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Jack’s Journey to Becoming a Successful Business Owner [$3,600+ in Sales]

By Yaroslav Nevsky


What if you were told that you could become a successful business owner without any prior experience? How far do you think you could go with an online store? Is diving into the world of online business worth the risk?

Meet Jack Sum, our special guest for today’s article, who is here to provide some much-needed answers! Jack is a successful business owner of a budding ecommerce store, and one of the most triumphant AliDropship partners to date.

We couldn’t be more thrilled that he’s decided to share his story and insights with us!

Hello, Jack! Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello there, I’m Jack, a 33-year-old single parent from Melbourne, Australia, raising a delightful 7-year-old boy.

photo of a successful business owner

I’m just a passionate entrepreneur, using my spare time to explore the vast world of ecommerce. I won’t pretend to know everything about this industry; it’s my second venture into online business, which I hoped would prove fruitful. And indeed, after some ups and downs, my store is now steadily gaining momentum.

My first stint was with a pet store back in 2018, which performed reasonably well. Unfortunately, due to personal commitments, I had to leave it and revert back to a conventional 9-to-5 job. I often think about where that store might have led me if I’d been able to continue.

What made your second ecommerce journey — the one with AliDropship — different?

In June 2021, I acquired a premium store, which was essentially a clone of an already profitable ecommerce website.

The store’s impressive success was captivating, and despite being someone who isn’t usually keen on trying new things, the proven success of this store made my decision easy.

The store’s niche — automotive accessories and repair kits — was already popular, which I figured would give me an opportunity to ride the wave and evaluate the results before branching out into something more unique.

I decided to bet on a proven success rather than enter an unfamiliar market, having to go through the entire testing process without proper support. This was essentially what drove me to immerse myself fully into this venture.

Though it’s just a side hustle for now, I plan to possibly transition it into a full-time endeavor based on my future earnings. Presently, I’ve got a stable day job, so I’m utilizing my spare time to manage the business.

Moreover, I’m not in this alone. I’ve assembled a marketing team to assist me with paid ads, and an overseas acquisition team to source additional suppliers in Australia.

How is the store performing?

So far, we’ve recorded 66 sales and garnered a gross revenue of $3,691.51, with monthly earnings exceeding $1,500.


Although we’re still a startup, we’re striving for consistency. The business is slowly taking off as we experiment with a wide range of ad content for various products to identify what works best. We’re optimistic and look forward to achieving more.


Do you recall your first sale and the steps you took to achieve it?

Certainly, the first sale was exhilarating! With a new store and new supplier, we were in uncharted territory. We launched a few quick ads, and to our delight, managed to secure not just one, but several sales. This kick-started two prosperous weeks of sales.

It was fascinating to see my ideas translate into a creative that resonated with our audience. Within a few hours of posting the ad, we had our first sale! It was a delightful moment of affirmation that my efforts had paid off.

Could you shed some light on how you and your marketing team promote your store?

Primarily, we rely on paid advertising coupled with some organic marketing.

Currently, our main focus is Facebook. We also run Google ads and do a bit of SEO in the background for product pages, category pages, and the blog.

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Apart from that, we utilize social media platforms for organic posts, product posts, and engagement posts to keep our followers updated. It’s not just about pushing products; it’s about customer engagement and maintaining their interest.

What additional strategies do you employ to boost your sales?

Given that marketing requires a significant budget, we ensure each product sold yields a decent profit. It’s crucial to diversify our product range so we don’t rely on a single product. I started with about 20-25 products, and now our catalog boasts around 60-65.

Our recent strategy revolves around increasing the average order value by offering a diverse product range. We’ve had customers who, aside from buying our advertised product, browse the store and pick up a few other items.

In your opinion, what does it take to become a successful business owner? Any tips you’d like to share?

Patience and extensive testing are key.

It’s also important to have adequate capital if you’re aiming for quicker returns.

If your capital is limited, plan wisely where to invest your savings to boost revenue.

Start slow, test thoroughly, and prioritize creating engaging content. Investing in your creatives can yield significant returns in the long run.

My advice for aspiring business owners is to invest wisely and maintain a healthy capital reserve. Even a modest capital can go a long way. I started with just a thousand dollars, and it has served me well.

How has your life changed since you embarked on this journey?

It’s thrilling to see the minimal capital I’ve invested generating revenue. It’s even more exciting to imagine where this could lead. The prospect of starting small and ending big is tantalizing.

Many people dream of breaking free from their 9-to-5 jobs.

And that’s the most exciting part of this journey – it’s a constantly evolving process that keeps you engaged and motivated.

What are your future plans for your business?

If this store continues to grow exponentially, I’ll definitely explore other stores and niches. If I can replicate this success in other niches, why wouldn’t I? The idea of creating a flourishing ecommerce empire is compelling.

Equipped with a successful business owner mindset and relying on AliDropship’s solutions, Jack is well on his way to making his vision come to life. We wish him all the best on this exciting journey!

By Yaroslav Nevsky
Yaroslav is a founder of AliDropship Community helping people worldwide to start and run a successful dropshipping business.

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