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Dropshipping And Coronavirus: Guideline For Business Owners

By Artyom K.

dropshipping coronavirus

Are you running a dropshipping business? Do you wonder how Coronavirus can influence your ecommerce venture? So, in this article we will share essential business tips to follow during this challenging time.

Disclaimer: the situation concerning the spread of 2019-nCoV, so-called Wuhan coronavirus, is evolving rapidly. We are going to closely monitor the events, permanently update the article, and keep you informed.

You are highly likely to have already heard about the rapid spread of Wuhan coronavirus. This is a new infection identified in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province in China.

Until recently, the Wuhan coronavirus had been called 2019-nCoV. However the World Health Organization on Tuesday has given an official name to a disease caused by the new type of coronavirus – it’s COVID-2019.

Due to this epidemic, lots of Chinese cities are under quarantine, which affects manufacturing facilities, customs, postal services, and lots of other organizations.

So what to do if you run a dropshipping business and dropship products from AliExpress or even directly from China? Let’s find it out!

Table Of Contents

Dropshipping and coronavirus: can the Wuhan coronavirus be transmitted via parcels?


No, it can’t. None of coronaviruses can survive on objects and surfaces for a long time. Wuhan coronavirus is mainly transmitted from person to person, since the virus has to find a carrier.

Recently, the representative of WHO, in her interview, has commented on the situation concerning the Wuhan coronavirus. She said with complete confidence that people from other countries are not at risk when receiving a parcel from China.

What’s more, the WHO placed the Coronavirus Q&A unit on its website. In this unit it’s highlighted that the packages from China do not constitute a danger for other people. This is because all the coronaviruses cannot survive on a surface like letters or parcels for a long period of time that is equal to the delivery time.

As medical experts explain, free access of oxygen and relatively high temperatures lead to the fast virus inactivation. 

For example, when the outside temperature is higher than 68°F (20°C), a complete inactivation of 2019-nCoV takes about an hour. Meanwhile, the parcel delivery takes a week and more.

Moreover, a couple of days ago China post stated that all the parcels from Wuhan will be subjected to an additional process of decontamination.

When will Chinese suppliers go back to work?


At the moment, the most part of China officially went back to work. However, in some regions, the government has extended the Chinese New Year Holidays to February, 18 because of the 2019-nCoV epidemic. 

The activity of Chinese manufacturing facilities and logistics companies is expected to recover within a week.

Beyond this, the WHO chief announced that the work on vaccine for new coronavirus is proceeding.

Is it safe to start dropshipping right now?

In fact, there is nothing that can stop you from starting a dropshipping business right now. After some time, Chinese suppliers will go back to work as usual, and acting dropshipping business owners will go on enjoying their money-making business journeys.

This is a perfect moment to start your dropshipping business since at the present time you can easily start preparing your online store to launch.

We mean, it’s high time to choose a niche for your business, find the most suitable theme for your website, learn which IT solutions can facilitate your dropshipping journey, gain the list of the most reliable suppliers, pick out trending products to sell, etc.

And after Chinese suppliers go back to work, you will be ready to launch your online store with no delays!

Dropshipping and coronavirus: action plan


So if you’re a dropshipping business owner, you should adapt your online store to the situation concerning the Wuhan coronavirus. 

We have already found out that 2019-nCoV is not dangerous to your customers. How, then, can it affect your business?

Don’t forget that the spread of Coronavirus made the Chinese administration extend the Lunar New Year Holidays. Therefore, currently, most production and logistic facilities in China are not operational, which is why business owners might experience delivery delays. 

Well, what should you do as a dropshipping store owner in order to minimize the possible negative effects of the Wuhan coronavirus on your business?

1. Contact your dropshipping suppliers

First of all, contact the dropshipping suppliers you are dealing with. It’s necessary to ask them what’s currently going on there. If they work as usual, that’s OK. If not, you can ask them when they are supposed to go back to work or if they know suppliers who can provide you with similar products from warehouses outside of China. 

2. Pause your ad campaigns

In these circumstances, it will take a while for Chinese suppliers to start accepting and processing your orders. That’s why we recommend that you decrease the amount of paid advertising, thereby preventing your online store from receiving a large number of orders.

3. Let your store visitors know it will take longer for you to process their orders and dispatch their packages

Place an informational banner on your website to make sure every visitor sees your company message!

You don’t necessarily need to mention that it’s due to the virus itself. Instead, you can write something like: “Dear visitor! Kindly note it will take us 3 working days to process your order, and 7 working days to assemble the package to be shipped to you. Please keep it in mind before you place your order and send us your payment. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working hard to cut down the time spendings. Thank you for understanding!”

You can also put a similar text across your social media networks and highlight that it’s a temporary measure that won’t last for long.

