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Email Marketing Setup FAQ

  • What comes next after I order the Email Setup?

Our experts will start working on your order. Afterward, you can check your MailChimp account for newly created emails and start sending them to your subscribers. Please, note that we don’t provide subscribers (which would be illegal), we provide only the creation of automated emails.

  • When will you complete the emails for my store?

Completion of emails for your store typically takes from 4 to 17 business days, depending on the package you order.

  • What is so good about MailChimp?

The MailChimp is a mailing service which is highly useful for beginners. It is free (when it’s up to 2,000 emails in your lists). Its usage is also very easy with the built-in “drag & drop” editor.

  • Is there a guarantee for sales?

Our professionals create compelling and effective emails. Your sales are determined by several factors like the condition of your dropshipping store and products, the number of subscribers in your email list, prices of your products, customer support, your optimization strategies, to mention a few.

  • What is the meaning of this term: “Covers # weeks” in the rate table?

This term simply implies that each of your subscribers will receive emails from your automated sequence within this time, one after the other.

  • After the service was delivered, I changed my store’s logo/domain name/etc. Could you change all the info in the email messages you set up for me?

Even though we would like to, we couldn’t – it’s a one-time purchase and a one-time service delivery. Extra editing of emails is not included in our service.

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