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The Magic Of Fast Shipping – How To Turn A Profitable Store Into A Mega Profitable Store [Fast Shipping Guide]

By Roman P.

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Hey there, entrepreneur! Welcome to the exciting world of advanced dropshipping! In this article, we’re going to explore why fast shipping matters in dropshipping and the immense potential it has for your business.

Ask yourself: “Why is fast shipping such a big deal in ecommerce?” Just twenty years back, dropshipping was just getting started, and customers didn’t mind waiting for their orders. Back then, it was common for folks to patiently wait for months to get their hands on products from places like AliExpress. But times have changed, and so have customer expectations. And when times change, you must as well.

Changing customer expectations

Today, consumers have grown accustomed to fast shipping, thanks to the convenience offered by ecommerce giants like Amazon Prime. The shift in consumer behavior has set new standards for the entire industry, making fast shipping the norm rather than an exception.

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Online marketplaces like Amazon have played a pivotal role in shaping customer expectations regarding shipping times. These platforms have set a high bar with their fast and reliable shipping services, making customers expect nothing less from all their online shopping experiences.

What even is fast shipping?

In the world of dropshipping, customer support serves as the backbone of a successful business. While having a great product and a well-designed website are important, engaging with customers effectively and leveraging social media and AI technologies is equally crucial. By prioritizing customer support, your dropshipping venture can gain customer loyalty and benefit from positive word-of-mouth marketing.

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Understanding what constitutes fast shipping in the modern context is essential. Fast shipping, in the modern context, is all about speed and efficiency. It’s not just about getting the product from point A to point B; it’s about doing it swiftly and reliably. Ensuring safe and reliable shipping is paramount for your business profitability, especially when you offer great products.

While the definition of “fast” may vary depending on the industry and the specific product, there are general benchmarks that have become the new norm:

  • 1-6 days: Extra fast shipping is what customers have come to expect, thanks to ecommerce giants and their expedited delivery options.
  • 7-14 days: This range is considered fast by today’s global standards, except for food and groceries.
  • 1 month: Once you reach the one-month mark, you’re pushing the boundaries of what most customers consider fast shipping.
  • 2 months: Anything beyond 2 months starts to test the patience of modern consumers and may lead to dissatisfaction.

However, it’s important to note that customer reactions to shipping times depend on the nature of the products you offer. For luxury or custom-designed items produced in limited quantities, even 2 months of shipping may be acceptable.

The benefits of fast shipping

Understanding what fast shipping means also involves recognizing the changing expectations of customers. This shift in expectations is not limited to the US but is a global phenomenon. The rise of fast fashion, grocery delivery, and on-demand services have all contributed to shaping customer perceptions of what constitutes fast shipping.

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Fast shipping is a valuable bonus and a crucial factor in earning more revenue. In today’s competitive marketplace, offering quick delivery can be a key differentiator. When customers receive their orders promptly, they’re more likely to have a positive experience, become repeat buyers, and leave positive reviews.

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The direct impact of fast shipping on your bottom line cannot be underestimated. Happy customers are more likely to refer friends and family, make repeat purchases, and leave positive reviews. In contrast, slow shipping can result in negative reviews, high return rates, and potential damage to your brand’s reputation.

The limitations of fast shipping

However, it’s essential to remember that while fast shipping is important, the quality of your products and the design of your store matter most. Your products are the foundation of your business, and their quality, functionality, and uniqueness determine whether customers will make a purchase. Exceptional products can lead to repeat customers, positive word-of-mouth, and a loyal customer base.


While fast shipping is undoubtedly a customer-friendly feature, it should be seen as an enhancement rather than the primary selling point. Customers may appreciate speedy deliveries, but they will only become loyal patrons if the core offerings — the products and the shopping experience — are exceptional.


In essence, the success of a business is a multifaceted equation, where products and store design are the fundamental building blocks. These elements define the brand’s identity, establish its reputation, and shape the customer’s perception. Fast shipping, while valuable, should be considered a supportive feature that enhances the overall customer experience. When products and store design are exceptional, fast shipping becomes the icing on the cake, making the customer’s journey even more enjoyable. In this holistic approach to business, the products and store design remain the true cornerstones of success, ensuring a sustainable and enduring presence in the marketplace.

Why choose the US?

