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Connecting PayPal Account (Personal) (old plugin)

1. Visit your PayPal account and go to “My selling tools”. Find “API access” option and click “Update”.

My Profile - PayPal 2016-06-22 12-59-15

If you have a new PayPal interface, click Seller preferences and go to API access settings.


2. Choose Option 2 and click “View API Signature.

API Access - PayPal 2016-06-22 13-03-45

3. Copy your API username, API password and Signature.

View or Remove API Signature - PayPal 2016-06-22 13-06-54

4. Go to AliDropship Plugin – “Settings” – “Payments” and click Edit button. Enter your API username, API password, Signature and click “Save changes”.


You can also add Brand name of your store, Header Image URL, Logo Image URL to make your Paypal checkout page look more professional.

NOTE: If  you can’t find PayPal credentials on your account, please contact PayPal support directly and ask where you can find API settings.

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