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5 Reasons To Sign Up For Our Dropshipping Course Today

By Olga L.

Dropshipping Course

AliDropship team has recently developed and launched its own signature dropshipping course; let’s find out what makes it so special and why you should start taking it right now!

We take education seriously.

For us, it is really important to provide entrepreneurs-to-be all over the globe not only with the automated solutions that simplify the daily business routine, but also with the dropshipping knowledge and experience we’ve gathered over these years.

This is why we are now happily introducing a full-scale email dropshipping course – read below why your business will benefit from it heavily!

What’s so great about our dropshipping course?

Dropshipping Course
Free access

AliDropship email course is provided for free: all you need to do is sign up here, and all the dropshipping wisdom of our experts will be directed straight to your inbox.

No fees are charged for the access to our course materials, and you can freely return to them at any point of time.

Convenient form

Contrary to the data of webinars and live Q&A sessions, these educational materials won’t disappear after the end of the course.

Also, you can read them at any time and from any gadget that is convenient for you: the text form allows you to research the materials in a flexible and relaxed mode.

Experience-based approach

The course is built on the combined experience of AliDropship team members, from designers and developers to marketing specialists and dropshipping store supervisors.

The diverse background of the course authors and a wide range of tips and case studies covered makes it possible for you to get the in-depth knowledge of dropshipping business in general and the rules of your store management in particular.


The course is designed in a way that is comfortable even for the first-time entrepreneurs. It lasts for 7 days, and every day, the subscribers one email covering some particular dropshipping area.

The topics are arranged in the general-to-specific way: the course starts with the explanation of the meaning and the benefits of dropshipping business, and then goes on to elaborate how to choose the perfect dropshipping niche, how to pick the best products, how to set up the technical side of the store, and how to promote it to get your first sales.

Practical focus

Thanks to the course consistency, the subscribers gradually become aware of the essence of dropshipping business, and the lifehacks of managing it with the highest efficiency possible.

And, the course doesn’t simply explain the theoretical business aspects: with every new topic, it shows how to complete this or that specific task, and gives practical guidelines to progress with your own dropshipping store launch.

So, in the 7 days of reading the course materials, you will not just learn the necessary basics of running this rewarding business. You will become confident and skilled enough to launch your own dropshipping store that is optimized to bring you the profits you’ve always dreamed of.

Aren’t you curious to see how this dropshipping course will give the start to a fascinating adventure and turn your whole life around? Check it out!

By Olga L.
Olga is a Copywriting Director at AliDropship. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business’ as an Advertising specialist, she puts years of her copywriting experience into making clear and informative guides, tutorials, and other educational materials for dropshipping newcomers worldwide.
William 6 years ago

Alidropship is a good plugin, but we need more payment systems rolled up onto it.

Prince Ndengeya 6 years ago

I think we can go far,with dropshipping

Prince Ndengeya 6 years ago

Drop shipping is the way to increase your wealth….

Willet Akasi 6 years ago

I like the the efforts AliExpress makes to share knowledge about dropshipping.

Princess Joy 6 years ago

I have always love alidrop ship business and I can’t wait to start

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