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“Just Yesterday I Ordered A Luxurious Cruise To Norway Thanks To My Store’s Profits” [Tom’s Success Story]

By Anna V

a cover of Tom's success story on buying a luxury sea cruise due to dropshipping

We all have our own dreams and do our best to move towards them. However, it’s up to us to decide the ways of achieving them. Tom, the hero of today’s story, started dropshipping and moved to success through a giant step. Just yesterday he ordered a luxurious cruise to Norway as he wished, thanks to his store’s profits. How’s it? Let’s get to know Tom better from our interview with him. Here we go!

Hi, Tom! We’re pleased to welcome you to our blog and big thanks for finding time to talk to us. Could you please introduce yourself? What are your interests and hobbies in life? Is there anything…specific you’d like to share maybe?

a picture of Tom who bought a sea cruise with dropshipping

Hey there! My name is Tom. I am 30 years old, I live in Israel. Frankly speaking, I have poor English, so I haven’t come to the video interview with the team of AliDropship yet. However, I’m working on improving my skills, plus, learning German at the time, so hopefully one day we’ll talk live, not just WhatsApp.

As for my hobbies, there’s not a few of them. It’s good food, cooking, flying airplanes and flying abroad, sailing fast boats and sailing huge cruise boats but in a suit 😜.

a picture of Luna and Tom, a successful entrepreneur

Beyond that, I’ve a dog, her name’s Luna. I enjoy walking with her. Also, I’ve to cook for her because she doesn’t eat dog food😜.

Plus, I really fell in love with cars – I often go diving around a track. In general, I really like to drive any things that exist.

Tom, a successful dropshipper living his best life

My education has little to do with ecommerce or dropshipping. Without high school graduation because I had a serious car accident and I was seriously injured. You see, maybe it’s not that bad you don’t have a driving license 😂. Seriously, I lost a whole year of high school and didn’t finish it…

So after high school I went to study Microsoft courses: MCSA, CISCO: CCNA, CHECKPOINT: CCSA. And I work as an IT system admin.

My dream is to travel all over the world and make money through the computer from the stores I opened through AliDropship.

I hope your dreams will come true. Please share what it’s like to run a business with AliDropship. Why and how did you start an online business? Have you ever had any experience with ecommerce?

Yes, I did dropshipping on eBay from AliExpress. Yet eBay very quickly blocked me because people complained that they received packages from AliExpress.

So I searched for a long time how I can fulfill the dream of traveling all over the world and making money from the computer. This is how I came across AliDropship.

After researching AliDropship I realized that I can start a business with AliDropship and use Sellvia as a US-based supplier with trending products and  fast delivery.

That’s how I started. You asked why I wanted to try Sellvia? Because if I don’t try I won’t know if it works or not! And it works!

This is an inspiring story, full of determination. Please tell us how long have you been running it? How did you get that this is a successful journey?

Actually, I’ve been running a business for about half a year.

At first I was not able to generate sales. But I kept moving on. And my sales went good the last two months.

As we know, sales depend on what you sell. So what’s your niche and product strategy? What kind of products are you selling?

I started a general store. So I added many products and checked where there is more traffic, what sells more. There wasn’t a particular niche.

Now that I have obtained information, I change the site completely to a new domain and do remarketing with a specific niche that worked best for me.

And I have another website powered by your team, but it’s for high-ticket products. One site will be for cheaper products and the other site for more expensive products.

You sell both  high-ticket and cheap products. So do you remember your first sale? When did it happen? And what promotion did you use to get this sale?

Yes, I do. The first sale was on September 15. I remember it because in Israel the holiday is called “Rosh Hashanah” and it is the first day of the new year according to the Hebrew calendar.

This is a significant date. And how is your business performing now? What is your overtime number of sales and revenue?

I sold over 80 products making really big bucks, about $10,000.  That was a good start.

Yet, recently I deliberately reduced the amount of sales and pushed them less, so that I would have time to deal more with the site and create a stronger infrastructure so that in the future the site will make many more sales.

That’s the way to go! You have a thorough approach to your business. What is your average order value?

The average order value is $50-100.

I cannot attach a report because the sales didn’t come from the site only, but came from several different platforms. Plus, I don’t have a record of all the sales because my eBay account was closed and then I opened a new one.

I also had sales on Amazon, but I closed it for a short period and reopened so that’s probably why they don’t appear in the account.

