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50 Best Dropshipping Pet Products – How Earth Rated Earned $427,500 Selling Poop Bags [Case Study]

By Roman P.

cover image best dropshipping pet products

Do you find ecommerce difficult? Do you think you can’t get the best dropshipping products? You are wrong! Because while you wait, some people are making money online by selling poop bags for pets!

That’s true! Because in ecommerce, you never know what product can make you rich. For example, our guest today earned $427,500 by selling pet wipes and bags for dog poop! Are you curious? Then read their amazing story and learn about the best dropshipping pet products!

Earth Rated — a company that got rich by selling poop bags!

screenshot banner earth rated

Let’s explore the amazing story of Earth Rated, a leading Canadian pet care company that started in 2009. Imagine a world where picking up your dog’s poop becomes easy. That’s the dream Earth Rated made true. Now, think of more than 4.5 million people every day, using an Earth Rated bag, sold in a huge 20,000 stores in over 40 countries. The numbers are also impressive, with the company earning over $427,500 from its pet care products.

picture of a graph of american pet care market size

But that’s not all. According to a comprehensive report by Fortune Business Insights, the global market for pet care was worth $235.32 billion in 2022 and is going to reach a massive $368.88 billion by 2030. This market is not only growing; it’s flourishing with a strong growth rate of 5.92%. The market is ready to grow from $246.66 billion to $368.88 billion by the year 2030.

So, what’s in their magic arsenal?

banner earth rated products

In addition to poop bags, the company offers a range of pet care products, such as fresh cleaning sprays, soft grooming wipes, and mild shampoos. Their products are eco-friendly, made from plant-based materials and come in different sizes and pleasant scents. Moreover, Earth Rated has launched a subscription service, which delivers these products to your home regularly and easily.

But how did Earth Rated succeed in such a tough industry? The key is their dedication to quality and environmental care. Their plant-based products, which have various sizes and scents, meet different needs and appeal to the green consumer. By being a premium brand with slightly higher prices, Earth Rated has high margins and a wide international market, boosting their sales and market share. They sell some of the best dropshipping pet products on the market, which leads to great reputation and high profits!

The power of high-ticket products in dropshipping pet products

photo of a dog and a woman looking at the horizon

Let’s discuss the appeal of high-ticket products in ecommerce. Selling items with high prices but also high profits. Think of expensive goods, advanced software, or unique courses — they all offer a great chance for businesses. This strategy means more income from less sales, reducing marketing and operational expenses. For instance, selling a $1000 gadget with a 50% profit margin needs only ten sales to make $5000 in profit. On the other hand, a low-ticket item at $10 with a 10% profit margin would need 5000 sales to get the same profit.

photo of earth rated product boxes

Besides the money, selling high-ticket items improves a business’s brand image and reputation. It makes the company a market leader and expert, attracting a more faithful and selective customer base. These products are not just goods; they are a proof of quality, value, and customer satisfaction, creating trust and loyalty.

However, there’s a problem: high-ticket items are hard to find. But don’t worry, for there’s an answer in one word: AliDropship! This creative platform is the guide for those who want to find and sell high-value products, successfully solving the problem and enjoying the benefits of high-ticket ecommerce. So, let’s start this exciting journey and see what kind of high-ticket products AliDropship has for you to dropship!

50 best dropshipping pet products

We have done the market research to bring you the best products from the most profitable niches that money could buy. So let’s quickly take a look at them!

Feeding supplies

photo of a man with dog food

Pet feeding products are great for dropshipping pet products! They are easy to buy online, as they are often light, strong, and simple to ship. Customers can see many products and compare costs, functions, and ratings from different sellers. Dropshipping the best pet products also helps save time and money for pet owners who do not like to go to shops. Did you know that food-related products are very common in the niche? Actually, they have more than half of the whole market share!

picture pet care market share size

Besides, pet feeding products are creative and varied, as they meet different needs and tastes of pet owners and their pets. For instance, some products are made to stop overeating, obesity, and boredom, while others are fit for certain food needs, health problems, or lifestyles. Some products are even clever and interactive, as they can be managed by mobile apps, sensors, or voice orders. We have chosen the best pet products for dropshipping in this niche for you!

