Installation Package for a Premium Store

US $200
2-4 business days
The package includes:
  • 3 domain names to choose from
  • Hosting setup
  • Website download
  • Store logo editing
* Our team will contact you to discuss the details within one business day after your successful payment.
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About this service

Have no IT experience? No worries: our expert team will do everything for you, from picking the right domain name to hosting setup and uploading the website to your hosting server.

What exactly you will get:

  • Three variants of a domain name offered by us: you will choose the one you like best. The chosen domain will be prepaid for one year and will cost no more than $12 per 1 year
  • Stable hosting prepaid for one year and optimized for dropshipping stores + hosting setup
  • Uploading the website to your hosting server by our team
  • Store logo editing
  • Our assistance in setting up a payment gateway

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask us at

7 reviews 4.8

3.5 rating
Jan 3, 2021
I have not had an opportunity to see the results yet, but reading all of the instructions tells me that I will be very pleased by the end result. I have no technical knowledge now and if I knew you existed several years ago I would have been much better off. I am sure I will be very pleased by the results you indicated. Smiles, Gerrie Jones
By Gerrie Jones, United States
5.0 rating
Sep 9, 2020
I am grateful for your help with installation, many thanks! Let's see what this new store brings to me :)
By Isa, Turkey
5.0 rating
Jul 13, 2020
Thank for your help! I don't know how how I could do it on my own.
By Harsh, India
5.0 rating
Mar 24, 2020
very useful! I wanted to be sure that my store would be set up and installed correctly so I decided to pay more and get the service. And I didn't regret it. If you are not sure about your abilities – don't risk! Order the service!
By Victoria, Netherlands
5.0 rating
Mar 10, 2020
Thank you! I have never done it by myself!
By Penelope, UK
5.0 rating
Mar 5, 2020
Great service, 10/10! While the team was installing my new store, I created my marketing strategy – perfect time management, ha-ha
By Olec, Belgium
5.0 rating
Feb 19, 2020
I am so excited!! The team helped me with all tech aspects and now my site is ready-to-use! Thanks!!!
By Frank E., Luxembourg
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