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Best AliExpress Finds: 42 Items You’d Never Expect To Discover Here


best aliexpress finds

We all know AliExpress as an awesome online marketplace where items are sold for fraction of cost. Still, the platform is full of wonders – here you can find incredibly expensive products that seem to be totally out of place.

Curious to take a look?

Fancy clothes & accessories

Thousands and thousands of people visit AliExpress to look for a pair of cute socks or an ordinary school backpack. That’s why it feels so strange to find something like this here:

Wool blazer – $2,500

Wedding dress – $3,000

Crocodile leather handbag – $20,000

Engagement ring – $34,075.71

Sheepskin jacket – $99,999


Hobbies require lots of our time and money, which is why we often look for ways to economize. But with these items, it’s not the case at all…

Chinese leather armor – $2,100

Magic tricks equipment – $6,999.99

Vinyl record player – $10,982

Professional violin – $49,999

Bathroom equipment

Bathroom is the place for relaxation, long-awaited solitude… and luxury. An outstanding luxury, I dare say.

Basin – $3,983.69

Bathroom storage set – $4,289.00

Shower set – $2,750.00


Always dreamt to feast like a king? Nothing is impossible.

Tableware set – $4,146.40

Chef knife – $3,634.00

Handmade teapot – $11,302

Consumer electronics

How much are you ready to spend on a piece of cutting edge technology?

Mobile phone – $2,519.64

Digital conference system – $8,685

HDMI matrix switcher – $48,000


Oh, so you were looking for basic plastic stools and simple shelves? Are you sure? How about these?

Retro cabinet – $6,398

Steampunk table – $11,200

Antique sofa & chairs set – $34,888

Rose wood cabinet – $4,091.99

Cars & parts

It’s quite surprising, but yes, you can really buy a car on AliExpress… if you’re brave enough.

4×4 vehicle – $7,999

GPS navigation system – $9,089.64

Fiberglass bodykit – $12,999


If you’re wondering how to make your neighbors jealous, these ones hit the spot.

Swing chair – $9,999

SPA swimming pool – $13,360

PVC portable tent – $16,200

Swimming pool with inflatable slides – $126,000

Home décor

Nothing is impossible, and nothing is too much (probably).

Porcelain vase – $19,694.40

Crystal chandelier – $24,612

Buddha statue – $94,500

Industrial machinery

Definitely not the most obvious type of items you’d expect to find on AliExpress – and definitely the most expensive one.

Sealing and cutting machine – $16,058.77

Ultrasonic dishwasher – $23,800

Capsules filling machine – $25,600

Lunch box machine – $39,000

Car repair platform – $44,500

Printing machine – $50,000

Wafer paper making machine – $98,500 -$103,500

Laser cutting machine – $220,000

Seems like this parade of costly, extravagant and non-typical AliExpress products is over, but honestly, our amusement is endless.

And now, let’s play a little game. Why, in your opinion, NONE of these items can be used for drop shipping business? Write your thoughts in the comments section below!

By Olga L.
Olga is a content creator at AliDropship, and she aims to explain the most complicated drop shipping concepts in the simplest terms possible.
Stuart Gibson November 7, 2017 18:14:54

The laminating machine could be used for dropshipping, but it would be a long sale, no one will come and order on the first time, so a long sales funnel to sell this would work, even if you got $1000 for the sale. This would work brilliant for a stall holder in a shopping mall, design and print mobile phone cases

Ron Simonsen March 20, 2018 22:33:52

Loved this article, great product range. Probably not for everyone (or anyone for that matter). Listing the products would be easy enough, after gaining suitable translation from Chinese. The deal breaker is in the support, handling inquiries and being authoritative on the product capabilities and benefits of the product to prospective buyers.

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