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In dropshipping, much like in any other type of business, suppliers have a very important role. They arrange the delivery of the products to dropshipping stores’ customers. That means that apart from manufacturing, pre-ordering, and stocking items, suppliers are also responsible for the orders’ distribution – and ultimately, for the customers’ satisfaction.

What is distribution?

The process of transferring the order from the manufacturer to the customer is called product distribution, or simply distribution. Here, the goal is to make sure that online shoppers get their orders quickly, with no damages or mix-ups in their content, and don’t have to overpay for the delivery.

What is distribution management?

All the aspects of distributing the product are referred to as distribution management. It consists of:

● Packaging

Packing items up safely is important so that the product doesn’t get damaged while being transported. This is why it is common for dropshipping business owners to contact their newly chosen suppliers and ask about their customary packaging practice, and also check authentic customer reviews to see what previous buyers think about the quality of the packages. This is exceptionally important for the businesses that dropship fragile, technically complex, or heavy items.

● Order processing

Once a buyer submits an order, the dropshipping store owner needs to redirect it right to the supplier. This way, the original seller’s team that is responsible for distribution will be able to start planning the delivery right away. It’s crucial for cutting down the shipping time and increasing customers’ satisfaction as distribution is a lengthy process involving multiple stages from sorting out the stock to packaging and delivering it in an opportune way.

● Logistics

For every order, the logistics have to be accounted for. In a situation where the products need to be shipped overseas, agreements have to be in place for the product to be transported quickly and without any unexpected issues. Fortunately, dropshipping store owners aren’t required to make these arrangements: instead, they simply delegate this task to their product suppliers.

● Communication

Communication needs to be established between all parties involved in the transaction of the product. This is a necessary precaution so that everyone involved in the distribution process knows that the right products are shipped and customers are informed about the delivery status. If there are any delays, people responsible for the shipment need to report the information to all parties involved so that necessary arrangements can be made to fix the problem.

What is E-Distribution?

Purchasing digital products like video games, computer software, movies, music, and ebooks, along with other downloadable products and services is called E-distribution. If the customers do not receive the purchased product within minutes, sometimes even seconds after the purchase, they can be easily irritated and angry. When it comes to this kind of service, for it to be successful, sellers need to instantly provide customers with the purchased product.

Differences between the distributor and wholesaler

It is common for people to mistake distributors for wholesalers. To elaborate on this, usually, a distributor is always in close contact with the manufacturer as this creates the opportunity to sell more products. At the same time, distributors communicate with wholesalers, who in return, resell their products.
On the other hand, a wholesaler рurсhаѕеs, ѕtоrеs, and dіѕtrіbutеs рrоduсtѕ thеу obtain dіrесtlу frоm mаnufасturеrs. Wholesales work closely with retailers and sell them products in bulk at a discounted price.

That being said, distributors are an important element of the buying and selling process because they act as a middleman between the customers and the manufacturer. To find the right supplier – and therefore, a distributor – for their businesses, dropshipping store owners are kindly welcome to use the free sellers’ database that contains the information on the most reliable suppliers to partner with.

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