While various schemes exist for running a dropshipping business, setting up your business in the United States, even if you’re not a US citizen, can offer numerous advantages. The US boasts state-of-the-art storage facilities, advanced logistics systems, and efficient supply chains that can streamline your dropshipping operations and enhance customer satisfaction.


Your supplier, especially if they are based in the US, is the linchpin of your dropshipping operation. A reputable US supplier should have a well-organized warehousing system, ensuring products are readily available for shipping, reducing delays and minimizing the risk of backorders. Additionally, professionalism in order processing, quality control, and timely customer support are vital for maintaining a positive brand image and customer satisfaction.

Also, another big advantage the states have over the rest of the world, is their taxation policy! With favorable tax policies, entrepreneurs thrive here. If you do the research and learn all you need about taxation in the US, youll be able to enefit from low corporate taxes and attractive incentives. Luckily for you, we made just the perfect video to teach you all there is to it!

How to find a reliable US supplier

dropshipping and coronavirus

If you’re considering establishing a dropshipping business in the US, here’s how you find a reliable US-based supplier:

  1. Location: Ensure the supplier is based in the US, ideally with multiple distribution centers across the country.
  2. Shipping times: Confirm that they can consistently provide fast shipping to US customers.
  3. Warehousing: Inquire about their warehousing system and inventory management processes.
  4. References: Check for customer reviews and testimonials to gauge their reliability.
  5. Communication: Evaluate their responsiveness and communication skills.
  6. Pricing: Understand their pricing structure and how it aligns with your business model.
  7. Quality control: Inquire about their quality control measures to ensure products meet standards.
  8. Customer support: Assess the quality and availability of their customer support services.
  9. Integration: Determine their compatibility with your ecommerce platform and tools.


Meeting shipping quality standards is essential because it directly impacts customer satisfaction and business prosperity. To attain these standards, here are some key benchmarks to keep in mind:

  1. On-time delivery: It’s imperative to ensure that your orders consistently arrive within the promised time frame. Customers rely on timely deliveries to build trust in your brand.
  2. Packaging: Use high-quality packaging materials to protect products during transit. Well-packaged items are less likely to arrive damaged, leading to happier customers.
  3. Tracking and visibility: Provide customers with tracking information so they can monitor the status of their orders in real-time. This transparency enhances the overall shopping experience.
  4. Customer support: Have a responsive and helpful customer support team in place to address shipping-related inquiries and concerns promptly. A good customer support system can mitigate issues and foster loyalty.

Achieving shipping quality standards

One crucial step in achieving shipping quality standards is partnering with reliable carriers. Research and identify carriers known for their efficiency and commitment to timely deliveries. Choosing the right carrier can make a significant difference in the quality of your shipping services.


Efficient inventory management is another key aspect. It reduces the risk of backorders and ensures that products are readily available for shipping. Utilize inventory management software to track stock levels accurately and forecast demand effectively.

Consider offering shipping upgrades to customers who require faster delivery. This allows you to meet the expectations of those willing to pay extra for expedited shipping and further enhance customer satisfaction.

Automation plays a vital role in streamlining shipping processes. Integrate your ecommerce platform with your chosen carriers using automation tools. This integration reduces errors, speeds up order processing, and improves overall efficiency.

Compliance with US shipping regulations

photo of two people arguing about law

Understanding and complying with US shipping regulations is essential to avoid legal issues. Key laws and regulations include:

  1. Shipping act of 1984: This law regulates ocean shipping and ensures fair and competitive practices in the industry.
  2. Hazardous materials regulations: It governs the safe transport of hazardous materials and is crucial to ensuring the safety of both your products and the environment.
  3. Customs and border protection rules: These rules apply to international shipping and cover import/export regulations, so they are crucial if you engage in international trade.

Avoid promising delivery times that you can’t consistently meet. Misleading customers about shipping times can lead to distrust and negative reviews, which can harm your business’s reputation.

Inadequate packaging is another common pitfall to avoid. Poor packaging can result in damaged products and customer dissatisfaction, so it’s essential to invest in quality packaging materials.

If you engage in international shipping, be aware of customs regulations, tariffs, and import/export laws to avoid legal issues and ensure smooth transactions.

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By Roman P.
Roman is a copywriter who works for AliDropship to help people start and grow their own online businesses. He loves writing about ecommerce and sharing his tips and tricks with aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world. Roman has a degree in economics, which means he knows a lot about how the ecommerce industry works. Using his degree in economics, he writes informative content that inspires.

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