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Social Rabbit Plugin

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Get the most of your social media marketing activities with the Social Rabbit plugin for WordPress, sure to become your best bet for website promotion. With this handy plugin, you can fully automate your site’s social media accounts posts, but make them look like you’ve spent hours on thoughtful planning and crafting of every post.

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Social Rabbit is the #1 social media plugin for WordPress. Auto-run and auto-promote your websites on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Do you own a Shopify store? Check out Social Rabbit for Shopify here. Please notice that there are differences in the features of two versions of Social Rabbit.

Enjoy smart human-like posts for your content and hassle-free promotions on your social accounts, 24/7. What makes Social Rabbit so powerful? Your social traffic and sales grow like crazy!


  • Get the instant growth of sales and profits from day one
  • Generate quality traffic from social media platforms
  • Replace a whole social media marketing team
  • Auto-promote your website on social media 24/7 without a hassle
  • Improve the indexing of your website by search engines
  • Enjoy free lifelong support and updates


Manage media files for your future posts easily

With Social Rabbit, your social media marketing is convenient and easy with automation options (for posts and images). There is an entire Media Gallery to keep your post images in one place. Manage in three ways:

  • Add them manually
  • Import them from free databases (Pixaby and Giphy) right within the plugin
  • Activate the automatiс update of media files according to relevant keywords and categories. The app will update your images from time to time for the most up-to-date imagery.

Use Social Rabbit analytics to plan campaigns

Use the stats provided by Social Rabbit to make your marketing campaigns even more effective and increase your profit by several times! Check the “Overview” tab to find out how your campaigns are going.

Don’t waste your time running promotions or posts on your own! Get Social Rabbit and watch your social media pages flourish!

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Some questions you might have
Can I buy several licenses at once in case I have more than one website?
Yes, we provide three packages: for one, three or five stores. If you buy Social Rabbit for three or five sites, you will get one license key for all stores. To select a package, please use the field above the button.
How long will my Social Rabbit license key be valid for?
All our add-ons have a lifelong license key. You can use it as long as you want.
Is Social Rabbit compatible with Shopify?
Yes, we have Social Rabbit for Shopify. Go here to learn more about the app.
What if I want to use Social Rabbit on a multisite?
Social Rabbit works on multisites, but the Rabbit’s license should be activated for the proper number of websites you purchased for. To get the details, please contact our support team at
I want to use Social Rabbit to promote my business, but my website is not an online store. Can I do this?
Yes, Social Rabbit can work on any WordPress or WooCommerce site. But please note that the “Product Poster” tool won’t be available in this case.
Can I use Social Rabbit on WordPress and WooCommerce sites without the AliDropship plugin?
Yes, Social Rabbit can work on any WordPress or WooCommerce site even without the AliDropship plugin.
Is Social Rabbit supported by the AliDropship Woo plugin?
The Rabbit is compatible with both plugins: AliDropship and AliDropship Woo.
What do I do if I want to switch the website where I use Social Rabbit?
To do this, contact our support team at and ask to reset your license key. Then you will be able to use Social Rabbit on any website you want.
Won’t my social media pages look spammy?
Social Rabbit is not a bot, it is a WordPress plugin. Its posts will have human-like qualities to them because you set them up yourself.
How can this plugin boost my sales?
Social Rabbit attracts stable social media traffic to your store. The more people see your products, the more likely they are to buy from you.
Is setup service included in the price of the Social Rabbit add-on?
No, but if you want to order this service, please contact our support team:
Any questions?
We’ll be happy to answer in detail!
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