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Recent Sales Pop-Up

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Get floods of sales and maximize your profits with Recent Sales Pop-Up – a killer social proof tool. This add-on will turn your hesitant visitors into buyers. It is an absolutely hassle-free experience.

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Discover an incredible way to win customer trust and motivation. The Recent Sales Pop-Up add-on automatically generates pop-up notifications about hot purchases from other shoppers. This exciting way of promoting items creates a fun shopping atmosphere while showcasing what is popular on your store.


  • Create a sense of urgency and fear of missing out on a good deal
  • Trigger sales by showing recent orders
  • Increase trust level with real customer pop-ups
  • Show more items to the shoppers to upsell
  • Reach clients from any device with a mobile-friendly design
  • Enjoy free lifelong support and updates


Enjoy an easy-to-use and handy interface

The Recent Sales Pop-Up add-on features a vast number of customization tools so you can set up your messages according to your preferences and business needs. Select countries, time between notifications, display time, and the maximum number of pop-ups for one visitor — then just fill in the text fields to make your one-of-a-kind notification.

Customize the layout of your pop-ups in a few clicks

We added a wide range of tools to change the design of sales pop-ups. In this tab, you can select and customize all the elements you want: font, layout, colors.
As a nice bonus, our professional designers have created several templates for your seasonal and holiday sales. We called them “Holiday Themes” and they are a part of the “Layout” field.


Strategically target your pop-ups with display options

By selecting countries, names, and cities to display for, this tool gives you the power to smartly target your pop-ups. Your target audience will be confident that people just like them are buying from you!

Our Recent Sales Pop-Up add-on kickstarts your profits, increases the trustworthiness of your store, and encourages people to buy from you!

Do you need any help? Please refer to our Knowledge Base or feel free to get in touch with our support team at

Some questions you might have
Is the Recent Sales Pop-Up add-on supported by the AliDropship Woo plugin?
This promo tool is compatible with both the AliDropship Woo and original AliDropship plugins.
Can I use Recent Sales Pop-Up on WordPress and WooCommerce sites without the AliDropship plugin?
No, this add-on doesn’t work with WordPress and WooCommerce sites without AliDropship.
What if I have very few or no sales?
To boost your sales, the add-on will automatically generate recent sales notifications with the items from your catalog. Once a site visitor really buys from you, the add-on will display this information, too. This way, your store will always look “busy.”
Why don’t I see my pop-ups?
In the add-on’s settings, there is a field for the number of pop-ups to display for users. Make sure you have this field set to a number. Check the Knowledge Base for more information.
Is the Recent Sales Pop-Up add-on mobile friendly?
Yes! All pop-ups generated will be displayed on any mobile device.
Where can I find the holiday themes for notifications?
These templates are a part of the “Layout” field. Find the “Design” tab and select “Holiday Layout”, then choose one of the templates.
Is setup service included in the price of the Recent Sales Pop-Up add-on?
No, but you can order this service here.
How long will my Recent Sales Pop-Up add-on license key be valid for?
All our add-ons have a lifelong license key. You can use it as long as you want.
Any questions?
We’ll be happy to answer in detail!
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