Smart automatic pet feeder

photo of an automatic cat feeder

Product cost: $17.15

Potential price at your store: $47.95

Profit margin: $30.80

This amazing device can feed your cat or dog the right amount of food at the right time, every day. No more worrying about overfeeding, underfeeding, or missing a meal. Our feeder has a sleek design and an easy-to-use interface. You can set it up in minutes and forget about it. It’s perfect for pet owners who work long hours, travel often, or have pets with special diets. It adjusts to your pet’s needs and your lifestyle. It’s also easy for anyone in the family to use. Try our Smart Automatic Pet Feeder today and see the difference. Your pet will thank you.

Automatic feeder with water dispenser

photo of a cat feeder

Product cost: $8.89

Potential price at your store: $29.95

Profit margin: $21.06

This amazing device takes care of your cat’s food and water needs, even when you’re away. It’s perfect for everyday use, or for short trips. It gives your cat fresh food and water, and keeps them clean and safe. You don’t have to worry about refilling or checking them often. You can easily see how much food and water your cat has. Our automatic feeder is more than a feeding station; it’s a smart way to make your cat healthy and happy.

Anti-choke slow feeder bowl for cats and dogs

photo of an anti-choke feeder

Product cost: $1.48

Potential price at your store: $11.80

Profit margin: $10.32

Make your pet’s mealtime fun and healthy with our anti-choke slow feeder bowl. This bowl helps your pet eat slowly, which is good for their digestion and weight. It has a cute carrot shape that looks great in your home. It has four anti-skid pads to keep it steady and prevent messes. And the height is comfortable for your pet’s posture. The four-stage design is to make your pet eat slower and smarter. Our Carrot Design Anti-Choke Slow Feeder Bowl is more than a bowl; it’s a way to improve your pet’s health and happiness. It works for all dogs, especially fast eaters.

Ultimate snap pet placemat

picture of a pet food placemat

Product cost: $6.29

Potential price at your store: $17.80

Profit margin: $11.51

Say goodbye to messy and stressful pet feeding with our ultimate snap pet placemat. It has a half-enclosed design with snap fasteners that keep pet food inside the mat and away from your floors. The smooth surface is easy to clean and prevents food from getting spoiled. It has a curling edge that stops water from spilling over. The non-slip surface that keeps the mat and bowls steady. It works for all pets, big or small, and comes in two sizes to fit different bowls!

Pet automatic timing feeder

photo of an automatic dog feeder

Product cost: $7.42

Potential price at your store: $24.65

Profit margin: $17.23

Don’t let your busy days compromise your pet’s care. Try our Automatic 2-meal pet feeder — the smart way to feed your cats and dogs on time, every time. No matter if you’re at work or on vacation, this feeder will take care of your pet’s meals. Just set the feeding times and portions to suit your pet’s needs. No need to worry about overfeeding or underfeeding. Cleaning the feeder is easy, thanks to the detachable parts. No more sneaky snacks or spoiled food!

Heated pet water bowl

photo of a heated feeding bowl

Product cost: $8.10

Potential price at your store: $29.49

Profit margin: $21.39

Keep your pets’ water warm and cozy this winter with our heated pet water bowl. It keeps the water at 30-35 degrees Celsius, which is good for your pet’s health. It saves energy, using only 0.2 kilowatt hours for 24 hours of use.

Call bell for pet training

photo of a bell

Product cost: $1.44

Potential price at your store: $12.49

Profit margin: $11.05

Make your pet training simple and stylish with the call bell. This bell is a great way to communicate with your dog. It has a clear and loud ring that lets you know when your dog needs something. You don’t have to shout or guess. The bell also looks good in your home. It has a versatile design that matches any decor. It’s a perfect accessory for every pet owner.

Quiet water fountain with auto filter

photo of a pet water fountain

Product cost: $7.48

Potential price at your store: $24.65

Profit margin: $17.17

This fountain is a smart way to give your pets clean and fresh water. It works for cats, dogs, and other pets. It comes in two sizes, 1.5L and 2.5L. You can choose from three water flow speeds to match your pet’s liking. The fountain is made from safe and sturdy plastic that is easy to clean. It has a silent pump that doesn’t make noise. It has a beautiful design and three colors to choose from. This fountain is great for everyday use, especially when you’re busy or away. It has a large capacity that gives your pets enough water. It’s a must-have for any pet owner who cares about their pet’s health and comfort.

