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Pricing markup formula (ver. 1)

All products imported in your store from AliExpress appear with their original prices. To get profit from your business, you need to determine pricing rules and set markups/margins.

AliDropship plugin features a profound system for pricing markup – the amount added to the cost of goods to cover overhead and profit.

To add a new pricing markup rule, click Add New Formula. Select Supplier Cost Range (these are product prices offered by sellers on AliExpress). Assign an arithmetic operation: addition (+), multiplication (x) or equality (=) and enter the value of this operation. If you need additional rules for your formula, you can use Additional Formula option. Formulas can be applied not only to all product categories, but also to certain ones: just select the necessary category from the drop-down menu. Click Save Changes to add your formula.

After your formula is added, all new products imported into your store will get prices according to your pricing rules. If you need to apply these rules to already existent products on your site, click Update Prices button. To change all product prices back to AliExpress original ones, click Reset Prices.

Please note, you can create as many formulas as you need, use x2, x3, x4 buttons for setting a formula fast and add Recommended formula with ready pricing markup rules. Here is an example:

According to the formula shown on the screenshot, all products with prices on AliExpress between $1 and $5 will be multiplied by two and additional $2 will be added to the final price. So, if we import a product that costs $3 on AliExpress, the price will be converted to $8 ($3 * 2 + $2).

Prices rounding

With the help of this feature you can round your prices. If this option is activated, for example, such prices like $8.53 and $6,47 will be automatically changed to $9 and $6, respectively.

Assign cents

You can set a specific cent value for your retail price. You can also set several different values separated by commas. In this case the plugin will apply these values randomly. This value will be used when forming the final price for your items (for example, if you want the cost of your product to be XX.95, add 95 to this field).


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