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Making $1,000 From One Sale: Alex’s High-Ticket Dropshipping Story [Exclusive Interview]

By Denis K.


Have you ever stumbled upon stories of remarkable success and wondered if you could achieve the same heights? Meet Alex, a beacon of ambition and success. At just 29, she’s not only a devoted mother and a project manager but also a martial arts enthusiast who dedicates her time to charity work. And now, she’s making waves in the high-ticket dropshipping arena. This story isn’t just inspiring – it’s a testament to what’s possible. And it all unfolds in this exclusive interview with Alex, straight from the sunny landscapes of Florida.

Welcome, Alex! It’s an absolute pleasure to have you, especially after hearing about your recent high-ticket sale on Amazon. Congratulations are in order!

Hi there! Thanks so much for the warm welcome. I’m thrilled to share my journey with Sellvia. It’s been nothing short of fantastic. From the get-go, Sellvia made the setup of my Amazon store a breeze. Previously, I dabbled in selling items like shirts and sweaters, but it was the leap into high-ticket dropshipping that truly turned the tables for me.

Believe it or not, selling just one couch netted me $1,000. It’s been an exhilarating experience, and I’m just getting started.


Since embarking on my high-ticket dropshipping journey with Sellvia, I’ve seen incredible progress. My first significant sale on Amazon last December was a game-changer. Leveraging Amazon ads and strategic discounts has helped me draw in more customers, and the positive outcome has me eager for what lies ahead.

Alex’s journey is proof that with the right approach and support, making a significant impact in the ecommerce world is within reach. Let’s dive deeper into her experiences and gather insights that can help pave the way for your own success story.

Your journey into ecommerce is truly remarkable, especially considering it was uncharted territory for you. What inspired you to take the leap into this new venture?

Actually, stepping into ecommerce and digital marketing was a completely new experience for me. I decided to just go for it, to see where it could lead. And I must say, the support from Sellvia has been invaluable. My background as a project manager in the tech industry, working closely with software engineers, gave me a behind-the-scenes look at the digital world, but running my own business was a whole new ball game.

I’ve always been drawn to challenges and learning new things, which is evident from my hobbies outside of work, like martial arts and Pilates. Not to mention, spending quality time with my family is a top priority for me. It’s been an exciting journey, blending my professional expertise with my personal interests.”

It’s heartwarming to hear about the support you’ve received from your family, especially your husband. How has this new venture into online entrepreneurship affected your personal life?

Embarking on this ecommerce journey has been incredibly empowering, thanks largely to my husband’s unwavering support. Initially, I was apprehensive about diving into something so unfamiliar, worried he might think it was an unrealistic pursuit. However, his encouragement to chase my dreams and ‘go for it’ meant the world to me. His reaction to my first big sale — a mix of surprise and pride — was a moment I’ll never forget.

While ecommerce hasn’t radically transformed my daily life just yet, it’s become a fulfilling hobby that captivates my attention and sparks my creativity, offering a welcome distraction from the monotony of my day job. My ultimate aspiration? To turn this venture into a sustainable source of income, allowing me more time to spend with my little one. 

Reflecting on the past year, how has your knowledge and strategy evolved with the help of Sellvia?

It’s been an incredible journey of growth and learning over the past year, and I’ve gained a wealth of digital marketing knowledge along the way. Sellvia support has been instrumental, particularly the social media package that set up my Facebook and Instagram presence. It was the boost I needed to get my brand out there.

I’m always looking to expand my horizons, which is why I’m exploring more offerings. And I’m eagerly anticipating the launch of my TikTok shop to see how it fares in attracting a new audience.

Just recently, Alex has also purchased some more services for promotion:


In addition to these resources, I’ve recently invested in more services to enhance my store’s promotional efforts. It’s all about keeping the momentum going and reaching more potential customers.

We’re thrilled to hear about the strides you’ve made, especially your venture into TikTok. It’s quickly becoming a powerhouse for ecommerce engagement! In terms of promotion, what strategies have you found the most effective?

Without a doubt, Amazon ads have been a cornerstone of my promotional strategy. The targeted campaigns I’ve run have not only brought more visibility to my Amazon store but also significantly boosted sales. It’s a platform that I’ve found to be incredibly fruitful for high-ticket items.