3-in-1 automatic cat feeder

photo of a 3-in-1 feeder

Product cost: $6.82

Potential price at your store: $24.80

Profit margin: $17.98

Make your cat’s eating and drinking easy and healthy with our 3-in-1 automatic cat feeder. This feeder is a smart way to give your cat peace of mind when you’re not home. It has a food bowl, a water dispenser, and a raised stand. It takes care of your cat’s dining needs. It’s a must-have for every cat lover.

Adjustable no-drip pet water dispenser stand

photo of a feeding station

Product cost: $13.50

Potential price at your store: $48.95

Profit margin: $35.45

Make your pet’s drinking more comfortable and clean with our adjustable no-drip pet water dispenser stand. This stand is made with care and quality. It can fit pets of different sizes. It’s easy to use and doesn’t drip. No more spills or messes. Just a happy and hydrated pet.

Pet toys

photo of a dog toy

The main reason why this is a good niche is that pet toys are fun and engaging, as they provide physical and mental exercise for pets and their owners. Playing with pet toys can help pets reduce stress, boredom, and anxiety, as well as improve their health and behavior.

google trends graph for pet toys

Pet owners can also bond with their pets and enjoy spending quality time with them. According to a survey by the American Pet Products Association, 72% of pet owners said that playing with their pets makes them happy, and 65% said that it helps them relax.

Interactive electric duck toy for cats

photo of a duck toy for cats

Product cost: $2.35

Potential price at your store: $13.80

Profit margin: $11.45

Do you want to make your cat happy and active? Then you need the interactive electric duck toy! This cute toy looks and moves like a real duckling. Your cat would love to chase, cuddle, and play with it. The toy is made of durable and odorless polyester that won’t fade or tear easily. The cotton fur feels soft and cozy on your cat’s paws.

Interactive dog communication button

photo of a dog with buttons

Product cost: $16.82

Potential price at your store: $33.49

Profit margin: $16.67

What if your dog could talk to you? With our interactive dog communication button, they can! This amazing product lets you and your dog communicate in a new way. You can teach your dog to press the button and say what they want. Whether it’s food, water, walk, or play, your dog will let you know. The button is easy to use and fun for both of you. Try the button and bond with your dog like never before!

Cat adventure tunnel

photo of a cat in a tunnel toy

Product cost: $1.70

Potential price at your store: $10.80

Profit margin: $9.10

Your cat will love the cat adventure tunnel! This toy is more than just a tunnel. It’s a fun and exciting way for your cat to explore, hide, and play. The cat adventure tunnel is made for the cat who loves adventure. It’s the perfect toy for your cat’s happiness!

Interactive catnip-scented cotton rope

photo of a cat rope toy

Product cost: $1.40

Potential price at your store: $11.80

Profit margin: $10.40

This is the ultimate toy for your cat. It’s a fun and healthy way to keep your cat active and happy. The toy is made of soft and strong cotton rope that your cat can chase, bite, and scratch. It also helps your cat exercise their natural instincts and skills. With the Cotton Rope Cat Teaser Toy, you and your cat will have a blast!

Avocado catnip toy ball

photo avocado cat toy

Product cost: $1.66

Potential price at your store: $7.49

Profit margin: $5.83

Your cat will go crazy for the avocado catnip lickable toy ball! This toy is a tasty and fun treat for your cat. It looks like a real avocado and has catnip and gall fruit flavors that your cat will love. The toy also helps your cat’s digestion and natural behaviors. The toy can spin and roll, making it more fun and interactive. This is the ultimate toy for ANY cat!

Feathered bird wand

photo of a cat bird toy

Product cost: $2.19

Potential price at your store: $14.95

Profit margin: $12.76

The interactive feathered bird wand is the ideal toy for your cat. It’s a fun and realistic toy that mimics a bird. Your cat will enjoy hunting, chasing, and playing with it. The toy is made of strong plastic that can withstand your cat’s bites and scratches. It has a feather and a bell that make it more attractive and fun.

Interactive cat spring tunnel with pendants and bells

photo of a cat tunnel toy

Product cost: $0.85

Potential price at your store: $8.65

Profit margin: $7.80

This interactive cat tunnel is the ultimate toy for your cat. It’s a fun and safe tunnel that your cat will love to explore and play with. The tunnel has a unique S-spring shape that makes it more interesting and fun than regular tunnels. It also has pendants with bells that make sounds and movements that your cat will enjoy. The tunnel is also easy to fold and store when not in use.

