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“I Just Created The Coolest Thing Ever” – How A Single Mother Hannah Perry Found Her Signature Product And Turned Her Life Around

By Roman P.

cover image Hannah Perry Floof Cotton Candy case study

Have you ever felt nervous to start your own business? Then we have good news for you, because starting your own online business journey is always possible, no matter when you begin. Our guest today is a great illustration of this. She faced tough times but managed to overcome them and achieve success. Her story can motivate you, ignite your aspirations, and help you create your own path to success. Challenges are opportunities in disguise. When we hit rock bottom, we have the freedom to build something new. So, let’s get started!

Meet Hannah

photo Hannah Perry

Growing up in a Mormon family, Hannah followed the expected path. Instead of immediately pursuing a career after college, she got married and started a family. This was what she’d been taught since childhood – the belief that her role as a woman was to follow this path. Her life seemed perfect until the pandemic hit. During this time, she lost her job as an interpreter and her marriage ended. However, she didn’t let these challenges hold her back. Instead, she used this experience to learn more about herself.

I knew I was gay. I was a late bloomer for sure

As she accepted her identity and the difficulties she faced, she began to rebuild her life and support her family. It was a tough time, but she remained hopeful. She revisited an old dream: owning her own business. After her divorce, she needed a way to earn money to take care of her family.

I was determined to find a way to work while being present for my kids

So, this wasn’t just about herself; it was about creating a new life for her and her children. Hannah was used to hard work. She had put herself through college without loans and juggled multiple jobs. The idea of starting a business had been in her mind for over ten years, initially seen as an unrealistic dream. But as her circumstances changed, so did her perspective. Her business idea initially focused on a portable cart, allowing her to work at events and on weekends when she had childcare. It was a practical solution that fit her responsibilities as a parent.

The birth of Floof Cotton Candy

In 2020, Hannah started her own business called Floof Cotton Candy. This was the turning point in her life. She came up with a product that would make a difference. She put cotton candy into a container, making it look like a small cake. Even though she didn’t decorate it further, she thought it was cute.


This inspired her to find larger containers, eventually using a big cottage cheese container from her mom’s Costco supply. When she successfully made a bigger cotton candy “cake,” she felt excited and realized her business was taking a new direction. This moment was important because she became sure that her focus would now be on these special cakes.

To make her first cart, she used a jogging stroller and a wooden box on its frame. To find time for her business, she would put her kids to bed and work from 8 p.m. to midnight, experimenting with sugars and flavors. At first, she focused on getting people to know about her product by giving it to friends and members of her running club and asking for feedback. Gradually, this simple idea turned into a popular brand, loved by both famous people and regular customers.

Going viral

Recognizing TikTok’s potential early on, Hannah joined the platform, believing it offered a great chance for natural growth. At that time, TikTok mostly focused on dance trends, but Hannah saw other small business owners doing well there. Encouraged by this, she started sharing videos to showcase her product, though she hadn’t fully embraced the idea of going viral or expanding her shipping operations yet. To help customers care for their cotton candy cakes, she made a simple instructional video.


I get a lot of questions about how many people our Floof cake serves!🌈 10-12 slices depending on the size. My daughter doesn’t even like #cottoncandy but her mama owns Floof so it’s illegal to not bring a floofcake. #cottoncandycake #rainbowparty #rainbowcake #glutenfreecake #allergyfriendly #vegan

♬ Cool Kids (our sped up version) – Echosmith

Originally meant for cake recipients, the video unexpectedly became popular on TikTok, going viral and attracting many comments and questions. While Hannah was still figuring out shipping methods, mostly handling local orders through email, the sudden increase in demand left her feeling both overwhelmed and thrilled.

The challenges of entrepreneurship

Despite the chaos, Hannah remained determined to seize the opportunity, knowing that trends can change quickly. With her creations gaining popularity, she was eager to make the most of it before the moment passed. So, she began expanding her product line and improving her products quickly. Can you believe people were willing to pay $70 for regular cheap cotton candy?


photo floof cake $70

It was like getting free money! However, managing all aspects of the business alone was a huge challenge for Hannah. She didn’t have any formal training or experience in business management, which is a common obstacle for new entrepreneurs. Even though she loved her product and there was high demand for it, she had to deal with the less glamorous parts of running a business.

Moving from being creative to handling administrative tasks, like managing finances, was a big change. At first, her to-do list seemed never-ending, with different tasks needing her attention every day. Balancing being a parent with being an entrepreneur added another layer of complexity. Hannah had to take care of her children while also fulfilling orders and dealing with important but less exciting tasks, such as getting a seller’s permit from the state tax board.

Advice for beginning entrepreneurs

For those with a passion for art or a compelling idea they want to share, Hannah encourages them to pursue it wholeheartedly. She knows that going on such a journey alone will bring many challenges and require hard work. Hannah’s story is certainly unusual, especially when it comes to achieving success in business. A woman from a Mormon background who didn’t follow traditional career paths after college, she went through marriage, motherhood, discovering her sexual orientation, and eventually becoming an entrepreneur.

photo Floof Cotton Candy Hannah Perry

Even her unique choice of product shows that anyone can succeed in online business with enough courage. The main lesson from her experience is the importance of having a mindset free from self-imposed limitations. Hannah didn’t care about what society expected; she followed her inner voice and pursued what truly mattered to her.


I ran out of power twice too, but you have to keep going like everything is juuust peachy. It ended up being a great event with great people, but being an event vendor can be so stressful. #bts #cottoncandycart #cottoncandyvendor #floofcottoncandy #cottoncandy

♬ original sound – FLOOF.CC

This lesson applies to everyone: in business, you have to be able to think beyond perceived boundaries and go after what truly excites you. Whether it’s camping gear, pet products, or even simple cotton candy, success comes from aligning business ventures with personal interests and values.

However, Hannah also warns that while passion is important, entrepreneurs need to think about the market and profitability. If making money is the main goal, they should be strategic in choosing products or services. Sometimes, even if a product isn’t a personal passion, it can be more profitable. Ultimately, success in business comes from finding the balance between passion and profitability.

How to pick the right product?

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  • Appeal to discerning customers: The best products always attract customers who value quality and are willing to pay more. They’re looking for value, not just any product. By offering high-end items, you tap into a market that appreciates excellence.

Now, let’s see some examples.

Air pump shooting target game

picture Air Pump Shooting Target Game

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Cosmetic case with a mirror



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Compact 7-piece camping kitchen set with a portable carrying bag


picture Compact 7-Piece Camping Kitchen Utensil Set with Portable Carrying Bag

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By Roman P.
Roman is a copywriter who works for AliDropship to help people start and grow their own online businesses. He loves writing about ecommerce and sharing his tips and tricks with aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world. Roman has a degree in economics, which means he knows a lot about how the ecommerce industry works. Using his degree in economics, he writes informative content that inspires.

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