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Order fulfilment settings (old plugin)

To  adjust autofilling settings, go to Dashboard => AliDropship => Settings => General and scroll down to Auto order settings.

Activate ‘Mark order as Processed’ option to make the plugin change order status from ‘Paid’ to ‘Processed’ automatically right after you place an order on AliExpress.

Activate ‘Mark order as Shipped’ option to make the plugin change order status from ‘Processed’ to ‘Shipped’ automatically right after the Tracking ID is added to the order. Once the order status is changed to ‘Shipped’, ‘Order shipped’ notification with order details and tracking data will be sent to your client automatically.

If you disable ‘Mark order as Processed’ and ‘Mark order as Shipped’ options you can manually change order statuses in Orders section.


Enter a Default phone number (you can set your own one) for placing orders on AliExpress. This phone number will be used in case your client did not provide it during a checkout process on your store.

If you want to use a default phone number all the time, activate the option – Override the customer’s phone number with Default order phone number.


There is an option to add a Custom note for suppliers that will be sent them automatically with your orders on AliExpress. It will help you to avoid any invoices or marketing materials included in the packages sent to your customers.


‘We are dropshipping! Please, do not include any invoices or promo materials into the package.’

The same in Chinese: ‘你好,这个是分销订单,请不要在包裹内放任何发票或促销信息,谢谢!’

‘Dear seller. I work as a dropshipper. Please, do not mention AliExpress and your return address and don’t place your business card into the package. We look forward to continuing and further developing our cooperation with your store. Thank you!’

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