Interactive mouse-shaped laser cat toy

photo of a cat mouse toy

Product cost: $2.09

Potential price at your store: $8.80

Profit margin: $6.71

This interactive mouse-shaped laser toy is a fun and safe toy for your cat. It’s a cute mouse that shoots a red laser that your cat will love to chase and catch. The toy is light and easy to hold, so you can play with your cat anytime. The toy is great for indoor play, especially when your cat needs some extra activity. The laser stimulates your cat’s hunting instincts and keeps them fit and smart.

Laser collar for cats

photo cat collar toy

Product cost: $2.17

Potential price at your store: $11.49

Profit margin: $9.32

This laser cat collar is a fun and smart toy for your cat. It’s a collar that has a laser that your cat can chase and play with. The collar is easy to charge and use, so your cat can have fun anytime. The collar also helps your cat stay fit and happy. The laser makes your cat feel like they are hunting and having an adventure.

Interactive cat laser toy

photo cat laser toy

Product cost: $28.35

Potential price at your store: $49.80

Profit margin: $21.45

This laser toy is a fun and smart toy for your cat. It’s a light machine that you can control with your phone. You can make the light move and change patterns to make your cat chase and play with it. The toy is rechargeable and easy to use. It is great for daily play, whether you are with your cat or not. The toy also helps you and your cat have fun and bond together.

Pet grooming supplies

banner pet grooming supplies

Pet grooming supplies are some of the best dropshipping pet products. This niche is full of items that help pet owners keep their animals clean, healthy, and attractive, such as brushes, combs, scissors, shampoos, and conditioners. That’s why there’s a constand demand for these products on the market.

photo google trends pet grooming

Secondly, pet grooming supplies are convenient to buy online, as they are usually small, light, and easy to ship. Some products are designed to suit specific breeds, coat types, or skin conditions, while others are made to enhance the appearance, smell, or comfort of the pets. Some products are even organic, natural, or eco-friendly, as they are made from safe and sustainable ingredients.

Pumpkin pet grooming brush for shedding

photo of a cat being groomed

Product cost: $3.78

Potential price at your store: $14.49

Profit margin: $10.71

Make your pet’s coat look and feel great with our special grooming brush. This brush is a smart way to keep your pet’s fur healthy and free from tangles. It removes loose hair, dirt, and debris, making your pet’s fur smooth and clean. It’s made from quality materials that last long. It has 232 protection points that massage your pet and protect their skin. It has a self-cleaning feature that makes grooming easy and fast. Our grooming brush works for all pets, big or small, with short or long hair. It’s a great way to groom your pet and show them you care.

Universal silicone pet toothbrush kit for dogs and cats

photo of a dog with a toothbrush

Product cost: $1.34

Potential price at your store: $7.95

Profit margin: $6.61

Keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy with our universal silicone pet toothbrush kit. This kit is a smart way to take care of your dog’s or cat’s oral health. It gives your pet a complete dental care, making their smile bright and beautiful. It’s gentle and effective for all pets, no matter their size or breed. Our toothbrush kit is a good habit for your pet’s grooming. It helps your pet avoid dental problems and keep their mouth clean. It’s perfect for your pet’s health and happiness.

Adjustable silicone cat claw protector shoes for grooming and bathing

photo of a cat in shoes

Product cost: $2.82

Potential price at your store: $7.95

Profit margin: $5.13

These shoes are a smart way to keep your cat safe and calm during grooming and bathing. They are made for your cat’s comfort and protection. They come in cute green and pink colors that make your cat look stylish. Our protector shoes are made from quality rubber that lasts long and feels good. You get four shoes in one pack, in an opp bag for easy storage. The shoes are adjustable and fit most cats. They are snug and secure on your cat’s little paws.

Transparent cat space hood

photo of a cat in a space hood

Product cost: $6.52

Potential price at your store: $21.80

Profit margin: $15.28

Make your cat’s grooming easy and fun with our transparent cat space hood. This hood is needed to keep your cat calm and secure during grooming. It’s made from quality plastic that lasts long and is safe. It’s clear and lets your cat see everything. The hood stops your cat from biting and chewing during grooming. It fits your cat well without hurting or bothering them. This works for many situations, like nail clipping, fur brushing, or medication. It’s a must-have for every cat owner who cares about their cat’s health and happiness.

