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How To Make $20k This May In The Fashion Niche [Case Study]

By Denis K.

article cover how to make 20k this spring

Dreaming of launching your very own online fashion store? Well, you’ve landed in the perfect spot! The digital universe is teeming with opportunities for those eager to dive in, and the fashion niche? It’s a goldmine waiting for explorers like you.

In this guide, we’ll unfold a straightforward but powerful story showing how it’s totally possible to pocket over $20,000 this spring just by diving into the world of fashion retail. Consider this your roadmap to success.

And guess what? With AliDropship’s assistance, setting up your shop and stocking it with the hottest fashion finds is going to be a piece of cake. Whether you’re totally new to this ecommerce adventure or you’ve been pondering the idea for a while, this piece is crafted just for you.

Ready to turn your fashion ecommerce dreams into reality? Let’s roll!

The online fashion world is on fire – in the best way possible!


Right now, shopping for fashion goodies online isn’t just popular; it’s exploding in size and potential. Thinking about jumping into selling fashion online? Honestly, there couldn’t be a more perfect moment than now. Let’s dive into why this is such a golden opportunity.

Flashback to 2023, and folks were already dropping over $820 billion on fashion online. Fast forward to what’s on the horizon for 2027, and that figure balloons to an eye-popping $1.2 trillion. That’s a whole lot of outfits and shoes finding new homes via the internet.

Here’s the scoop: a massive chunk of online shopping, to the tune of 23%, is all about fashion in the USA alone. This trend isn’t slowing down either. Every year, more shoppers are swapping store aisles for online browsing.

This very year, fashion sales online in the U.S. are expected to cross the $207 billion mark. And get this – by 2027, we’re looking at numbers soaring over $300 billion.

So, who’s behind this shopping spree? Primarily, it’s women aged 18 to 34 leading the charge, showing the online fashion scene some serious love.

And when it comes to spending, the numbers are pretty impressive. In 2023, the average U.S. online shopper spent $960 on apparel, $624 on accessories, and $361 on footwear. That’s a lot of love for fashion, making these websites some of the top earners in the ecommerce game.

What’s the takeaway here? Selling fashion online isn’t just a good idea; it’s an excellent one. With a vast audience ready and eager to shop from the comfort of their homes, now’s your chance to shine in the online fashion industry.

Convinced that ecommerce and fashion are a match made in heaven? Let’s check out a winning plan that’ll help you make the most of this booming opportunity.

The step-by-step guide to making over $20k this spring

Curious about the secret sauce to making money online? Today’s your lucky day! We’re introducing you to ecomlegend, the mastermind who’s raked in an astonishing €10M from online stores. And guess what? He’s ready to share his blueprint for success with you.


Here’s a straightforward guide from ecomlegend on pocketing over $20,000 this spring through fashion sales. Think of it as your personal treasure map, leading straight to real, spendable gold.

Ready to jump into the buzzing fashion market and start earning? Here’s the plan:

  • #1. Spot That Hot Item

Kick things off by exploring markets with a hunger for fashion, like the USA, Canada, and the UK.

Your mission? To pinpoint products flying off the virtual shelves. These gems are what we call “winning” products – items that sell like hotcakes.


But hey, why sweat over finding these winners? The AliDropship Fashion Best-Sellers have got you covered, with top picks right at your fingertips.

Dive into tools like Google Trends, social media, and ecommerce platforms to get the scoop on what’s trendy. Jot these finds down in a Google Sheet – your treasure chest of ideas.

  • #2. Venture Into New Territories

Found a winner in the bustling US market? Now’s the time to seek new horizons. Look towards the EU, scouting for markets where your chosen product is still a rare find.


Ecomlegend suggests starting with the Netherlands – a goldmine with a robust online shopping ecosystem yet less competition.

Aiming for these less saturated markets opens the door to less competition and more happy customers.

  • #3. Put Your Picks to the Test

With your list of potential hits, it’s testing time.

