Introducing Premium Dropshipping Stores
Premium Dropshipping Stores

Marketing Package for a Premium Store

US $200
The package includes:
  • Catchy images and videos for your ads
  • Compelling texts for your ads
  • Descriptions of your best target audiences
  • Recommendations on how to run your marketing campaigns
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About this service

Want to run the same highly-profitable Instagram & Facebook promo campaigns as we do for the original website? Just get copies of our ads and audiences – and run your promos like a boss!

What exactly you will get:

  • Banners and videos used for the original campaigns
  • Ad texts used for the original campaigns
  • Descriptions of the recommended target audiences
  • File with instructions on how to set up and run your own campaigns with our materials

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5.0 rating
Mar 22, 2020
Super detailed guides! Using this info, I am taking over the world!
By Ben, Luxembourg
5.0 rating
Feb 19, 2020
I couldn't even imagine how helpful this info can be! Thanks for your work! I will definitely use it in my promo!
By Victoria, New Zealand
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