Pet grooming hammock helper

photo of a dog in a grooming hammock

Product cost: $6.01

Potential price at your store: $22.49

Profit margin: $16.48

Make your pet grooming easier and better with our pet grooming hammock. This hammock is needed to groom your small or medium-sized pet. It works for dogs, cats, and other animals. It comes in three colors: Blue, Rose, and Gray. The plush fabric makes your pet comfortable and safe. It hangs your pet in the air, so you can reach their paws and head. The hammock keeps your pet calm and still, making grooming smooth. It has two S-hooks that make it easy to set up.

Cat nail clipper

photo of a cat nail clipper

Product cost: $1.39

Potential price at your store: $7.65

Profit margin: $6.26

Trim your cat’s nails with ease and confidence with our cat nail clippers. This nail clipper is a smart way to groom your cat or kitten. It has precise cutting and safe trimming features that make your cat’s nails look great.The ergonomic design fits your hand well and gives even pressure. It’s easy to carry and use, so you can groom your cat anywhere. No more stress or struggle with nail clipping. Just a fast and safe grooming that your cat will love.

4 in 1 pet electric hair trimmer with 4 blades

photo of a pet fur trimmer

Product cost: $6.12

Potential price at your store: $23.80

Profit margin: $17.68

This trimmer is a smart way to save money and time on pet grooming. It works for all your pet’s grooming needs. It has a hair trimmer, 2 guiding combs, and a foot hair blade. The battery lasts for 150 minutes on one charge.  It comes with a cleaning brush that keeps the trimmer clean and ready.

Rechargeable painless nail grinder & polisher for dogs

photo dog nail grinder

Product cost: $7.90

Potential price at your store: $23.49

Profit margin: $15.59

Trim and polish your pet’s nails with ease and comfort with our pet nail grinder. This tool is a smart way to groom your dog’s nails. It works for small and large dogs.

Pet grooming comb

photo pet comb

Product cost: $1.97

Potential price at your store: $12.95

Profit margin: $10.98

Keep your pet clean and groomed with our double-sided fur removal comb. This comb is a smart way to take care of your cat’s or dog’s fur. It works for all breeds and types of cats and dogs.

Rechargeable pet nail grinder

photo nail grinder

Product cost: $9.59

Potential price at your store: $25.95

Profit margin: $16.36

Groom your pet’s nails with ease and safety with our LED Light Rechargeable Dog & Cat Nail Grinder. This grinder is a smart way to take care of your pet’s nails. It works for small and medium-sized pets, like dogs and cats.

Indoor animal products

banner indoor animal products

Indoor pet products are items that are designed to make the lives of pets and their owners more comfortable and enjoyable. Some examples of indoor pet products are scratchers, litters, pet beds, toys, and grooming tools. These products are in high demand, especially in urban areas where many people live in apartments or small houses. According to reports by the American Pet Products Association, the number of pet owners in the US is 66% of all the population 86 million households, which is much higher than 56% in 1998. Moreover, reports also show us that the spendings reached $58.1 billion on just pet food alone!

picture of a graph

Bohemian style cotton rope cat hammock

photo of a cat in a hammock

Product cost: $20.93

Potential price at your store: $51.95

Profit margin: $31.02

Treat your cat to a cozy and stylish hammock with our handwoven cotton rope cat hammock. This hammock is a smart way to give your cat a relaxing and fun place to sleep and play. It has a handwoven design made from natural cotton rope that is breathable and strong, holding up to 18lbs of weight. The bohemian style with tassels make it a beautiful and comfy bed. It has a versatile use that lets you hang it anywhere in your home.

Cozy petal-themed cotton nest

photo of a cat in a nest

Product cost: $7.20

Potential price at your store: $26.49

Profit margin: $19.29

Give your pet a cozy and comfortable bed with our cozy petal-themed cotton nest bed. This bed is a smart way to pamper your cat or small dog. The beautiful design looks like a flower. It has a warm and soft sleeping bag that you can remove and wash. It’s great for pets who love to snuggle.

Detachable protective indoor fence

photo of an indoor pet fence

Product cost: $40.14

Potential price at your store: $72.49

Profit margin: $32.35

Keep your kids and pets safe and stylish with our adjustable retractable safety gate. This gate is a smart way to protect your loved ones in any space. It has a minimalist modern design that matches your home decor. It works for indoor and outdoor spaces, like the kitchen, bedroom, or patio. It’s made from strong and elegant materials, like aluminum and fabric.

