They launched a $500K+/month business during the pandemic — and so can YOU!

yaros By Yaroslav Nevsky • October 02, 2020

These two fierce moms, Anna and Maria, combined their effort to launch and boost an incredible online store - and made sure it’s available for copying to anyone who wants to try ecommerce.

What’s their story?

Anna, a digital marketing specialist, has a long history of promoting online stores and testing various advertising strategies.


Maria, a skilled content manager with a gift for multitasking, is a pro at creating a hype product assortment, bringing product pages to perfection, and managing social media.

Teaming up for an ambitious business project and using their strengths to the max, these unbelievable women managed to create a dropshipping store that now brings over $500K A MONTH!

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Why is this store a success?

This store, The Auto Merch, targets car owners who’d like to keep everything neat and convenient in their vehicles. In times of pandemic, this is an exceptionally demanded product offering for everyone who wants to travel safely within their local area - and therefore, spends much more time with their cars.

But a winning product range is not the only secret…

As both Anna and Maria can work only 4-5 hours a day, they organized the business in the most time-saving way possible.

That’s why it’s built on WordPress and powered by AliDropship plugin, the tool that’s responsible for the most ‘boring’ tech stuff and leaves the moms enough time to experiment with advertising.

Judging by the DAILY revenue numbers, this strategy pays off!

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You can follow the exact same strategy, you know?

That’s right: the Auto Merch store is a part of AliDropship’s Premium Store program.

It means that anyone - you included! - can get an exact copy of such a website to turn it into your own independent business!

YOU can benefit from Anna and Maria’s effort, their expertise, knowledge, and persistence - and even use the same winning promo campaigns they created, polished, and launched successfully.


Join our FREE webinar and watch Anna sharing everything she learned from this business experience! From choosing trending products to testing ad creatives, she will guide you through every step of turning the Auto Merch into a million-dollar venture - and explain how YOU can do the exact same thing.

Won’t you be excited to follow in her footsteps?

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Samuel Thomas22 minutes ago
Way to go, mommas!
Rab Mishra47 minutes ago
Thank you for sharing your story, wishing you success with your business!
Bara Novakova51 minutes ago
What a blessing. thank you so much for showing me your journey
Rosa Levi1 hour 13 minutes ago
Your story is encouraging, it gives the push to keep moving...
Rachel Wagner1 hour 34 minutes ago
I’m happy to hear your success with dropshipping and also in life! Congratulations on your motherhood!
Wesley Matafin2 hours 19 minutes ago
Really willing to get into this business. Can't wait to see you showing me how! thx
Roger Burks2 hours 31 minutes ago
Wow. You are doing a good job. This has motivated me to start my own dropshipping business as soon as I save up the money!
Alexander Hudson4 hours 13 minutes ago
That was inspiring! I believe someday my story will be here, too!
Carla Suarez5 hours 11 minutes ago
Inspirational story, congrats on your success! Just got my replay, can't wait to watch.
Godfrey Ebojie8 hours 49 minutes ago
I am motivated by your story, and I intend to get me a store copy
Leah Fombuena9 hours 54 minutes ago
Congratulations on all your achievements, you’re truly inspirational. You have given me hope. I’ve been trying to enter the drop-shipping industry for a while now
Ashley Williams12 hours 42 minutes ago
You are an inspiration my friends, keep killing it!
Noah Frost13 hours 57 minutes ago
Hi, I loved what I read, I would like to start my own too, looking forward to your guidance!
Anthony Lloyd15 hours 39 minutes ago
Thank you for this information, I would like to take a step in making an extra income for myself and this is a great route to work on.
Marta Kaufman16 hours 10 minutes ago
I indeed love what am reading. I am really interested in starting one and would love to know more and appreciate your effort of taking me through the steps.

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