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How do I get my store?

A few steps to launching your AI-driven online business
Pick your store
You browse the collection of unique turnkey stores we are offering for sale, and buy the one you like best
Take the ownership
You book a free call with your personal manager and take over the ownership of the chosen store right away
Enjoy free training
During the call, you also get detailed instructions on how to manage and promote your new store with the help of AI
Start selling
You sell products in your store and redirect the incoming orders to us. We manufacture and ship them. You keep the profit!

Welcome to the future of ecommerce: AI-powered stores

AI technology streamlines your business operations and increases efficiency, allowing you to focus on growth and expansion
Higher customer satisfaction & sales
AI-driven online stores are revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their customers. With the power of Artificial Intelligence, these stores can provide a personalized shopping experience to every customer.
Increased conversion rates
One of the main benefits of an AI-built ecommerce store is the ability to analyze customer behavior and preferences. With this information, you can create targeted marketing campaigns and recommend products that customers are most likely to purchase.
Improved overall efficiency
In addition, AI technology can automate tasks such as your website management, order fulfillment and store promotion, reducing your workload and allowing you to focus on customer service and other high-value tasks.
Valuable business insights
AI-built and driven ecommerce stores also provide businesses with priceless insights into their operations. Use the collected data to optimize processes, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions about future strategies.

Online stores built to succeed

Watch the progress of ecommerce businesses powered by AI
Car accessories store that came from 0 to $1M in 5 months
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The Auto Merch is an established ecommerce business that has already gained popularity among tens of thousands of car owners and currently rakes in over $500,000 a month with over 170,000 monthly visitors.
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Baby store that reached a $49K monthly revenue in 2 months
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For expecting moms and newborns, there’s a lot that is needed to adjust to a changing lifestyle. Cheery Kid is our baby-and-mom superstore carrying everything from baby onesies to maternity bags and pacifiers.
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Classic store that makes $40,000 per month
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Level up your online sales by taking the wide-appeal approach: Buy It Carl is our shop-smarts online superstore that carries everything from home goods to jewelry and lifestyle gadgets, so you can have (and sell) it all.
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Gaming store that reached $22K/mo in 3 months
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This thriving online business built a strong base of regular customers and keeps breaking sales records. Otaku Joy offers only highly demanded and popular products in the evergreen niche of gaming clothing, accessories and gear.
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Gardening store with up to $770 revenue per day
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If you’re scouring far and wide for a targeted audience to sell to (and bonus if you have a love for the outdoors), check Gardenient – our latest got-it-all shopping destination for all your home, garden and camping needs.
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Let AI promote your business

Sit back, relax, and save tons of your time and money on marketing. 
Search Engine Optimization
Enjoy evergrowing organic traffic with AI-powered SEO strategy involving the most advanced white hat methods. The effect will keep zooming up for years!
Social Media Marketing
Get your business accounts (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn) professionally created by AI, from launch and design to stunning content.
Video marketing
You’ll get top-quality videos for your website and YouTube channel showing your brand and products at their best, which will result in increased traffic and sales.
Blog & Сrowd marketing
We’ll employ AI to increase your brand awareness through unique content that will leave no reader indifferent, from your site blog, to Quora and Trustpilot.

Turnkey Amazon business as a BONUS

Let us help you create an Amazon Seller account and fill it with hot unique products
Hassle-free business launch
Starting an Amazon store by yourself takes time and effort. But when you hire us, you leave all the heavy lifting to our team.
Stellar product listings
50 best products that we elaborate for you will be added to your Amazon Seller account, with superb photos and compelling descriptions.
No promotion needed
We’ll optimize your product listings for the Amazon users’ search requests to make sure it’s YOUR products people will find and buy.
And the best part…
The only thing you need to do to get a turnkey Amazon business for FREE is attend the meeting with your personal manager. Yes, that simple!

Sell unique products with ZERO competition

We’ll create exclusive products to win your customers’ hearts
Signature product designs
We’ll explore what products shoppers search for but cannot find – and elaborate items for your store to cover their unmet demand.
No competitors
You’ll be selling goods that are not available anywhere else, so forget about the competition. You can even do without promotion!
No order minimums
Whatever you choose to sell, no item is printed until your customer orders it, allowing prints of single or small quantities.
Production & logistics
All products will be manufactured, packed and shipped by us upon your request and under your brand.

Recent awards and recognition

We are honored to have won the industry’s most respected trophies and an outstanding reputation for the quality of the services and products we provide.
“Quality control and fast delivery give me an advantage over competitors.”
Gagandeep Singh

And now, let our customers speak!

“It's not just about the money for me. It feels like I bought a lifestyle.”
“I thought it was such an innovative idea because it was just so easy.”
“What’s your rate, from 1 to 10? I’d rate 11.”
“It's really, really exciting and interesting, and it keeps me going on a daily basis.”
“You guys literally do everything. It’s like having somebody hold your hand through the whole process.”
“I don't have to go out and work for “the man”. I have much more freedom.”

This is how you will achieve amazing results

Personal manager

Your dedicated manager will guide you through every step of your business launch, answer all your questions and take care of any technical issues.

Niche research

Every store operates in a niche handpicked and analyzed by our experts. All these niches are in high demand right now and will stay profitable in the future.

Zero work from you

Our team of professionals is ready to transfer your store to you in just minutes. You’ll become a business owner without actually lifting a finger.

Mobile and SEO friendly

AI provides a cutting-edge responsive design that looks perfect on the screen size of any device — and even optimises your content for search engines.

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