Carrot scratching post for cats

photo of a carrot-shaped scratching post for cats

Product cost: $23.62

Potential price at your store: $41.49

Profit margin: $17.87

Let your cat have fun and stay healthy with our scratching post. This scratcher is a smart way to satisfy your cat’s scratching needs. The nice carrot shape that looks cute and colorful. It’s more than a toy — it’s a way to take care of your cat’s claws. The sisal rope is good for your cat’s nails,  because it keeps them sharp and clean.  It’s ideal for cats under 12.5kg.

Compact foldable pet stairs for pet safety

photo of foldable pet stairs

Product cost: $61.76

Potential price at your store: $145.49

Profit margin: $83.73

Make your pet’s life easier and more comfortable with our compact foldable pet stairs. They work for all pets, big or small, old or young, healthy or injured. They are made from quality material that is strong, safe, and long-lasting.

Durable ball scratching post for cats

photo of a ball scratching cat

Product cost: $6.88

Potential price at your store: $27.49

Profit margin: $20.61

Keep your cat happy and your furniture safe with our durable ball cat scratching post. This scratcher is one of the best dropshipping pet products. It is a smart way to satisfy your cat’s scratching needs. It’s small and strong, lasting long even with the most playful cats. It’s made from quality sisal hemp and fiber that are good for your cat’s claws. The design matches your home style and looks good in any room.

Cat litter scoop with wooden handle

photo of a cat scratching scoop

Product cost: $4.99

Potential price at your store: $20.49

Profit margin: $15.50

Clean your cat’s litter box with ease and comfort with our large cat litter scoop. This scoop is a smart way to take care of your pet’s hygiene. It has an ergonomic wooden handle that feels good in your hand. It’s a must-have for every cat owner who wants a simple and effective pet care solution.

Space capsule cat litter box

photo of a cat litter

Product cost: $24.45

Potential price at your store: $43.95

Profit margin: $19.50

Give your cat a stylish and comfortable litter box with our space capsule cat litter box. This litter box is a smart way to keep your home clean and your cat happy. It has a modern design that matches your home style. The clever design keeps the litter inside. It comes in many colors that fit your home. It’s a great choice for cat owners who want a simple and elegant solution.

Magnetic pet screen door for cats

photo of a screen door for cats

Product cost: $15.72

Potential price at your store: $32.80

Profit margin: $17.08

This pet door is a smart way to give your pet more freedom and make you worry less. It’s made from quality plastic that lasts long and looks good. It fits your wooden doors and lets your pet in and out easily. It’s small and light, so it doesn’t take much space or weight. It’s a great choice for pet owners who want a simple and beautiful solution.

Luxury honeycomb cat litter mat

photo of a cat litter mat

Product cost: $6.35

Potential price at your store: $23.49

Profit margin: $17.14

Keep your home and your cat tidy and cozy with our luxury honeycomb cat litter mat. It’s made from quality EVA foam that is soft and durable. The honeycomb design and a double-layer structure catch the litter and keep it inside. It makes your cleaning easy and fast.

Stuff for traveling and outdoor activities

photo of a dog outside

Carrying and transporting pets can be challenging, especially for long distances or unfamiliar environments. Products in this niche can help pets and their owners avoid accidents, injuries, or stress, as well as comply with regulations and laws. For example, carriers can keep pets secure and cozy in cars, trains, or planes. Harnesses and leashes can prevent pets from running away or getting lost. Collars can display identification tags or GPS trackers. Bowls can provide water and food for pets on the go. First aid kits can treat minor wounds or illnesses.

Lightweight pet stroller

photo of a dog in a stroller

Product cost: $31.60

Potential price at your store: $106.49

Profit margin: $74.89

The Lightweight Pet Stroller is the best way to take your pet with you. It’s a comfortable and safe stroller for your cat or dog. It’s also stylish and colorful, making you and your pet look great. The stroller is good for all weather, so you can use it anytime. The stroller is ideal for older or injured pets, who can still enjoy the outdoors. The Lightweight Pet Stroller is the ultimate pet accessory!

Lightweight pet leisure backpack

photo of a cat in a backpack

Product cost: $20.10

Potential price at your store: $50.95

Profit margin: $30.85

This lightweight 10 KG backpack is the best way to take your pet with you. It’s a stylish and cozy backpack for your cat or dog. It’s also strong and long-lasting, made of Oxford cloth and PVC mesh. The backpack is big enough for pets up to 10 kg and has enough room for their stuff. It has wide and comfy shoulder straps that you can adjust to fit you. The backpack also has a leather buckle that keeps your pet safe and secure!