Such impressive figures, you can really boast of them. Could you tell us how you achieved them? What channels do you promote your stores through? Are there any secrets behind your promotion success?

Basically on eBay I promote the products with advertisements and another method of mine is to enter Reddit for example, and hunt for sales there.

For example, I entered a dog forum and someone posted there that he is sick with COVID-19 (coronavirus) and he doesn’t know how to let his dog release energy because he can’t walk.

I told him that I was also sick. Actually, I wasn’t sick. I approached him as a person experiencing the same problem and not as a seller. So I sent him a link to the “Tennis Ball Gun” product that I thought was exactly what he needed.

I told him that he should just sit in the garden and shoot the tennis balls and then his dog would run and bring the balls back to him and he would be able to sit still without any effort. Then he actually ordered the product.

In the future I will also promote the site through Google. I have added a lucky wheel to the site where you can win a 10, 15, 20 percent discount.

Plus, I work a lot on SEO to push the site to appear as high as possible on Google under several search keywords that are relevant to my site.

In addition, I promote my social networks, promote engagement on the page and also promote a link to the website through other channels.

Right now I’m less trying to generate sales and I’m generating more good infrastructure for both sites, working on SEO mainly and looking forward to learning a lot of things in the course!

In a nutshell, what would you say about your experience with AliDropship and Sellvia and the impact it has on your business?

Sellvia and AliDropship are excellent. Currently it is an addition to my income, and opened a new world of knowledge for me.

Going forward, AliDropship and Sellvia will be my main sources of income.

We’re so happy to walk together this way. What is life like now that you’ve experienced online business with AliDropship & Sellvia? What has changed in your life?

a picture of Tom travelling to Swiss with dropshipping

Just yesterday I ordered a cruise for next year in Norway from the profits of the store 😉

Moreover, with this business, I have time to pursue my hobbies, as you know there’s not a few of them. Now I can travel freely, go to the track, walk with Luna, take care of my cool fish, and so on 😜.

how dropshippers live

That’s really what we all deserve. What else would you love to tell about your online store?

The store exposed me to a new world of digital marketing. Thanks to you, I started studying a course called “Master’s course in digital marketing, website promotion, social networks, advertising and online sales combined with AI tools” a month ago for a year.

The site I closed included a lot of niches, while the new site I’m opening focuses on only one niche. And I will promote it during the course. This will be my project.

Now I have decided that I will leave my job as a system admin later after the course is over or during the course and move to a new job thanks to you, guys!

I will be my own boss and help people promote their sites.

And in the future, when the site brings me a lot of money, I will travel all over the world while I have income through the computer.

In fact, your plan is like a Swiss watch – it’s clear and reliable. Do you have any other ideas for the future? What would you like to recommend to our readers?

It’s important that you’re enjoying yourself to the end!

Now I want to move to Switzerland and travel all over the world. That’s my passion. As I already said, I even started learning German by means of Duolingo to make my dreams come true.

I want to move to Switzerland for the beautiful landscapes there 😍. And I feel more and more a desire to move there, so I’m learning German in preparation for the move 😍.

I believe that even bigger money will come during or after the course 😜 So I hope the best is ahead. With AliDropship and Sellvia along my way, I’m not tweaking behind this.

We would like to thank Tom for such a detailed interview. He started a really exciting journey. He has already gained his first victories. Yet, there’s more to come – fortunately, Tom is not going to slow down. That’s the way to go!

At Sellvia, we’re more than just an ecommerce platform. We’re a community, and celebrating the successes of our members like Tom fills us with immense pride.

Tom’s journey from an aspiring entrepreneur to an ecommerce success story is a testament to the potential that lies within the world of online business. His achievements are a beacon of hope for all who dream of making their mark in the ecommerce universe.

It’s an honor for us to walk side-by-side with Tom and all our clients as they navigate their path to success. We believe everyone has the potential to be the protagonist of their own success story, and we’re here to make that happen.

By starting your online business journey with AliDropship, you’re not just launching a store, but stepping into a realm of endless possibilities. Do you agree with that? Then, join the ranks of triumphant ecommerce entrepreneurs, and let your story be the next one we celebrate. Your ecommerce victory awaits, and with AliDropship, you’re already on the path to greatness.

By Anna V
They say you can't do too many tasks at once and achieve great results. But they most likely don't know Ann! She's, first of all, a mother and a wife, then, a marketing expert, and... a proud creator of multiple 6-figure stores. Can you keep up? Learn from her experience and you'll achieve success!

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