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According to the Internal Revenue Service, you can deduct up to $5,000 in business startup costs in the first year of active trade or business.

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“It exceeded my expectations! The layout, the products, the service, all of it was top-notch. Can’t wait to start another stream of income and get the ball rolling.”
Michael, US
“I came to AliDropship kinda searching what it had – awesome websites, awesome setup, everything. Wonderful prices – I love it! I’ll be back for many more!”
Tony, US
Top-notch help, they give you all the help in the world, answer your questions, get back to you. So far so good for me. AliDropship has done a great job with the help that I needed.”
Anthony, US

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Some questions you might have

What does an established store mean?
Each of the established stores we offer is an already operating dropshipping store with a proven track record and a loyal buyers community. Thanks to the performance stats, you can be 100% sure these uniquely designed and branded marketplaces see a steady demand and generate healthy income!
How does dropshipping work?
The dropshipping business model means that you don’t manufacture, pre-order, stock, or ship any products. You simply resell the items offered by other suppliers. When a buyer makes a purchase on your store, you redirect the order details to us, and we arrange the package delivery to your customer.
Will the store be profitable?
Sure! We don’t put new established stores on sale until we make absolutely sure they have a strong brand and a stable order flow.
How can I check how much a store makes and how long it runs?
Push the ‘More Details’ button next to the store you’re interested in. You will see the detailed information on the store's history and performance.
Do I need any special skills to manage such a store?
No, you don’t. All the store elements (including promotional campaigns) have already been set up by experienced developers and digital marketers. You can run your dropshipping business even with zero experience. You will get all the necessary instructions and also a personal manager who will take care of everything.
How much time will I need to spend on the business every day?
As most of the management processes are automated, you won’t need to dedicate more than a few minutes a day to this business. You will only need to provide customer support and redirect the incoming orders to us.
Will I have extra business costs?
Yes, you will need to make regular payments for your domain and hosting (starting from the billing period next to your store purchase). You will also pay $39/month for the order processing (PRO subscription). Also, you will have marketing expenses if you keep using the paid advertising methods recommended for your store.
Will you help me run my store?
Of course! When you purchase an established store, you receive our detailed guide on its management and promotion. Plus, you can freely contact us at any time with any questions you have!
Is it safe to buy a ready store?
Sure! We carefully protect our buyers’ personal and financial details, and make sure that no one but the owner has access to the newly purchased store and the supporting platforms’ accounts associated with it.