ecommerce effortless with AliDropship


Success in ecommerce demands the right mindset, tools, and determination. And with AliDropship, you’re not just armed with a tool – you’re partnered with a digital ally in the world of online business.

  • Just beginning? Great stories start with a mindset for success!

When you think of starting a business, you often think of the initial investment, don’t you? AliDropship reshapes that narrative by letting you kick off a custom store without digging into your pockets. Say goodbye to tedious templates and plugins and hello to a store filled with products that everyone’s talking about.

  • Guidance every step of the way

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of setting up? AliDropship’s team is there to steer you seamlessly through. They’re committed to ensuring your journey starts on the right foot.

Designs that resonate success

A stellar design can set you apart in the ecommerce world. AliDropship’s design maestros ensure your store doesn’t merely function – it stands out. From impactful logos to compelling banners, it’s all about giving your brand its unique flair.

Aiming for Amazon?

With aspirations of making it big on platforms like Amazon? Look no further than AliDropship’s exclusive Amazon package:

Effortless product selection

Take a breather and let AliDropship’s specialists curate the perfect product line-up. Say goodbye to countless hours of product searching and let the experts pave your way.

Maximize your productivity

Move past the tediousness of product selection and dive into exciting endeavors like promotions. Make each second count.

Expertise at your beck and call

With a dedicated manager by your side, and round-the-clock tech support, scaling the ecommerce heights is made simpler.

Dropshipping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially if making in around $250K monthly seems daunting. But for those who envision this as their reality, there’s no ally better than AliDropship.

Don’t merely imagine a success story live it. Create your own online store today and witness firsthand the unparalleled ease and profitability of venturing into dropshipping and finding your mindset for success. Your bright and prosperous future awaits!

By Denis K.
Denis is a copywriter at AliDropship. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business as a specialist in advertising, he explores the rapidly changing and evolving digital marketing industry and feels committed to sharing his findings with a wider reader’s audience.
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