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23 Curious Facts About Our Dropshipping Stores

December 16, 2016 Category: Case studies

As we’ve already mentioned, AliDropship company is involved not only in making dropshipping business an easy-to-go and profitable venture. AliDropship is mostly known as a company that offers its clients…

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How We Created an AdWords Campaign with a 400% ROI for a Dropshipping Store: Detailed Guide

December 12, 2016 Category: Case studies

What is the key factor of a webstore’s success? It is certainly the traffic, especially the quality traffic providing high conversions. Promoting our own stores, we try to test all possible…

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How We Got 66 Orders and $813 in Just One Month Promoting Our Dropshipping Store on Social Media with a Special Plugin

August 7, 2016 Category: Case studies

Isn’t it great when Technology and Smart Strategy meet each other? Just read this story of success, get inspired – and do the same! “Hokage Store” is a merchandise online…

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How We Upgraded from 3 Orders in March to 195 Orders in May by Promoting Our Dropshipping Store via Instagram Shoutouts

August 3, 2016 Category: Case studies

Sometimes it’s pretty hard to say in advance what promotion channel will work for your business, isn’t it? Now that you are puzzling over what strategy to choose, let us…

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How We Made $4500+ Revenue in Three Months by Promoting Our Dropshipping Store in Facebook Groups

August 1, 2016 Category: Case studies

Have you just opened a dropshipping store and are now wondering what promotion channels to choose? Or, maybe you just want to accelerate sales of your existing dropshipping business? In…