4. Contact your clients who have pending orders

If it’s clear for you that some of your customers won’t receive their parcels shipped from China on time, contact them and inform them about possible delays. Be patient and professional, and don’t take the clients’ disappointment personally. Remember that you can always offer them a refund and remain friends 🙂 

5. Look for the suppliers who have warehouses in Europe or US

It will be a good idea to look for dropshipping suppliers who have warehouses not only in China. So you will be able to avoid major delivery delays and hopefully, even cut down the delivery time.

Well, would you like to find the suppliers with warehouses in the US, Europe, etc? Feel free to use the AliDropship Plugin’s built-in products database. It is able to give you the list of vendors who send products from any country that is more convenient for your online store. Moreover, this IT solution can help you put your dropshipping journey on autopilot.

Chinese suppliers answer the questions about the situation in China

Since we permanently contact to the trusted suppliers which you can find on AliDropship Insights, we have asked them what’s going on in China right now and whether they are working with the customers’ orders at the moment. So you have an exceptional opportunity to get first-hand information! Now look at what they answered.

So it gets clear that some cities in China have already gone back to work. It means that suppliers from these cities are now sending the parcels for their customers again. However lots factories will have been closed until the 18th of February. That’s why some delays are inevitable. But since the situation go right, finally, and your suppliers will get back to their supply schedules soon.

Final takeaway: dropshipping and coronavirus

We have already found out that the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus can potentially affect your dropshipping business. However, according to WHO, the parcels from China pose no hazards to recipients. It means that you are able to minimize all the potential negative effects on your dropshipping business.

So if you want to make the situation concerning 2019-nCoV pass your business by, simply follow the action plan prepared for you by AliDropship team.

On a final note, if you are interested in how the Wuhan coronavirus can affect your dropshipping business, keep checking this article every once in a while! AliDropship is going to monitor the situation concerning 2019-nCoV, and you have an opportunity to stay updated!

By Artyom K.
Artyom is a content creator at AliDropship. He aims at explaining the most essential dropshipping aspects from the perspective of a person with extensive background in eCommerce.
Yaheya February 6, 2020 1:53:28

Thank you so much for wonderful insight and confidence to move forward! Looking forward for more insight of 2019-nCoV and recovery status.

Tom February 6, 2020 6:36:20

I own 2 dropshipping websites and already start to lose money and clients. Please dont trust this article

    Olga L. February 6, 2020 11:29:13

    Hi, thank you for your feedback!

    Could you please share what exactly made you think the article provides false, misleading, or inaccurate information? The only fixed facts we’re sharing here are medical statements made and verified by the globally trusted expert health community.

    Tee February 7, 2020 12:54:19

    this article is providing best information relating to CoronaVirus because many suppliers from china had stopped shipping so don’t rush to say false information

carlos February 6, 2020 10:44:01


Samk February 6, 2020 14:46:51

Great info, thanks, I would like to keep updated about the situation, and I hope they eliminate the virus soon from China, first it is painful to see people dying in hundreds, so first humanity, business comes in the second degree.

Noureddine February 6, 2020 20:51:57

Thanks a lot, the article is so important and it’s a must see to dropshippers

Tito Taumalolo February 8, 2020 0:03:08

Chinese new year is already extremely disruptive. China being the center of global trade means they need solutions by now, shutting everything down for a month is just terrible business FFS!!!!!! Just got done launching a store and the verge of profitability.

    Mike February 15, 2020 8:44:26

    You are so right! Dropshipping business with China is a nightmare. Lost a lot of money and customers because of the new year and now coronavirus!

      Artyom K. February 17, 2020 8:15:35

      Hello, thank your for your feedback!
      Actually, when dealing with international business, you should understand that each and every country has its own holidays, traditions, and customs.
      Most dropshipping store owners got used to Chinese New Year, plan their activities, and this is not a problem for them anymore.
      As for coronavirus, although the epidemic of COVID-2019 significantly affected lots of business spheres worldwide, now most Chinese regions have gone back to work, so things are going to work out.

Philip Davidson February 8, 2020 19:10:57

Thank you for the update.
I launched my 1st drop-shipping store only days before the outbreak, who was to know ? What is most important is the safety of people. In the future I will still have my store, and my life. Some families cannot say that. My heart goes out to them all.
God Bless them.

Dppshipper February 13, 2020 19:04:03

This is a good article, but is SHOULD be in the aliexpress main page! The suppliers are now telling the truth about the dates they gonne return, they said feb 4th, then 10th…and now they dont reply anymore, I lost tons of money, credibility, hundreds of customers mad….

ali should say to every

chyke February 15, 2020 20:21:27

please is china back to work now? i need to start work. can i safely start receiving orders? pls i need answers

    Artyom K. February 17, 2020 6:33:37

    Hi, thank your for the interest!
    According to our trusted suppliers from China, most Chinese regions have already gone back to work. Meanwhile, the country is recovering from the effects of COVID-2019, that’s why first, manufacturing facilities and logistic companies are supposed to work a little slower than usual.
    Anyway, it would be better for you to contact the suppliers you always deal with and ask whether they’re ready to send the packages.

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