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Is Online Business The Most Profitable Business Model In 2024? [Answered]

By Artemis K.


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Have you ever wondered if starting an online business is still a good idea in 2024? With so much buzz around ecommerce, it’s worth exploring why this business model continues to thrive. Let’s dive into what makes online business special and whether it’s still profitable today.


What sets online business apart?

In ecommerce, you don’t need to keep products in stock. Instead, you partner with suppliers who manage the inventory and shipping. This means you can focus on marketing, sales, and creating a great customer experience while your suppliers handle the rest. It’s a streamlined way to run a business without worrying about storage or shipping logistics.

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Advantages of an online business

  • Minimal investment

One of the greatest perks of starting an online business is that it doesn’t require a hefty initial investment. Unlike traditional retail businesses that need substantial upfront capital for inventory, an ecommerce venture can begin with just a laptop, an internet connection, and a bit of entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Flexibility and convenience

Running an online business offers incredible flexibility. You can operate your store from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world with internet access. This flexibility is perfect for digital nomads or anyone looking to break free from the constraints of a traditional office job.

  • Easier customer service

Managing customer service is more straightforward in an online business. With suppliers handling shipping and returns, you can concentrate on providing excellent customer support and building your brand. This can lead to more satisfied customers and increased repeat business.

  • Product variety

Ecommerce allows you to offer a diverse range of products without the risk of holding unsold inventory. Whether it’s quirky cat-shaped phone holders or eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes, you can cater to a wide array of customer preferences.

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  • Room for experimentation

Online commerce lets you experiment with new products and markets easily. If a product doesn’t sell well, you can quickly pivot to something else without worrying about unsold inventory. This approach allows you to explore different niches and find what works best for you, all while minimizing financial risk.

  • Lower risks

Traditional retail involves the risk of unsold inventory. In contrast, an online business lets you purchase products only after receiving customer orders, reducing the risk of holding unsold items and allowing you to focus more on marketing and sales.

  • Time efficiency

Managing an online business can be more time-efficient than running a traditional retail store. Without the need to pack and ship orders or manage a warehouse, you can spend more time on customer acquisition, marketing strategies, and growing your business.

  • Access to global markets

Selling online enables you to reach customers worldwide without dealing with complex international shipping and logistics. By partnering with suppliers from different countries, you can offer products to a global audience, significantly expanding your market potential.

  • Customer preference

Consumer trends are constantly evolving, with many people preferring the convenience of online shopping. Your online business can cater to this demand, providing a seamless shopping experience that meets customers’ needs for fast and convenient service.

  • No experience needed

Starting an online business is a fantastic opportunity for beginners. You don’t need prior experience, knowledge, or specific skills to get started. It’s a learning journey where you can develop valuable skills like digital marketing, customer service, and data analysis while running your business.

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The beauty of an online business is that it’s a forgiving teacher. It allows you to make mistakes, learn from them, and improve without the fear of significant financial loss.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a curious newbie, online retail offers an accessible and educational platform to launch your ecommerce dream.

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Why online business shines in 2024

Advancements in ecommerce technology and changing consumer behaviors make 2024 a great time to start an online business. More people are shopping online, expanding your potential customer base. Tools and platforms for dropshipping are more sophisticated, making it easier to manage and scale your operations.

According to Statista, global ecommerce profits are projected to reach $6.5 trillion by 2029, with 3.6 billion people expected to use ecommerce. This growth means more opportunities for new online businesses.

Global ecommerce profits have already reached $4 trillion

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What’s more, the number of active paying customers in every niche of ecommerce is expected to keep growing.

Number of customers in every niche is expected to keep growing

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But will ecommerce be profitable for you? Absolutely! Especially if you choose dropshipping. On average, dropshipping businesses earn a profit margin of 15% to 20%. In fact, ecommerce retailers who choose dropshipping can earn 50% more than those with onsite inventory.

Many regular people, just like you, have already started their own ecommerce empires. Let’s take a quick look at some of their stories.

