Terms Of Service For Established Stores

AliDropship Established stores allow you to run an already profitable business right away after a website is handed over to you.

Shortly after you select a store and make your first payment, you will be contacted by a personal growth manager. This dedicated team member will get in touch with you within one business day after the purchase (if you placed the order on Saturday or Sunday, your manager will contact you on Monday).

Your personal growth manager’s task is to provide support regarding your established store management and promotion.

What’s included in the service:

  • Domain name
  • Best-selling products
  • Professional design
  • Sellvia platform
  • Sellebrity™ theme
  • Free Hosting
  • Business branded email
  • On-site SEO
  • Marketing materials and guidance:
    • Marketing materials for top selling products
    • Professional guidance from a personal growth manager
  • Free Amazon bonus



A domain name is included in the purchase. You are able to use your domain name for the duration of your Sellvia subscription.

Please note that you’ll need to renew your domain every year unless you decide to stop using the site. Alidropship is not to be held responsible for a failure to renew your domain and potential losses caused by the domain non-renewal.

Best-selling products

Our team of marketing specialists are constantly researching and testing hundreds of products and are choosing the best ones for established stores. Products are ready to sell, and the descriptions are designed professionally by the team of designers and content managers.

Professional design

All established stores have fully responsive design and conversion-optimized interface. The structure of the template is not changeable and there is no compatibility with third-party themes.

Sellvia Platform plugin

Established stores are built with Sellvia platform plugin. Sellvia orders can be processed through Sellvia warehouses and shipped within 5-20 business days (plus processing time).

The store requires a Sellvia subscription to operate. The established stores customers get 30-day free subscription of Sellvia, then the subscription is paid monthly at $39 per month.  Sellvia platform plugin used in the established stores is incompatible with WooCommerce plugin, and it is not recommended to use plugins and themes that were created for WooCommerce.

Sellebrity™ theme

All established stores are built on Sellebrity theme developed by AliDropship. This theme defines the appearance of your store, makes it SEO-friendly, and let it work properly on both mobile devices and desktop PCs. The theme is customizable and certain areas (logo, banners, button colors, etc.) can be changed.

Free Hosting

The free hosting meets all the needs of the site but has some management limitations. The tasks that require access to the hosting settings are done via third-party plugins or by contacting support@alidropship.com. If your site requires more space than the free hosting provides by default, you can contact support@alidropship.com to purchase additional space.

The hosting is provided for free as part of the Sellvia subscription and is active as long as you have the Sellvia subscription active on your site.

Business branded email

Working with a dropshipping website, you use email as a primary way of communication with your customers and suppliers. We will provide you with a business branded email (support@yourdomain) and provide you with its access details.

On-site SEO

Your website will have a basic on-site SEO which includes SEO meta-tags added to your home page.


Marketing materials for top selling products

We will provide you with the marketing materials for the top selling products in your store. Ad copies are created to attract the maximum number of visitors to your store. Included ads have been tested by our team of marketing specialists and proved their efficiency.

Professional guidance from a personal growth manager

Within 1-3 business days after purchase you get store access details and can schedule a Zoom call with your personal growth manager. The manager will demonstrate how your store operates, guide you through your Business Dashboard, and explain your management responsibilities.

In addition, your manager will provide ongoing support concerning the management and promotion of your established store. Please note, your personal manager will not promote your site for you. You will need to set up and run promotion campaigns by yourself but in case you have any difficulties or questions, your manager can assist you.


Free Amazon bonus

Free Amazon bonus includes the guide that will describe steps necessary to create an Amazon account and upload the product feed. Please follow the guide if you have never had an Amazon Seler account before. If you already have a seller account with Amazon, PLEASE USE YOUR EXISTING ACCOUNT and DO NOT CREATE A NEW AMAZON ACCOUNT.

Please note that uploading product feed is only available for Amazon seller accounts with Professional plan ($39.99/mo).  Once the products are uploaded, you can consider downgrading to a free Individual plan.

We provide the detailed guide with which you will be able to upload the set of 100 products to your Amazon account yourself. If you have any difficulties during the upload, please reach out to support@alidropship.com.

Please note that Alidropship is not to be held responsible for the results of the verification process on Amazon. Alidropship shall not be liable for your Amazon account suspension, except for cases related to products uploaded by Alidropship.


The store is connected to Sellvia subscription and hosting. Therefore, if the customer cancels their Sellvia subscription their established store will be irreversibly deleted within 3 months after purchase.


Once the customer received the access details for the store an established store is not liable for a refund.