2024 Election booming cycle – Make history with every sale!

This is an election for the AGES and Americans from all walks of life sense the moment. Help them express their affiliation with the perfect political merchandise!

  • 100 products for Democrats
  • 100 products for Republicans
  • All items will stay hot the whole year 2024
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How it works:


We find the hottest election merchandise and create two packages for the major parties


You pick the package that resonates with your political views OR simply get both


We add all these products to your ecommerce website with top quality descriptions


You start getting views, store visitors, and sales on your store


Sellvia packs and ships products to your customers

All eyes are on the 2024 Election!

With the US presidential race quickly approaching, it’s your golden opportunity to capitalize on it!

Trump Super Hero Figure

Trump Super Hero Figure

Sellvia price $10.22
Retail price $38.80
Your profit $28.58
Our clients have earned with this product: $67,069
Joe Biden Gold Coins

Joe Biden Gold Coins

Sellvia price $21.53
Retail price $69.49
Your profit $47.96
Our clients have earned with this product: $54,971
Election Elephant Metal Sign

Election Elephant Metal Sign

Sellvia price $33.19
Retail price $79.49
Your profit $46.30
Our clients have earned with this product: $82,009
2024 Trump Resin Figure

2024 Trump Resin Figure

Sellvia price $11.19
Retail price $36.95
Your profit $25.76
Our clients have earned with this product: $58,412

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Why sell political merchandise in 2024?

$5 Billion

Total spent in 2020 election cycle

Political merchandise is a BIG business. Take advantage of the close worldwide attention to the US election by selling products associated with major political parties or candidates.

$40 Million

Obama pulled in from merchandise sales in 2012

In the world of politics, merchandising is everything. The 2024 US presidential race is expected to be the HOTTEST EVER, and politics-themed products sales will correspond.

$20 Million

The red MAGA hat alone raised for Trump in 2016

When people wear or display campaign merchandise, they signal to others that they are part of a larger group of like-minded individuals working together towards a common goal.

Every day leads up to the Voting Day
– be the first to ride the wave with kickass merchandise!

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100 election-themed products



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548 votes
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100 election-themed products



One-time payment

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& Pro-Democratic packages sold

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need IT experience to start selling online?

No. Everyone can easily start and run an online business, even with zero IT or ecommerce experience. Sellvia provides everything needed for a dropshipping newcomer. You can operate from any place and any device: a PC, a laptop, a tablet or even a smartphone.

How do I sell these products on my online store?

We’ll upload all the products included in your package to your ecommerce website catalog, with catchy visuals and descriptions. You can start selling them right after we are finished!

How do I promote these products?

The package comes with a Bonus: a free marketing Guide created by our best experts. Just follow our tips and welcome shoppers!

Do you guarantee sales?

We provide everything you need to promote and sell your election merchandise. But we can't control users' actions. So we can't promise sales – even though many sellers selling these products get great results.

Do you charge any ongoing monthly fees?

No, you only pay once.

What if I have some questions about the delivered service?

Feel free to contact our support team and get all of your possible questions answered.