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Get a done-for-you dropshipping store

  • Our team builds your online store from A to Z
  • We help you select the most profitable niche
  • We create a professional design for your website
  • A personal manager guides you through every step
  • No work is required from you, and no experience is necessary
  • You get a turnkey business ready to bring in profit
get custom store
Starts from US $299 (one-time payment)

Replicate the success of a booming store

  • Affordable copy of a top-performing store run by AliDropship
  • You don't have to take risks and test to see what works
  • You don't need to look for the hottest products and trusted suppliers
  • The store’s catalog is already packed with proven bestsellers
  • You get your copy of the chosen store and can start selling right away
  • Now, we also provide life-long marketing support!
get premium store
Starts from US $300 (one-time payment)

Do it yourself with our plugin

  • Easy to install and customize
  • One-click import of top-selling AliExpress products
  • Set your profit margins exactly where you want them
  • Easy management and marketing with our automated solutions
  • Choose from an array of add-ons to further boost your traffic & sales
  • Fully-automated order fulfillment for 24/7 sales
get alidropship plugin
One-time payment of US $89

Here's what our customers say:

“I purchased a custom store from AliDropship and I really liked the procedure and the way they helped me to open the store. We were connecting on Skype, answering every day, really fast, to all the questions that I had, all the things I wanted to know about. I don’t know a lot about building a website, and the price was very good!”
Efi, Israel
“I was looking for a website for my bicycle store. Upon signing up with AliDropship, their manager contacted me and also guided me through the process of designing the website. I have no experience in any web design, but the manager was very patient and guided me through all the process.”
Freddie, Singapore
“I reached out, I paid for the Custom store, and someone reached out to me immediately. Suddenly the entire team was working on it! They did everything: they did SEO, they set up the email marketing, they set up the entire design… I had a manager just doing a logo!”
Jonathan, US
“I bought the Ultimate Package and it came with 200 products. AliDropship pretty much completely helped me set up my entire store. They also provide you at the end of your experience with this giant sort of a booklet-like thing with about 41 pages that tells exactly how to run your dropship store.”
Mckenzi, US
“I checked a few options. AliDropship seemed to be the best, had the better options, better price points, offered everything I needed, really, from the store. The automation tools from the AliDropship are great - Social Rabbit, for example. I also like the ability to import products directly from AliExpress before making them live on the store, which is fantastic.”
Christopher, UK
“I would like to say that we had no experience about the ecommerce at all. We had a small research on the Internet. And finally we had decided to buy from AliDropship Premium Stores the classic store “Buy It Carl” along with the marketing packets and the Social Rabbit Plugin. And like this we’ve started our journey...”
Vendi and Dimitris, Czech Republic and Greece
“I decided to get a custom store and I’m very impressed with my project manager Ksenia and the whole team. I just had an idea of the niche that I wanted to venture into. And the team helped me to analyze it and provide suggestions and make it into reality which is amazing. They have been in constant communication and everything was done according to my preferences.”
Lica, Singapore
“When I first decided to start dropshipping, I had absolutely no idea what to do or how to start. So, I turned to AliDropship for everything – from custom website boiled all way down to advice on niche selection and logo design. The entire experience was incredibly easy, and this is coming from somebody with absolutely no knowledge on website design, WordPress, or setting up the ecommerce store.”
Brandon, South Africa
“I loved how you can have a custom website built: you can actually go in there and you can choose your niche, you can choose how many products you want, and you can also choose from an add-ons range – from social media to marketing to digital advertising. I actually chose the Facebook and Instagram ads, and I’m very pleased with the results of all the work.”
Matthew, Canada
“You not only get a professionally designed website but you also get the store loaded with the hot products. They’ve already done the hard work for you. All you have to do is market the products! Recently, I also decided to get the Sellvia tool which is, I think, a game-changer!”
Meena, Australia
“You don't have to do anything: you just go to AliExpress, you add the extension, you just click on a product (it’s up to you if you want to change the name, the title), and then – BOOM – it’s already posted on your site! So, like I said – try AliDropship: it’s so convenient, so easy, and the platform is so nice, your site will come with SSL, and you don’t have to worry about anything.”
Abderrahim, US
“My favourite thing about AliDropship custom store is that once the store is ready, they will give you a complete guide on how to effectively and efficiently run your custom store. And not only that: in addition to that, you will get lifetime support from AliDropship team.”
Imran, Pakistan
“So, I purchased a Custom store – it was the Ultimate package – and the experience was amazing. They finished the store within 3 weeks. They helped me with the niche, they answered all my questions… Once everything was finished, I took a look – I was so impressed! The site looks very professional, I mean, they set up everything!”
Kai, US
“I came across an ad for AliDropship, a platform for dropshipping. I looked into the offering and the thing that attracted me most was the fact that the store built on this platform will belong to me for life. I can give it as a gift or leave it to anyone to inherit and do whatever I want!”
Valerii, Russia
“For starters, I chose AliDropship because it is 100% free lifetime because I tried other platforms like Shopify which have a monthly subscription. And I felt AliDropship was more fair for me. I have a job 9-to-5, 5 times a week. The money is not enough. So, I’m looking for something extra and in the long term, something as the main source for living.”
Tony, Greece
“I’m here to talk about my experience with AliDropship which was just, I mean, awesome. I would wake up with an email explaining everything, and every question, concern, issue that I had was explained with clarity. They’re very attentive, and really, I’m super impressed by the teamwork. There’s a few people I dealt directly with almost every single day!”
John, US
“I chose the custom store website and I took the Basic plan, I was very conservative about it. It’s amazing because you don’t have to pay monthly fees, it’s just a one-time payment, and it gives you unlimited products that you can import from AliExpress to your own website.”
Ahmed, UAE
“Recently, I bought a custom dropshipping store from the AliDropship team. There was everyday contact with suggestions and questions. They assisted me very much in everything and built in everything as of payment methods, email, forwarding, automation, niche, and products. They completed it with expert accuracy to the final result which was about two weeks through.”
Alexios, Greece