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Their lives were changed by online business

  • Sarah Douglass

sarah douglass' photo

Sarah Douglass was inspired by the high costs of camping equipment to start Wise Owl Outfitters. She began by selling hammocks because they were easy to make, ship, and enjoyed by customers. Starting with a small inventory, her business quickly grew. Sarah’s hammocks became top sellers on Amazon, and her success caught the attention of a larger company, which eventually bought her business. This acquisition allowed her to reach even more customers and expand her brand’s impact.

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  • Lana Rahib

Lana Rahib's photo

Lara Rahib, an immigrant, faced numerous challenges in America, including job rejections and a period of relying on food stamps. Determined to change her circumstances, she ventured into ecommerce, starting on Amazon and later establishing her own online store. Through her ecommerce business, Lara transformed her life, achieving $4 million in annual revenue. Her journey from financial dependence to economic empowerment is an inspiring story of resilience and success, motivating others to pursue their own ecommerce dreams.

Learn more about Lana and her business

  • Margarita Schneider

Margarita Schneider's photo

Margarita Schneider, once a barista, became a millionaire through her ecommerce business. Starting with very little, she used creativity and determination to build a successful online store. With support from her boyfriend Leonardo, she utilized social media to identify and effectively market popular products. Margarita’s story illustrates the transformative potential of ecommerce, showcasing her journey from humble beginnings to a luxurious lifestyle. Her success is a testament to what can be achieved with perseverance and innovative thinking.

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  • Hannah Perry

Hannah Perry's photo

Hannah Perry, once a full-time mom, turned her life around by starting a cotton candy business called Floof Cotton Candy after facing personal and career setbacks. Despite the initial struggles and learning curve of running a business, Hannah’s unique cotton candy cakes, initially crafted from household items, gained significant popularity. Her breakthrough came from a viral video on TikTok, leading to widespread demand and even celebrity attention. Today, Hannah enjoys engaging with her community at events, and Floof continues to grow, with the goal of becoming a well-known brand.

Check out Hannah’s full story here

  • Manny Khoshbin

Manny Khoshbin's photo

Manny Khoshbin, an immigrant from Iran, overcame significant adversity to build a $250 million fortune in real estate. Arriving in the US with challenges such as language barriers and financial hardships, Manny initially tried various small businesses, including selling nuts and running a gas station, which often failed. However, his perseverance and strategic investments eventually paid off, leading to tremendous success. Manny’s journey is a remarkable example of adaptability and resilience, demonstrating how determination can turn challenges into opportunities.

There’s plenty more stories just like these ones in our blog

Starting your own online business

Starting an online business is straightforward, even for beginners. Here’s how to get started:

  • Choose a niche: Select a niche that interests you and has profitable potential. Research trends and competition within that niche to ensure you’re making a smart choice.
  • Find reliable suppliers: Partner with reputable suppliers who can fulfill orders promptly and maintain product quality. Ecommerce platforms like AliDropship can handle all your supply management and logistics easily.
  • Set up your online store: Create a high-quality online store using an ecommerce platform. Your store should be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and mobile-friendly to attract and retain customers.
  • Curate your product catalog: Populate your store with best-selling products from your chosen niche. Highlight product features and benefits to entice potential customers and drive sales.

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Keys to running a successful online store

Running a successful online store hinges on two main factors: your store page and your product selection.

  • Store page

Your online store is like your digital storefront. It needs to look good, be easy to use, and feel trustworthy. To make customers feel confident about buying from you, focus on having a clean design, simple navigation, and a secure checkout process. If your store is confusing or looks unprofessional, people might leave without making a purchase.

  • Product selection

Choosing the right products is key to your online store’s success. Look for products that are in high demand but have little competition. Check customer reviews and feedback to make sure the products are high quality and meet expectations. Keep your product offerings fresh by updating them regularly to match market trends and seasonal demands.