Facebook ads are your best ally here, thanks to its vast audience and sharp targeting tools. Launch your campaigns and keep an eye on crucial metrics like clicks and conversions.

This step is crucial to confirm if your chosen market is hungry for what you’ve got.

  • #4. Scale Up

Got a hit on your hands in the test market? Time to broaden your horizon. Expanding to additional countries can significantly boost your sales and profit.

A winner in one market often spells success in another. Seize this opportunity to multiply your earnings and customer base.

  • #5. Strengthen Your Foundation

But scaling isn’t just about selling more. It’s about ensuring your business can sustain and grow further.

Focus on managing your finances wisely and ensuring your products are top-notch. Regularly review your offerings and stay tuned to customer feedback to pinpoint improvements.

Long-term success in ecommerce is all about consistently delivering value to your customers.

Why pick AliDropship’s fashion best-sellers pack?


Diving into the ecommerce ocean, especially when it’s about the dazzling world of fashion, might feel a bit overwhelming at first. Think about it: choosing the right product, finding people who want to buy it, and all that testing – it’s a lot of work. But what if you could skip over those tricky bits and jump straight to selling products that people are already crazy about?

That’s where AliDropship’s Fashion Best-Sellers Pack shines. This amazing pack is your golden ticket to a collection of products that have already made their mark. We’re talking about items that customers are actively searching for and ready to buy, which means you’re starting several steps ahead. With this pack, your main job becomes connecting with the right customers. This way, you get to focus on what’s truly important – growing your store and creating a brand that shines.

Let’s dive into how AliDropship’s Fashion Best-Sellers Pack can fast-track your online fashion store to the top, smoothing out the journey and bringing your dreams within reach.

Your Fast Lane to Fashion Fame

  • Uncover 1,000 Fashion Gems: Picture this – access to a curated collection of 1,000 fashion items that are guaranteed hits for Spring 2024. From the trendiest pieces to timeless looks, we’ve got everything your customers could wish for.
  • Profit Big from Each Sale: Who said making money from your passion isn’t possible? With this pack, you could see profits of up to $244 on just one item. Now, that’s a deal too sweet to pass up!
  • Make Your Store Irresistible: We’re here to give your online shop a makeover that’s not just pretty but also magnetic. It’ll look so good; customers will keep coming back for more.
  • Create Buzz with Stunning Visuals: We supply gorgeous photos and videos that do more than show off your products – they tell your store’s unique story, grabbing attention and sparking conversations.
  • Expand Your Reach on Amazon: Looking to cast a wider net? We make listing your products on Amazon a breeze, opening up a whole new world of customers for you.

We’ve Got It All Under Control

  • Always in Style: We’ve got our finger on the fashion pulse, selecting items that ensure your store is the go-to spot for the latest trends.
  • Shine on Every Platform: Whether it’s your own site or Amazon, we equip you with standout product descriptions and eye-catching visuals that make you unforgettable.
  • Build Deep Connections with Customers: Our pack does more than catch the eye; it builds bonds, turning casual lookers into loyal followers.
  • Watch Your Sales Soar: With a refreshed look and an updated product lineup, your traffic and sales will skyrocket. It’s as easy as that.
  • Forget the Logistics Hassles: Packing and shipping? Leave it to us. Focus on scaling your business while we handle the details.

Choosing AliDropship’s Fashion Best-Sellers Pack is only the beginning of your online fashion empire. You’re not just selling outfits; you’re crafting a lifestyle that captivates and delights. Seize this opportunity to make your store a standout success.

Embarking on the ecommerce fashion journey with AliDropship’s support is an adventure filled with potential wins and valuable lessons. We’re thrilled to offer you the key to unlocking your $20,000 this spring with our Fashion Best-Sellers Pack! Let’s get this journey started and turn your vision into a flourishing online boutique. Ready to dive in? We’re right here, ready to assist at every step.

By Denis K.
Denis is a copywriter at AliDropship. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business as a specialist in advertising, he explores the rapidly changing and evolving digital marketing industry and feels committed to sharing his findings with a wider reader’s audience.

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