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This Ecommerce Brand Went From $4K To $50 Million: Aaron And Lior’s Incredible Adventure [Case Study]

By Denis K.


Ever heard of two buddies turning a small chunk of change into a full blown multi-million ecommerce brand? Well, meet Aaron and Lior. These two pals had a simple idea: sell some cool weighted blankets online. With just $4,000 to their names, they dived into the online selling game. Fast forward a bit, and boom! Their brand, Hush Blankets, is now worth a massive $50 million. So, how did they pull it off? Let’s dive into their awesome story!

Two buddies, one big idea

In the buzzing heart of Toronto, Aaron Spivak was a guy with big dreams and an itch for business. From peddling lemonade as a kid to running party buses, he’d tried it all. But when he met Lior Ohayon, a whiz in the online world, things took an interesting turn.


Lior pitched the idea of selling weighted blankets, which were the new “it” thing. Aaron, who had a juice shop, once considered selling cricket protein shakes, but Lior was like, “Nah, that’s kinda icky.”


With that, the two jumped in headfirst. Between Aaron’s juice hustles and Lior managing a software company, they found time to craft their first weighted blanket. Setting up a basic website and throwing in some online ads, they began their venture. At first, just a single $20 blanket sale. But then, three more the next day. And as days turned to weeks, it seemed like everyone wanted a piece of their cozy blanket action.

Summer hurdles and cool solutions

Summer rolled around, and bam, sales hit a wall. Toronto’s heatwave meant their cozy blankets were now too toasty for comfort. With stacks of unsold blankets and a dip in demand, Lior wondered if they should call it quits. But Aaron, ever the optimist, was sure there was a way out.


Picking up the phone, they reached out to their customers. The feedback? “Love the blanket, but it’s like wearing a sweater in a sauna!” This was the golden insight they needed.

With a dash of creativity, Aaron and Lior brainstormed a solution. They went on a fabric hunt, eventually crafting a unique material they cheekily named “ice fabric”. This cool-to-the-touch material didn’t need water or fans to give that chilly feel.

Perfect for those sweltering summer nights!

Taking a risk and striking rich

Facing a steep bill for the “ice fabric”, Aaron and Lior found themselves in a pickle. They had to find $100,000 when they had only $4,000.

Their solution? Kickstarter. They aimed for $25,000, hoping folks would warm up (or cool down?) to their idea. To their astonishment, backers flooded in, pledging over a whopping million bucks in just 30 days.


That cash turned dreams into reality, birthing the Hush Ice 1.0.

2019 saw them on the Canadian “Dragon’s Den”. The pitch? Their groundbreaking blanket. The Dragons were sold, especially Jim Treliving, who didn’t just praise it, he wanted in. Joining forces, they raked in an eye-popping $20 million in 2020 alone.

Then, in a dramatic turn in October 2021, Sleep Country Canada Holdings Inc., Canada’s top mattress retailer, scooped up a major share in Hush Blankets. This partnership valued Hush at a cool $53 million and opened doors to over 280 stores nationwide. Talk about a dream run!

Why listening to your customers matters

Hush’s journey didn’t end with that one success. They reinvested, expanding their line to include pillows and bed sheets to cater to their customers’ desires.


Their mantra? The team dialed up their customers, dug deep into what they wanted, and then delivered. It’s rare to find a company selling blankets and mattresses that’s built such a die-hard community. Fans aren’t just buying; they’re dropping by, asking for signed blankets! This deep connection with their customers is Hush’s winning card against rivals.


Their rocketing success wasn’t accidental. It was built on genuine connections and adapting to client needs – a practice they hold dear even today.

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A story beyond an ecommerce brand

Beyond the numbers and products, Hush’s tale is one of resilience, hustle, and understanding the human touch. Their journey serves as a playbook. It says: with the right connections and grit, sky’s the limit. But remember, it’s not just about hard work. It’s about working smart, strategizing, and when in doubt? Ask!

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By Denis K.
Denis is a copywriter at AliDropship. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business as a specialist in advertising, he explores the rapidly changing and evolving digital marketing industry and feels committed to sharing his findings with a wider reader’s audience.
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