How To Buy An Ecommerce Store Ready To Welcome Customers From Day 1

When you are planning to buy a custom ecommerce store, you have so many questions about this purchase! You wonder what your online store will look like, what it will sell, how much it will cost, what business potential it will have, and so on.

If you don’t want to create a website on your own, you can find an ecommerce business for sale. However, when you buy an online business from someone else, your choice is limited. So, if you want to buy an ecommerce online store made according to your own design, consider purchasing a Custom Store from AliDropship.

Down below, we will answer the most common questions about purchasing a custom ecommerce store. Let’s quickly review them!

Ordering a Custom Store is a quick and affordable way to own an ecommerce website

Let’s go over the benefits!

You only make a one-time payment to get the store

That’s right! You get an amazing store with free lifelong support and FREE hosting as a bonus.
AliDropship does not charge any extra fees for the right to use your Custom store.

The store is developed for you exclusively

A whole team of designers, programmers, digital marketing specialists, customer support managers, and other experts work on your order to deliver a good-looking, competitive and profitable business. You can monitor the process and suggest amendments if necessary.

All the major ecommerce tasks are done for you

The store you get is specifically made for you from scratch. Just imagine, all the heavy lifting was already done for you: from building a store from scratch to the technical website setup to importing the best-selling products on your site, to researching evergreen niches, and сreating sales-optimized product pages. Surely, you’ll be happy to delegate these time-consuming tasks to the real pros, so you get a fully set up ecommerce store that is ready to grow!

Enjoy the benefits of Sellvia – your all-in-1 ecommerce solution

Take advantage of our special offer - a FREE subscription trial to Sellvia (you can cancel the subscription any time), the ultimate ecommerce solution that will provide you with everything you need to start a successful online business anywhere in the world.

With Sellvia, you get access to a catalog of best-selling products you can easily import to your online store with top-notch product descriptions, ready promo campaigns for each item, and much more. Additionally, these products are already stored in the US Fulfillment Center. Therefore, they will reach your US buyer in 1-3 business days ensuring your customers will be satisfied with their orders!

Start your ecommerce journey

Get 25% off my store

As a result, you get a self-owned ecommerce business with an unlimited growth potential

After we complete the online store development, you become an independent owner of the business. It fully belongs to you, so we don’t oblige you to run it in some particular way, or to make a specific volume of profit, or to have a certain turnover, etc. You’re your own boss!

This is why the financial potential of your newborn ecommerce business is so promising.

Starting your own business has never been so simple! Don’t miss your chance to get a ready-to-go custom ecommerce store and avoid all the challenges newcomers have to face daily! All the tools you need to start your own business in one place.

Any questions about ecommerce business?

We’ll be happy to answer in detail!


Here's what our customers say:

“I wanted to say thank you to AliDropship and Tatiana and Chris for giving me that impulse to discover the world of dropshipping which is really easy and if I managed to do it – everybody can do the same.”
Ester, Argentina
“AliDropship has been a very good site for us, newbies. Thank you for your welcome support!”
Joy Joy Cart Team, Singapore
“I’m a college student... The business has been scaling so far...It's been awesome! Thank you everyone on AliDropship, you all really did me a great favour, and I have a new stock coming up also from AliDropship!”
Ishmael, US
“I came to AliDropship kinda searching what it had – awesome websites, awesome setup, everything. Wonderful prices – I love it! I’ll be back for many more!”
Tony, US
“You not only get a professionally designed website but you also get the store loaded with the hot products. They’ve already done the hard work for you. All you have to do is market the products! Recently, I also decided to get the Sellvia tool which is, I think, a game-changer!”
Meena, Australia
“I want to thank my manager Elena who has actually been there for me, assisting me in all aspects, she’s a wonderful lady. I want to thank the whole team of AliDropship for the great job that they’ve done for me so far, answering all my questions and putting me on track.”
Atali, Brazil
“I would like to say that we had no experience about the ecommerce at all. We had a small research on the Internet. And finally we had decided to buy from AliDropship Premium Stores the classic store “Buy It Carl” along with the marketing packets and the Social Rabbit Plugin. And like this we’ve started our journey...”
Vendi and Dimitris, Czech Republic and Greece
“At first, I had no idea about this kind of field. But I liked to make a change for my life, so I checked out AliDropship's web page and had a little consultation with one of the agents there…”
Ivan, Indonesia
“It is a good experience to have an AliDropship store! My project manager is Miss Tatiana. She is very much helpful and supportive. She helped me throughout the journey from the order to delivery of the store. I want to grow along with AliDropship. And I’m also hopeful that Miss Tatiana will support me forever!”
Jaydeep, India

Sounds too good to be true?
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Rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 1,117 reviews on trustpilot
Keisha Diaz
June 6, 2023
Amazing and user-friendly tool. Perfect for beginners starting their business, offering a wide range of features and add-ons to assist you. Their customer support is exceptional, always ready to help and extremely polite.
Aydin George
June 6, 2023
I'm extremely happy with AliDropship! The customer service is consistently top-notch, and their team of experts is exceptional. When I encountered issues with certain plugins, they swiftly resolved them, showcasing their commitment to excellent customer support.
May 30, 2023
Your customer support is outstanding. It's the best I've experienced, with your prompt assistance and quick responses. I'm thrilled with the exceptional work you do. Keep up the great work, it's truly excellent. Thank you so much
Christopher “CJ” Baker
May 2, 2023
I've found this company to be reputable and helpful with their support. Questions are answered promptly and expertly. 10/10 recommended. I'm building my store using this plug-in, pleased I did my research, excellent value!
Unio Enterprise
Mar 19, 2023
I would highly recommend AliDropship to anyone who needs a reliable dropshipping plugin with an efficient support team. Their dedication to providing excellent customer service is truly impressive, and I'm so grateful for all their help. Thank you again!
J. Wetzel
Feb 19, 2023
I have been working with AliDropship since January 2023. Everyone involved have been helpful and quick to respond. I recently worked with Nadezhda to set up my Social Rabbit Plug-in. She is a genius, in my book.
Jan 22, 2023
One of the best support I have had with Marina, she is professional and have a very good knowledge of what they sell, the themes and plugins are very helpful to resource products and also the new Alibaba Plugin, I will check it as I am going to purchase it soon.
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