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A User-Friendly Ecommerce Hosting Solution For Your Website

By Denis K.

AliDropship Ecommerce Hosting

Looking for the best ecommerce hosting? Well, look no further! To create a successful ecommerce website, one needs to choose a hosting provider that will ensure smooth operation and trouble-free performance of the online store. And you can find this with our ecommerce hosting solution!

Among many beginner ecommerce entrepreneurs, there is a slight confusion about hosting services. Some might even say that you have to have a technical background or some kind of experience to get an understanding of what ecommerce web hosting is, why you need it and what to choose. However, it is not as hard as you may think.

In this article, we will uncover what is ecommerce hosting and why you will require it. We will also discuss the features you should pay special attention to, and the reasons why AliDropship hosting is the best choice for dropshipping entrepreneurs.

What is ecommerce hosting and why it is essential

Web hosting services allow individuals and organizations to launch and maintain websites on the Internet. For you to get a better understanding how it works – there are specific computer servers that host various websites on the Internet.

So, for Internet users to access your online store, they will need to enter your website address or domain name into the search box of the browser. Then, they will connect to the server of your website and be able to navigate through your online store. So, basically, without hosting, Internet users won’t find your online store and won’t be able to access it.

But that’s not all! While you have to purchase hosting, you also need to purchase a domain name. Since AliDropship does not provide domain names, you have to go to another source to find one. We recommend heading over to domain registrars such as:

To learn more about domain names, you can look at our other article dedicated specifically to domains and domain registrars.

Keep in mind that when you purchase a ready online store from AliDropship, you get a premium domain name for FREE!

Importance of choosing the best hosting

  • Providing a better online experience

If you want your business to perform to the fullest, you need to find a high-quality online store hosting solution that will ensure the best possible online experience. Keep in mind that the better your site is performing, the greater is the level of engagement from your site visitors.

On the other hand, if your website is performing poorly, visitors will immediately react to it by leaving instantly. Nowadays, people (and online shoppers especially) expect immediate answers to their online queries. If your website takes too long to provide the answers, your website visitors will leave you for your competitors. Not to mention that site speed load up is an important ranking factor on any search engine.

So, if you don’t want to lose out on potential customers and want a high-performance website, high-quality hosting solution is a must.

  • Security and safety

Online security and the protection of yours and your customers’ information is crucial. This is why every ecommerce entrepreneur requires the best ecommerce web hosting. A high-quality hosting solution has to provide not only a powerful website performance, but also a secure one.

Don’t forget that you’ll be dealing with a lot of private information of your customers and it is in your best interest to keep it safe and secure. If your website visitors start to question the safety of their online experience, it is highly unlikely that they will even think of purchasing something on your website. Moreover, top web hosting for ecommerce will ensure the safety of your own data.

A good sign of a trustworthy, powerful and safe website that provides a safe experience is an SSL security certificate. A high-quality hosting service will provide you with such. And as a result, you can expect a high-flow of incoming visitors.

Criteria for choosing hosting

So, how does an ecommerce entrepreneur choose a hosting solution that suits their business?

  • Your budget

A lot, of course, depends on your budget and how much you are willing to invest in this aspect of your online business. Many ecommerce hosting services offer several hosting plans at various price ranges for their hosting solution. For example, an attractive option for a beginner dropshipping entrepreneur can be the “Silver plan” you can find on AliDropship at just $48/year. Within the plan you will find lots of useful perks and helpful features that will make the price look like a bargain!

  • Your experience

Seasoned ecommerce entrepreneurs should have some kind of presumption when choosing a hosting plan for their yet another online business. On the other hand, for new ecommerce entrepreneurs it can be a challenging decision to pick the perfect option as they have little insight.

Despite this, we would recommend choosing a hosting provider that offers scaling up through its plans. This way, you can choose the most affordable hosting plan that will meet your needs and start with it confidently. In case you require more features, you can seamlessly change the plan to one that offers more perks.

  • Customer support

In the process of creating your online business, you can never know when you’re going to hit a roadblock. That’s why it’s important to check that your hosting solution includes quality customer support. Having the ability to turn to someone who can help you solve your issues instantly makes the process much more enjoyable.

If, for example, your website crashes and stops working, you’d want to know that you can contact a real person to get help, that they will find what’s wrong and try fixing it. Not every hosting provider offers this, so consider this aspect when choosing a hosting solution.

Now, let’s look into what you can get with AliDrophip’s hosting solution.

The most common ecommerce hosting questions

Ecommerce hosting has many features that ecommerce entrepreneurs have to be aware of. In fact, we have gathered a list of the most frequently asked questions from our customers and we are ready to answer them.

#1 What type of hosting does AliDropship offer?

Let’s first look at what types of hosting are out there. We are going to focus on the 2 most questioned types of hosting, the Dedicated hosting and the Shared hosting.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the most basic type of hosting, as it does not require much technical knowledge to get started. Opposed to the other type of hosting, websites using shared hosting will share a server and its resources. As a result, based on the hosting plan, each site will have a specific amount of resources available. Therefore, the cost is lower because of the split resources.

