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Why Fast Order Processing Matters? Your Store Could Be Worth Thousands of Dollars! [Flippa Case Study]

By Denis K.


One of the most glaring missteps many new ecommerce entrepreneurs commit is undervaluing their budding businesses. Comments like, “I only had two sales this month, from my mom and wife. My business is worthless!” often echo in the corridors of new commerce. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your little online shop might be worth a lot more than you think. That’s why fast order processing is an incredibly important aspect of online store management. 

Spoiler alert: It might be worth over $30,000! With platforms like Flippa, gauging your business’s potential worth is more accessible than ever.

You Think Small Sales Mean Small Worth? Think Again!

Hold on! Before scrolling, check out this screenshot below. What does it make you feel?



You might chuckle and think, “$34? My kids made more with their summer lemonade stand!”

Hey, we all love seeing those BIG dollar signs, right? But hold on to your hat and check out this next screenshot.


Whoa, right? That online store with just a measly $30 order? It’s being sold for thousands on platforms like Flippa.

Time for a quick maths challenge: if a store has, say, 2 sales at $30 each, how much could it be worth? Yep, around $15,600! And hey, that’s just one example. Ultimately, it’s up to you to set the selling price if you ever decide to.

Nonetheless, to make these sales happen, you have to process the orders in a timely manner.

Often, our client partners forget to check the admin panel in the mornings, miss out on orders, the customer leaves, the sale is lost.

To avoid such situations, we’ve implemented the depost feature. It’s just a free feature and here’s how it works.

The entire deposit goes towards your needs as a store owner – instead of manually redirecting orders to our specialists.

Let’s say you’ve made an upfront deposit a thousand, and you can sit back and relax – we will automatically process the orders until the deposit runs out.

Feeling intrigued? Cool! There’s more gold to dig here. Loads of platforms are out there ready to help you sell your online space at an amazing price. And, no shocker, the more sales you make, the juicier the price tag for your store. Let’s dive into a few wild examples!

HomeFler: A store with a mere $6 in sales? Sold for a whopping $2,500!


Sounds wild, doesn’t it? Welcome to today’s ecommerce world. Whether you’re selling cool home accessories or quirky socks, a store raking in just $6 monthly can go for a neat $2,500. Take the case of HomeFler, for instance.

SwaddlePanda: This store cashed $7 in sales and fetched a sweet $2,000!


Remember our chats about the home decor niche being a goldmine in ecommerce? SwaddlePanda is a testament to that. Surprisingly, the store didn’t cash more before being sold. But hey, their choice, their $2,000 gain!

Trump2020Clothing: No picture, no problem! $75 in sales and bagged $5,000!


Who needs a fancy pic? Over at Flippa, all you gotta do is lay out the basic details. This entertainment-niche store got a cool $5,000, having earned just $75.

KidsFavoriteGifts: The sweet scent of $7,000 for $230 in sales!


Kids’ stuff always rakes in the big bucks. So, selling such a store? Instant goldmine! And if you play your cards right, you could be looking at some serious monthly earnings, like our CheeryKid store.

InspiredPuppy: A $217 sales store gets a price tag of $7,500!


Not the fanciest website on the block, but hey, that didn’t stop it from fetching a lovely price on Flippa.

Room Aesthetics: With $177 in sales, this store’s going for a cool $8,000!


Another stylish niche, another handsome sum. Now that’s impressive business value for such low sales.

ILuxOfficial: $814 in Sales? That’s an $8,000 Sale Price!


Ever thought a home niche store could fetch this much? If you’re scratching your head about your store’s niche, always keep the home and garden sector as your safety net. It’s a breeze to market these products, and trust us, they’re hot sellers on Flippa.

TopTierStyle: A Whopping $11,000 for $382 in Sales!


Roll out the red carpet for TopTierStyle – a chic design and style store. While its monthly earnings might seem modest ($382 isn’t that huge for a store that’s been around for 6 years), the sale price is anything but. Isn’t it just wild how much value these online spaces hold?

League of Store: Gamers, Rejoice! $497 in Sales Goes for $15,000!


To all the gaming enthusiasts out there, this one’s for you. Picture this: you start a store selling epic gaming gear or specific game merch. Later, you think of moving on. Guess what? You might be walking away with a sweet $15,000! The gaming world is loyal, and geek merchandise? Always a winner.

DetailAndSupply: From $600 in Sales to a Grand $15,000 Sale Price!


DetailAndSupply carved its niche with car details and supplies. It’s fascinating how a mere $600 in sales can flip into a $15,000 sale. The world of ecommerce is just full of these wonders!

Boho-Dress: Style It Up with $840 in Sales and a Staggering $23,500 Sale!


Step into the world of Boho-Dress, the go-to for gorgeous bohemian dresses. Launched only in June 2023, it managed to drum up $840 in its debut month. But with its catchy domain, stellar design, and a fanbase that just adores it, it’s no surprise it fetched a massive $23,500 on Flippa.

LabradorYou: A Humble $781 in Sales? Try a Jaw-Dropping $30,000 Sale Price!


Here’s something to mull over: even what seems like modest sales can be monumental for your overall business. LabradorYou is a testament to that fact. Each seemingly small sale can significantly boost your business’s worth. So, when diving into the ecommerce waters, always remember: every little bit adds immense value.


Ecommerce is full of tales of surprising success. Whether you’re raking in hundreds or thousands in sales, remember to timely process orders and as a result, not only will you have a short term income, but create a long-term one as well in your business’s true value will increase.

Feeling inspired by these stories? Why not start your own journey?

With AliDropship’s custom store, we’ve made the first step super easy for you. Dive into this vibrant world, and who knows? Your store might be the next success story we rave about. Don’t wait, start building your legacy today!

By Denis K.
Denis is a copywriter at AliDropship. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business as a specialist in advertising, he explores the rapidly changing and evolving digital marketing industry and feels committed to sharing his findings with a wider reader’s audience.

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