Email Marketing & Pop-up Combo

US $149
2-8 business days
Package includes:
  • Pop-up setup & pack of designs for customization
  • Sales-provoking coupon creation
  • Attractive emails with best offers from your store
  • Built-in signup form setup as a free bonus
  • Step-by-step guide
* Please, fill in the form after the checkout. Our specialists need to know some details to start working on the service.
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About this service

Every e-commerce business owner knows that not everyone buys on the first time they visit a website. Luckily for you, rather than spending money on retargeting campaigns, you can try… Email marketing! Catch your non-buying website visitors with a one-time investment that works for eternity and boosts sales!

How can you do that? Here’s the combo our team sets up for you: we create a pop-up that offers a lovely discount in exchange for a customer’s email address. Once a bargain lover subscribes, they get a welcome email with a delicious promo code and the best offers from your store.

What are the benefits of the Email Marketing & Pop-up Combo?

  • Opportunity to get sales effortlessly
  • No monthly fee or additional investments
  • Brand awareness boost & more repeat buyers
  • No skills or time needed, the team does everything for you
  • The system works automatically for years to come
  • 15% OFF as you buy services in bulk
Convert your shoppers into buyers on autopilot
Lead generation pop-up
4 promo emails that cover 2 weeks
Signup form setup
Coupon creation
Pack of pop-up designs
2 reusable email templates
Delivery time: 2-4 business days
Reactivate inactive customers through mailings
Lead generation pop-up
8 promo emails that cover 4 weeks
Signup form setup
Coupon creation
Pack of pop-up designs
3 reusable email templates
Delivery time: 4-8 business days
Give your email marketing sales room to grow
Lead generation pop-up
16 promo emails that cover 3 months
Signup form setup
Coupon creation
Pack of pop-up designs
5 reusable email templates
Delivery time: 4-8 business days

What is included in the Lead Generation Pop-up Setup service?

  • Irresistible Pop-up setup that collects your visitors emails
  • 4 tempting follow-ups that inspire sales
  • Alluring coupons creation that create a sense of urgency
  • Catchy gifs that mesmerize clients
  • Pack of attractive designs for future pop-up customization
  • Step-by-step guide that gives you everything you need to know about Mailchimp

Boost lead generation and sales TODAY with free & low-risk tools – Email Marketing & Pop-up Combo!

What happens after I order Email Marketing & Pop-up Combo?
Well, our experts start working on it! When it’s done, you’ll get a notification with instructions.
When are the emails for my store completed?
The delivery time depends on our specialists' workload. It may vary from 2 to 8 business days.
Why MailChimp?
This mailing service is ideal for beginners. It’s free (up to 2K emails in your list) and it’s easy to use with its “drag & drop” editor.
Will you provide a mailing list for my store?
Selling mailing lists is not legal, so you'll need to compile a mailing list yourself with the help of a subscription form and pop-up that would be set up on your site. You can also include email addresses of your customers.
Do you guarantee sales?
We create effective emails and pop-up. Sales results may depend on the condition of your dropshipping store & products, their prices, your optimization strategies, site traffic volume, customer support and the number of subscribers on your email list.
“Covers 2 weeks” in the rate table - what does that mean?
It means that each of your subscribers will get emails from your automated sequence one by one within this time.
What if I want to change something in the delivered service package?
We want to save your time, so please check all your preferences before we start working on your order (we always ask our customers to fill in the form & tell about their preferences thoroughly). As an exception & as a last resort, we accept one set of corrections.

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5.0 rating
Mar 3, 2021
If you want the best end-to-end lead generator this product is for you. You will save so much time. If you are a digital marketer like me. Saving time leaves more time to create that next big campaign. GET this add-on.
By England R.,
5.0 rating
Feb 18, 2021
Simply awesome from start to finish. Can't wait to see the results from the flows. :)
By Nick, USA
5.0 rating
Feb 15, 2021
The delivered work was much higher than my expectations. Miss Diana also answered all of my questions and never made me feel bad about asking them. SIX STARS!!!
By Chen, USA
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