Facebook has also played a key role in expanding my reach. By engaging with trends and building a following, I’ve managed to direct traffic to my store and spark interest in my products. When customers show interest in items similar to mine, a gentle nudge towards my store often results in sales. It’s about being proactive and seizing the opportunities to connect with potential buyers.

Leveraging social media communities, especially on Facebook, to share special offers and coupons has also been a game-changer. It’s a strategy that not only introduces my products to a wider audience but also builds a sense of community and trust around my brand.

So, moving on, before choosing Sellvia, you were exploring options like Shopify. What made you give your preference?

What drew me to Sellvia was the extensive support and guidance. You also have a lot of documentation and videos to help me navigate through the processes, like advertising, for example.

Shopify does not have that. Shopify’s like $1 for the first 3 months, and after that it’s like $40 a month (very much more expensive than Sellvia), but they don’t give you any help or any support.

Unlike Shopify, where you’re pretty much on your own, Sellvia walked me through the ecommerce process, from store setup to advertising strategies. I mean, with Shopify you have to do everything on your own, you have to create your store yourself from scratch, and you gotta upload your own catalog items, and do your own descriptions.

With Sellvia almost everything is ready and all I have to do is just attract people to my store, just promote it and that’s it. And even HERE you guys have a package to help me promote if I don’t have time to do that on my own (although I’m learning to do that right now).

Wow, seems like you’ve already started diving deeper into ecommerce like a pro! We’ll send you some free materials to help you on your way. Just a quick question: ecom these days still sounds like a dream for many, so is it all worth it from your perspective?

Oh I’m so happy about having started my own ecommerce store, absolutely! In the beginning I was a little nervous, but then I made my first sale, only after a few weeks after getting a High-Ticket Package, that’s already a great return on investment and now I’m honestly enjoying it and having fun.

Now I’m just like: I’m just gonna keep selling more and more and more! My dream is to make it grow non-stop.

So yes, the most thrilling part has been seeing the results – like making back my investment with just one couch sale!

So you’ve told us about your husband’s support, but what about your friends? What was their initial reaction about starting your ecommerce business?

When I first shared my plans about starting an ecommerce business, the reactions I received were a mix of surprise and excitement. My friends, particularly Raven, were incredibly supportive. I remember giving Raven one of the first sweaters I sold. She was immediately impressed by its quality – it was warm, soft, and fuzzy, something she genuinely loved. In fact, the sweater was such a hit that I ended up buying one for myself!

This positive feedback sparked a wave of enthusiasm among my friends and family. Both my sisters, inspired by my venture, expressed their interest in opening their own online stores. Raven, too, is considering diving into ecommerce. It’s heartening to see my journey influencing my close ones positively, encouraging them to explore their entrepreneurial aspirations.

What was the main driving force behind starting your business?

My main goal is eternal business growth and financial independence. I’ve always just wanted money coming in, flowing in constantly. With that I can just be free, take care of my family, do important things in life. I also started a nonprofit for kids and I’m now focusing more on that. Actually, I’m a workaholic, you know, always want to keep my hands on a little bit of everything.

I hope to soon start making at least $5,000 or more a month.

Ecommerce is a step towards making a difference in these children’s lives, and I care about that.

Alex, no words, that’s just amazing. You’re doing a great job, not only helping your family, but your country in general with your activity. Any final words for our community?

First of all, patience is crucial. Ecommerce is a journey!

For example, if it’s Amazon, then it takes time for the algorithm to promote you. With time your sales will start coming in.

And I just love getting those notifications from my store like: “you’ve just sold this item, ship it now”, and I’m like: “Yay, cool!” You see, success doesn’t always come overnight, it’s a process you need to push.

Trust in Sellvia! The support and results are genuinely remarkable. If you’re considering it, take the leap.

Alex’s journey illustrates that with passion, determination, ambitions, and learning, achieving success in ecommerce is not just a dream but a reachable goal. So, why wait? Follow the example of this amazing woman and start your high-ticket journey today and carve your own success story. With us by your side, it’s 10 times easier.

By Denis K.
Denis is a copywriter at AliDropship. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business as a specialist in advertising, he explores the rapidly changing and evolving digital marketing industry and feels committed to sharing his findings with a wider reader’s audience.

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