This begs the question, who is this type of hosting best suited for? Considering that it offers the most favorable prices and is not technically complex, it is the best choice for beginner entrepreneurs and small business websites that don’t anticipate more than 20,000 monthly visitors.

Dedicated hosting

These are the best available hosting services. By the name, you might have guessed that these servers are dedicated to one individual. You won’t be sharing resources of the server with any other website, which will enable your website to perform to the fullest. Furthermore, if you get a dedicated server hosting, you can expect high uptime rates and quick loading speeds.

However, all these benefits come at a rather large price, as it is the most expensive type of hosting. These servers can cost up to $2,000 /month.

Now you might be guessing, who is this type of hosting for? These types of hosting plans are usually made for websites that have high traffic rates and are considered enterprise-level. Organizations that can consider this kind of hosting should have at least 100,000 monthly visitors.

So, what type of hosting does AliDropship offer? The answer is Shared hosting services. It is the best solution for entrepreneurs looking to begin a dropshipping business. Furthermore, depending on your geographical location, you can select a server that is closest to your position. This will raise the chances of your website running more smoothly and efficiently.

#2 How much disk space should the ecommerce hosting have?

It is important to mention that disk space is the total data available to store on the web server. And the necessary amount of space heavily depends on the size of the website.

To get an estimation of how much disk space one requires, there needs to be an understanding that each store owner has different necessities and thus requires different amounts of disk space. Hence,

So for each individual, it should be counted separately.

However, for an ecommerce entrepreneur, a starter, or in this case a “Silver”, hosting plan should be enough to start an online store. You can easily upgrade to a plan on better terms at any time in the control panel of the hosting.

Nevertheless, if you are still unsure how much space you need, but are eager to start your own online business, try our brand new store builder! There, you will get an automatically recommended hosting plan that will be evaluated, depending on how many products you expect to sell.

#3 How secure is AliDropship’s hosting service?

Information is extremely valuable and making sure that it stays disclosed is very important.

AliDropship’s hosting services provides an advanced security system that has many helpful tools, like a Free anti-DDoS guard accompanied by free SSL certificates on all the hosting plans. Even when you purchase a basic option, you can be sure that these things will be featured and your website will have a top of the line security system.

However, there are still certain precautions you need to follow, to keep your data safe.

  • Keep up with updates of your CMS platform and its plugins (relevant information can be found on its official website) and always make sure you have the latest versions installed.
  • Use only official themes and plugins offered by your CMS. Nulled versions of paid scripts are extremely likely to be infected.
  • Use strong passwords, which contain at least 8 characters: numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters. Weak passes are very easy to crack.

You can find more recommendations in this article.

And don’t forget to follow basic suggestions, like do not enter your credentials from unsafe Wi-Fi connections, don’t store your logins and passwords on easily accessible platforms, etc.

#4 What’s so special about AliDropship’s ecommerce hosting?

If you plan to run your website on the WordPress CMS platform, you need to choose hosting software that is compatible with that initial platform. Luckily, ecommerce platforms that are powered by WordPress are among the most popular in the world with over 37% of websites which means there are plenty of hosting services to choose from.

However, it is preferable to choose one that is easy to manage and install. Luckily, AliDropship’s hosting is just that! It offers one-click WordPress platform installation, with reasonably priced plans starting at only $48 a year and responsive customer support if you need any assistance.

Even the cheapest version of the hosting plan has enough features for a beginner ecommerce entrepreneur. With 3 GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, up to 20 email addresses, FREE SSL, and many more features that can be seamlessly managed on an easy-to-handle control panel.

It is possible to make successful stores powered by AliDropship’s hosting. You may have seen our Established stores that make crazy amounts of money weekly! It may come as a surprise to you but AliDropship stores them on its hosting services. So, you can be sure that by getting our hosting, you get a chance to create a lucrative dropshipping store.

Final takeaways on AliDropship’s ecommerce hosting services

All things considered, if you are looking to start an ecommerce business, you need a reliable hosting provider. It will allow your store to function fluently, be secure, and easy to manage. You can get all of this by purchasing AliDropship’s ecommerce hosting services.

Reasonably priced plans along with all the user-friendly features make it a suitable option for any dropshipping entrepreneur. Moreover, the AliDropship plugin is perfectly optimized with the hosting service. As a result, you have a clear opportunity to create a successful dropshipping store with minimal costs.

The hosting plans allow you to easily set up an ecommerce business, and once your online store gains traction, you can always upgrade to a more suitable plan. The best part? You can jump into dropshipping straight away with an exact copy of one of these successful stores and enjoy the smooth – and profitable – business operation!

By Denis K.
Denis is a copywriter at AliDropship. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business as a specialist in advertising, he explores the rapidly changing and evolving digital marketing industry and feels committed to sharing his findings with a wider reader’s audience.
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