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Switching Roles: Nathan Let His Girlfriend Eden Run (Or Ruin?) His Online Business for a Week! Here’s The Result [Case Study]

By Roman P.

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Can you give control of your successful business to your closest family and friends for a whole week? Imagine: no backup plans, no safety measures — just pure trust and excitement. Too risky? Think again! Because our brave hero today took this challenge, and wow, it really worked out!

Who is Nathan?

picture of Nathan Nazareth

Nathan, a 21-year-old who made his fortune himself, has made a significant mark in online business. His journey began when he was in college, where he started a bold project: dropshipping. So, with strong determination and a desire for success, Nathan turned his small business into a million-dollar empire.

Even in high school, Nathan showed signs of being an entrepreneur. He sold everyday items like duct tape, wallets, and candies to make extra money. His ambition led him to explore different business opportunities. Nathan’s success in dropshipping made him a millionaire. Consequently, his monthly profit rose to $10,000, a remarkable achievement. The college student who once wanted money for eating out now controls a large business. So, one day, he took a risky step: he handed his entire business over to his girlfriend, Eden. His goal? To give Eden a chance to leave her full-time job so they could live together in the United States. Isn’t that risky? Let’s find out how it turned out!

Starting the challenge

Picture of Nathan and Eden

Eden, a 22-year-old woman from Israel, lived a fast-paced life as a full-time model. However, she yearned for more — a taste of freedom and more time with her boyfriend, Nathan.

gif of Eden and Nathan

Then, one day, Nathan introduced a game-changing idea: ecommerce and dropshipping. Intrigued and encouraged by Nathan’s proposal, Eden quit her job and entered the world of online business.


gif of Eden and Nathan

With determination and dreams of a better future, her journey began.


Following Nathan’s wise advice, Eden focused on TikTok, aiming to appeal to a younger audience. She embarked on a mission to find the perfect product. Together, they moved forward, fueled by Eden’s innovative spirit and the promise of success.

Picking the best niche

After searching for hours, Eden and Nathan discovered a product that grabbed their attention — a fidget pistol toy. They believed it could become viral on TikTok and attract sales naturally.


My ADHD’s new bestfriend 😌 #fidget #gun #toys #fidgettoys

♬ Bank Account – Instrumental – B Lou

They found a supplier on AliExpress selling the product for $15, but Eden negotiated with Nathan’s suppliers to get a better price of $10.


Best purchase of 2024 😌 #fidget #gun #toys #fidgettoys

♬ Bank Account – Instrumental – B Lou

Since Eden was returning to Israel soon, they couldn’t film ads with the actual product. Instead, they decided to repurpose existing online content and turn it into video ads. This would be a test to gauge the product’s potential.


Which one is better? #fidget #gun #toys #fidgettoys

♬ Bank Account – Instrumental – B Lou

They also created a website using software recommended by Nathan, allowing them to set up a basic template in less than 10 minutes. With everything in place, they launched their ads on TikTok, starting with a daily budget of $100. They also planned to post videos organically once Eden was back in Israel and had the product with her. Both were optimistic about the business taking off and bringing them success.

Changing the product

Yet, in the following days, they encountered hurdles in getting their ads approved. This threw a wrench in their plans and put this experiment in serious danger. If Eden was unable to succeed in this business, she’d  have to stay in Israel, away from her boyfriend.

Recognizing that their initial product selection wasn’t effective, they opted to transition to a Valentine’s Day product instead.


Flowers that last forever✨🌸😍 #foryoupage #foreverflowers #boyfriend

♬ original sound – BOYF NEWS

They found a popular video on TikTok and sourced the product from AliExpress at a reasonable price. They set up a new website and adjusted their ads accordingly.


Real men know what Feb 14th is😑🌹🚨 #foreverflowers #valentines

♬ Flowers _ lauren spencer smith – died❤️

The results of Eden’s first ecommerce venture


To the couple’s delight, they quickly began to see sales. On the very first day, they earned $225, and in the following days, sales continued steadily, totaling 21 orders and nearly $700. Eden was thrilled and thankful for the success they had achieved. As the challenge concluded on the seventh day, Nathan and Eden reviewed the numbers and discussed Eden’s final thoughts and plans for the business. They realized they had generated $814.72 in sales from 25 orders, and both felt proud of their accomplishment.



Eden expressed gratitude for Nathan’s trust throughout the process and looked forward to continuing her dropshipping journey. With a successful start, she was motivated to invest more time, effort, and money into growing her business.


This success story demonstrates that even newcomers with no prior experience can thrive in dropshipping. So, what’s holding you back?

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By Roman P.
Roman is a copywriter who works for AliDropship to help people start and grow their own online businesses. He loves writing about ecommerce and sharing his tips and tricks with aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world. Roman has a degree in economics, which means he knows a lot about how the ecommerce industry works. Using his degree in economics, he writes informative content that inspires.

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