Safety car seat for small dogs & cats

photo of a dog in a car

Product cost: $32.24

Potential price at your store: $72.49

Profit margin: $40.25

The Compact Safety Car Seat for Small Dogs & Cats is the best way to travel with your pet. It’s a comfy and secure pet carrier that you can put on your car’s central control. It’s perfect for pet lovers who want to take their pets with them. The carrier protects your pet and lets them relax while you drive. It is made of soft and durable materials that make your pet feel good. Also, it has a safety lanyard that keeps your pet in place and lets them enjoy the view. The carrier is good for all weather and all small pets, whether they are dogs or cats. The carrier has a solid and classic design that looks great.

Short snout dog muzzles

photo of a muzzled dog

Product cost: $7.87

Potential price at your store: $25.99

Profit margin: $18.12

The short snout dog muzzles are the best way to protect your flat-faced dog. They are made of silicone, which is soft and gentle on your dog’s face. They are also stylish and come in different colors and sizes. The muzzles are perfect for Bulldogs, Pugs, Shih Tzus, and other flat-faced breeds. They help your dog breathe better and prevent biting and barking.

Compact safety car seat for small pets

photo of a small dog

Product cost: $13.95

Potential price at your store: $31.49

Profit margin: $17.54

This compact safety car seat the best way to travel with your pet. It’s a cozy and safe carrier that fits in your car. It’s perfect for pet lovers who want to take their pets everywhere. The carrier protects your pet from bumps and shocks, keeping them calm and happy. Also, the carrier has a zipper that makes it easy for your pet to get in and out, and a lanyard that keeps them in place. It’s good for all weather and all small dogs. The carrier is made of eco-friendly and soft materials that are good for your pet and the planet. The Compact Safety Car Seat for Small Pets is the ultimate travel accessory for your pet!

Durable waterproof cargo liner for dogs

photo of cargo liner for dogs

Product cost: $23.79

Potential price at your store: $55.80

Profit margin: $32.01

This durable waterproof cargo liner is the best way to protect your car’s trunk from your pet’s mess. It’s a strong and easy-to-use cover that fits in your car, truck, or SUV. It’s perfect for pet lovers who want to take their pets on any trip. The cover is made of four layers that make it tough, waterproof, soft, and non-slip. The cover keeps your trunk clean and safe from spills, scratches, and fur.

Portable pet water bottle

photo of a pet water bottle

Product cost: $2.66

Potential price at your store: $13.49

Profit margin: $10.83

The 300ml portable pet water bottle & travel bowl is the best way to keep your pet hydrated on the go. It’s a clever product that combines a water bottle and a bowl in one. It’s perfect for pet lovers who enjoy outdoor activities with their pets. You can easily fill, carry, and dispense water for your pet with this product. The bottle is leak-proof and durable, and the bowl is both foldable and convenient!

Space capsule pet backpack

photo of a pet backpack

Product cost: $29.32

Potential price at your store: $55.65

Profit margin: $26.33

This space capsule pet backpack is the best way to travel with your pet. The backpack has a bubble that lets your pet see everything around them. The bubble is strong and clear, and lets your pet have fun and feel safe. The backpack also has holes that let air in and out, keeping your pet fresh and calm. The capsule backpack is the ultimate accessory for your pet’s outdoor adventures!

Splash-proof travel pet bowl

photo of a splash-proof pet bowl

Product cost: $2.62

Potential price at your store: $11.95

Profit margin: $9.33

The splash-proof travel bowl is the best way to give your pet water on the go. It’s not a normal bowl, but a special bowl that keeps your pet’s mouth dry and cozy. The bowl is good for indoor and outdoor use.

Portable 2-in-1 pet water bottle and food dispenser

photo of a 2-in-1 pet food dispenser

Product cost: $2.11

Potential price at your store: $12.80

Profit margin: $10.69

This Portable 2-in-1 dog & cat water bottle and food dispenser is the best way to take care of your pet on the go. It’s a smart and handy gadget that has a water bottle and a food container in one. It’s good for all pets, big or small. The gadget is also leak-proof, so you don’t have to worry about messes. It comes in four colors that you can choose from. The gadget is light and easy to carry, so you can take it anywhere. These are some of the best high-ticket dropshipping products out there!

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