Terms Of Service For Established Stores

AliDropship Established stores allow you to proceed running an already profitable business right away after a website is handed over to you.

Shortly after you select the store and make a 100% payment, you will be contacted by a personal support manager. This dedicated team member will get in touch with you within 24 hours after the purchase (if you placed the order on Saturday or Sunday, your manager will contact you on Monday).

Your personal manager will guide you through all the steps of the website transfer and provide support regarding your established store management and promotion on Facebook.

What’s included in the service:

Domain name (.com)
Hosting account
Best selling products
Professional design
AliDropship original plugin
AliDropship theme

AliDropship addons:
– Social Rabbit
– Abandoned Cart
– Bulk Discounts
– Purchase Upsell
– Landing Page
– Facebook Business
– Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

Sellvia plugin
Payment gateways integration
Mailing service setup
Google Analytics sharing
Business branded email
On-site SEO
FB page with posts, likes and followers

Marketing materials and guidance:
– video ads for 1-2 products
– customer email list of 5000 customers
– Facebook ads guide
– Professional guidance from a personal manager



A domain name is included in the purchase. The domain name will be transferred to your NameCheap account. You will need to provide your email address or username associated with your NameCheap account. If you don’t have an account with NameCheap, you’ll need to create it at NameCheap.com. Please note that you’ll need to renew your domain in 1 year.

Hosting account

Your website will be hosted on AliDropship hosting that you’ll need to renew on a yearly basis. We do not store your site data. If you don’t pay for your hosting, your site will be suspended and the information will be lost.

Best selling products

Our team of marketing specialists are constantly researching and testing hundreds of products and are choosing the best ones for established stores. Products are ready to sell and the descriptions are designed professionally by the team of designers and content managers. All products included in established stores sold from May 15 2021 include products from Sellvia catalog, which means orders can be processed through our warehouses in the USA and shipped within 1-3 days to US destinations.

Professional design

All established stores have fully responsive design and conversion-optimized interface. The structure of the template is not changeable and there is no compatibility with third-party themes.

AliDropship original (non-woocommerce) plugin

AliDropship plugin comes in 2 versions: AliDropship original plugin and AliDropship Woo plugin. All established stores are built on the original non-woo plugin since it has a more user-friendly interface, is easier to manage and allows more products to be added. Also websites built on the original plugin normally operate faster.

AliDropship theme

All established stores are built on themes developed by AliDropship. These themes define the appearance of your store, make it SEO-friendly, and let it work properly on both mobile devices and desktop PCs. The themes are customizable and certain areas (logo, banners, button colors, etc.) can be changed.


Social Rabbit

Social Rabbit is a promotional tool that auto-posts your products and your site content on your social media pages.

Abandoned Cart

With this add-on, you can remind your customers about the products they added to their shopping carts but did not buy, and encourage them to complete their purchases.

Bulk Discounts

This addon allows creating discounts for buying a certain amount of a specific product, which increases the average order value.

Purchase Upsell

With the help of this addon it’s possible to create an unlimited number of offers to motivate customers to buy more right after successful order placement and payment.

Landing Page

Landing pages is a tool that helps to create high-converting landing pages. The add-on is sold by subscription. Established stores customers get a free lifetime subscription to Landing Page add-on.

Facebook Business

With this addon you can connect your established store with Facebook and set up Facebook pixel.

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

This addon allows you to get more detailed traffic analysis on your website such as defining your best-selling products, analyzing your buyers behavior and collecting your ecommerce stats.

Sellvia plugin

All products in established stores sold from May 15 2021 are available in Sellvia catalog, which means orders can be processed through Sellvia warehouses in the USA and shipped within 1-3 days to US destinations. Sellvia plugin is sold by subscription. Established stores customers get a free lifetime subscription to Sellvia.

Payment gateways integration

There are 2 options to accept buyers’ payments: PayPal and credit/debit cards. To connect PayPal to your website, you need to have an active PayPal account. If you want to accept credit cards on your site, you need to be registered and approved by an online payment processing service. We can’t guarantee the approval because your website can be rejected by online payment processing services for different reasons. We recommend using Stripe (make sure it is supported in your country). Read more about payment gateways here.

Mailing service setup

A mailing service will be already set up in your store when you purchase it. Your support manager will update the settings so that copies of automatic notifications sent to your customers will be sent to your email account.

Google Analytics sharing

Google Analytics is a very useful tool for tracking your visitors and creating reports of the activity on your website. In order to share Google Analytics of your website with you, we will ask you to provide us with your gmail account.

Business branded email

Working with a dropshipping website, you should use email as a primary way of communication with your customers and suppliers. We will pass a business branded email to you (support@yourdomain.com) and provide you with the access details.

On-site SEO

Your website will have a basic on-site SEO which includes SEO meta-tags added to your home page.


Facebook page with posts, likes and followers

We will transfer the Business Facebook page to your account. You’ll need to have a personal account with Facebook to be able to accept the page and become the admin. Your personal manager will request the link to your personal Facebook account.

Marketing materials and guidance:

Tested video ads for 1-2 products

We will provide you with the best video ads for the best-selling product in your store. Ad copies are created to attract the maximum number of visitors to your store. Included ads have been tested by our team of marketing specialists and proved their efficiency.

Email list of 5000 customers

This customer list will help you create a high-quality custom audience on Facebook for creating lookalike audiences based on that custom audience. Please note that this list cannot be used for any other purposes except for making the base for lookalike audiences on Facebook.

Facebook ads guide

Our guide written exclusively for established store owners includes detailed instructions on how to connect Facebook pixel to your store, upload customer lists on Facebook, create a lookalike audience based on this list and launch a conversion campaign.

Professional guidance from a personal manager

Your personal manager will guide you through the process of your store promotion. You can chat with your manager on WhatsApp, Skype and via email whichever is more convenient for you. Please note, your personal manager will not promote your site for you. You will need to set up and run promotion campaigns by yourself but in case you have any difficulties or questions, your manager can assist you.


We DO NOT offer refunds on established stores once an established store is transferred to a customer. In case the transfer process wasn’t started an established store can be refunded within 15 days after the order is placed.