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Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 787 reviews on trustpilot
Glendalee Gurne
Aug 11, 2020
I am now a DropShipper
Yes, i am now a certified dropshipper! My dream to be one made it a reality by AliDropship Team headed by my Personal Manager Andrei Kazancev. I am so happy i found them who helped to do all the hard work for me. I just need to spend my time in my marketing...
Camille Rahal
Jul 31, 2020
Professional team
Really professional and very helpful team, I was scared when I started & the result made me so happy! Thank you all
Steffan Andersen
Jul 27, 2020
Amazing job!
The team working on my store did an amazing job! I gave the team full control of design, logo and name, and they did NOT disappoint. Very fast respons, informs you about every step of the process, very easy to work with. I will definitely be using their services again! They set me up to success :)
Matt Brown
Jul 25, 2020
Alidropship are an amazing business
Alidropship are an amazing business. The team are extremely knowledgable and courteous, patient and efficient. I had no idea about setting up GA, or Paypal, or anything else, and they were brilliant. I can't recommend them highly enough.
Robert Warburton
Jun 23, 2020
I wanted to make a site
But I'm not too tech-savvy, unfortunately. After doing a bit of research I came across AliDropship which I found can actually get you started, and with a turn-key shop which you can help build. So I got myself one which was completed in about 2 weeks. Completely running with all the bells and whistles...
Dylan Van Zyl
Jun 23, 2020
Excellent service
From the start to finish I was kept in the loop as to what was happening, it was a smooth process! I definitely recommend.
Fakhriah Halim
Jun 19, 2020
Efficient Team, Easy Guidelines
The team is very efficient. They work fast, meet deadlines while the guidelines given are not at all confusing and this coming from a person who is not tech savvy. We may not have constant communication which I find a good thing as I still have a full time job. However, I can track and see their...

Real people. Real success

Money is not a problem anymore
My first sale was a pack of laptop stickers which I promoted with Instagram influencers. Currently, I have 20,000 Instagram followers which are generating a lot of organic reach.
Angel, Bulgaria
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From 0 To €43K+ In 1 Year
AliDropship Woo plugin was the best solution. It was ergonomic, it was easy to use. It's well integrated to WordPress and that's what I like. I was sure at 100% that I wanted to do it with WordPress.
Tristan, France
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$455,058 In A Year: Mousslim’s Story
I love my life right now, 2 years ago I was hating it. When you say that you’re 21 yo and you are running a store that generated half a million in a year, people become crazy curious lol.
Mousslim, France
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Can A Work-At-Home Mom Succeed In Ecommerce?
I ordered a custom store from AliDropship. Now, I have something of my own to cherish and build daily, and I believe it will bloom some day! Or I will bloom with all that knowledge I have gathered.
Sofia, Greece
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From 0 To $350,000+ In A Year
I now have the financial freedom to live my life like I want it. And I turned from working as an IT Freelancer with 70-80 hours weeks to a business owner with around 10 working hours per week.
Felix, Germany
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Running 5 stores at once? Why not!
My first sale happened 6 weeks after my first website got launched. As I got positive financial results almost instantly, it encouraged me to focus on growing my dropshipping business and expanding to a new market.
Flo, Australia
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$42,100+ In The Month Of The First Sale
With a 12 hour work day with a long commute, I didn’t have much time for myself or my family. I knew this wasn’t the life I wanted for myself. I took the chance and that’s the best decision I could have made.
Tony, Mexico
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From 0 To $45,800+ In 3 Years
I’ve been running a dropshipping store that sells apparel and accessories for about 3 years now. At the moment I started, I had absolutely no background experience or knowledge in ecommerce!
Kitty, New Zealand
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$28,000+ in Sales With a Brand New Store
E-commerce is easy as hell if you know what you're doing. Opened a new general store with some cool stuffs in it 30 days ago. And bang bang the results are just awesome. 15 days results: $20K in profits from 6 stores in total.
Kingpin, India
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$11,491.45 In Sales In 3 Months
I knew it for a fact that once I have the baby, life will be very busy – especially as I’m a first-time mother. So I was looking for something to do from home. It cost me under $200 to start my business!
Niti, Australia
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How Anne Works From Home While Keeping A Part-Time Job
With my rather home-like personality, I am delighted there is an opportunity for a single mom to work from home! I'm not selling enough for my taste yet, but I know and hope that the work I do will pay off soon.
Anne, France
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