Selling on Amazon

Want to start your own online business but not sure where to begin? Selling on Amazon might be the perfect solution for you. Starting an online business on Amazon involves several steps. Here’s a simple guide to help you get started:

  • Create an Amazon Seller account

Head to Amazon’s Seller Central website and sign up for a Professional Seller account. It costs $39.99 per month and is ideal for dropshipping because it lets you list more products and gives you access to extra tools.

  • Choose your niche and find reliable suppliers

Decide what type of products you want to sell. It’s wise to choose a niche that interests you and has good demand. Research trending products and what’s popular on Amazon to help you make your decision. Look for suppliers who offer dropshipping services to streamline your process.

Look for best-selling products: Selling high-quality products will result in happy customers and positive reviews, which are crucial for long-term success.

  • List your products on Amazon

Once you’ve chosen your products, it’s time to create listings on Amazon. Go to your Seller Central account, click on “Inventory,” and then “Add a Product.” Fill in the details like the product title, description, price, and images. Make sure your product listings are clear, detailed, and attractive to catch potential buyers’ attention.

  • Market your products and stay ahead of the competition

To attract customers, it’s important to monitor your competition. Keep an eye on your competitors’ prices and product offerings. This will help you stay competitive and make necessary adjustments to your listings and prices as needed.

  • Manage orders and customer service

When a customer places an order, purchase the product from your supplier and provide them with the customer’s shipping details. Keep track of your orders and ensure they are delivered on time. Good customer service is crucial for maintaining a positive reputation and receiving good reviews.

Collect positive reviews: Respond to customer inquiries quickly and resolve any issues promptly. Good customer service can lead to positive reviews and repeat business.

  • Set up shipping settings

In your Seller Central account, navigate to “Settings” and then “Shipping Settings.” Set your shipping rates and delivery times according to your supplier’s shipping policies.

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As you can see, online commerce in 2024 offers a golden opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. With its low startup costs, flexibility, and vast potential customer base, it’s easy to see why many consider it a lucrative business model.

By building a solid online store and curating a compelling product catalog, you can set yourself up for success in the dynamic world of ecommerce. So, if you’ve been wondering whether ecommerce is worth considering, the answer is likely a resounding yes!

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With experts taking care of product selection and fulfillment, you can concentrate on building your brand and engaging with customers. AliDropship provides an easy, cost-free way to start selling online. Whether you’re a student, a stay-at-home parent, or looking to earn extra income, our platform supports your entrepreneurial journey.

Benefits of choosing dropshipping on Amazon with AliDropship

  • Zero investment on stock: You don’t need to buy inventory upfront, which minimizes risk and makes it ideal for beginners or those on a tight budget. AliDropship provides a fully set-up store tailored to your preferences, ready to start selling from day one — absolutely free.
  • Ready to market: If you’re unsure how to attract customers, AliDropship offers marketing tools and support to help drive traffic to your store and boost sales. You’ll get a logo and all the essential tools to grow your brand.
  • Exposure to 300M+ active monthly users: With AliDropship’s Amazon package, you tap into a vast audience of potential buyers, giving you exposure to hundreds of millions of active monthly users.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, AliDropship grows with you. The platform’s flexibility allows you to adjust your product offerings and scale up your operations, making it a perfect partner for both new and expanding businesses.
  • Cost-effective solution: Instead of spending money testing various products, you get access to proven best-sellers right from the start. This approach saves both time and money, allowing you to see a return on your investment sooner.

And the best part? Our stores come with thousands of top-selling products, each selected based on popularity and sales history. This means you’re not just stocking any products; you’re offering items that people want to buy. This reduces guesswork and increases sales!

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By Artemis K.
Artemis is a senior copywriter at AliDropship. Having received a BA degree in International Communication and MA degree in Advertising, he started his career working in a multinational petrochemical enterprise as a marketing specialist. To date, for a number of years, Artemis has been sharing the latest ecommerce trends with you, creating guides on how to start an online business from scratch, and keeping you updated on new IT solutions that help you optimize your venture.

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