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10 Most Profitable Niches With Low Competition

By Artyom Kopylov

profitable niches with low competition

Are you working in eCommerce? Do you wish to start a dropshipping business or already run it? Are you eager to know the most profitable niches with low competition?

If it’s all about you, you’re definitely at the right place! In this article we are going to review the most profitable niches with low competition in 2020.

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It will be useful for both newcomers and experienced owners of dropshipping businesses. However, even if you are a far cry from dropshipping and pursue other eCommerce activities, it can also be handy for you to learn what to sell in 2020 in order to get maximum profit.

So, sit back nicely, and let’s get started!

We choose profitable niches with low competition!

choose profitable niches with low competition

A niche selection is always a great challenge before you start performing on the market. In fact, a lot depends on it. Even if you know much about eCommerce, you’re not immune from making a mistake when choosing a niche.

It may seem that there is nothing difficult about that because you can choose a very popular niche with lots of potential customers, and the trick is done. Though, take it easy. While such a niche is quite tempting for those who are already working in it, it can become quite loss-making for you. Why?

As a rule, there is an extremely high competition in such niches. There can be several large companies which got used to hit the jackpot, while the others only settle for a middle level of income.

How to avoid these situations? How to choose a niche which is going to have lots and lots of potential customers and minimum number of rivals? Do the profitable niches with low competition really exist? Actually, they do.

Meet our list of profitable niches with low competition in 2020

list of profitable niches with low competition

The experts from AliDropship conducted a study to find the most perspective niches in terms of potential clients and competitors. They have revised tons of reports, forecasts, and other useful information, and determined the list of 10 most profitable niches with low competition in 2020. Here they come!

Our analysis is based on two data sources:

  • Google Trends is a website which lets its users analyze the popularity of search requests in Google search engine. Due to Google Trends you’re able to see if a keyword is difficult or not in terms of SEO-friendliness.
  • Ahrefs is a well-know toolset for SEO analysis. It allows Internet users to check the difficulties of particular keywords to rank in top and the number of search requests. Keyword difficulty is an extremely important tool to achieve SEO-friendliness because you can check the level of competition by means of it.

1. Solar energy products

dropshipping solar products

First of all, let’s talk about different modern products. Since lots and lots of people start to realize that energy commodities we use nowadays are not inexhaustible, we got an extreme popularity of products working due to renewable energy sources. And one of these sources is, definitely, solar energy.

In fact, the list of products powered by sunlight is not very long. However these items let people not only care for nature, but also save their money. Now let’s look at what Google trends can tell us about the popularity of solar products nowadays.

Google trends solar products

We can see that solar products are in extreme demand over a number of years. So, this is great, but if there is a strong interest to this kind of products, the level of supply should also be high enough. Can we check it? Yes, for sure.

If we go to Ahrefs, we can see keyword difficulty, search volume, global volume, etc. Due to this keyword research, we are able to evaluate the target audience. What is more, it will be easy for you to check if it’s difficult to create a SEO-friendly website in the particular niche. Let’s have a look.

ahrefs competition for solar power banks

So, according to Ahrefs overview of solar power bank, it gets clear that the solar products niche is not as competitive as it may seem at first glance. At the same time, the global search volume is high enough and amounts to 30K.

That’s why if you’re running a dropshipping business or just want to start it, there is a great opportunity for you to to sell solar products and make a fortune with them!

2. Eco friendly products

dropshipping eco friendly products

After solar energy we are going to talk about eco friendly products.To date, many people try to follow the idea of saving the nature. They not only use renewable energy sources, but also make every effort to give up all the non biodegradables. Fortunately, this is going to be one more business idea for your dropshipping store. But first, let’s make sure whether this product category is in demand, actually.

Google trends eco friendly products

When looking at what Google Trends say about eco friendly products, it gets clear that their popularity is really gaining momentum. Now you may ask which particular products should draw your attention in terms of dropshipping? In fact, these are different biodegradable trash bags, toilet paper, etc.

ahrefs competition for eco friendly products

So, if we look at Ahrefs and its overview of biodegradable trash bags, for example, we will see that the global search volume is high enough and amounts to almost 5K. And to top it off, look at the keyword difficulty – it’s consistently low! Much the same is true for biodegradable toilet paper.

ahrefs competition for eco friendly products

That’s why if you’re a dropshipping store owner, try to pay attention to eco friendly products. Be edgy and make money on that!

3. Baby clothes

dropshipping baby clothes

To date, baby products are really very popular, meanwhile, in most cases, they cost a lot. Let’s skip the idea why this is happening and check whether this niche can become profitable for you in terms of dropshipping. For example, let’s consider baby clothes.

Google trends baby clothes

According to Google Trends, the category of baby clothes is increasingly popular for years to come. This is exactly what you need as a dropshipping store owner, isn’t it? Fortunately, we already know that the level of competition is also extremely important for this business. Let’s go to Ahrefs and check if this niche is really so promising for you.

Ahrefs low competition baby clothes

Here we can see that the global search volume of baby clothes is beyond measure and accounts for more than 100K. What is more, the keyword difficulty is medium. Actually, it can take you a lot of marketing efforts to rank in the top 10 for this keyword. Though, the number of potential customers is truly impressive.

So, do you want to succeed in dropshipping, meanwhile, build an audience and strong brand name? In that case, start reselling baby clothes!

4. Health and beauty

dropshipping health and beauty products

It’s not a secret for anybody that health & beauty products are always well-liked. So, is this a good chance for you as a dropshipping store owner? Yes, it is!

Let’s look at what the statistics say about this niche.

Google trends health and beauty products

It gets clear that within several years health and beauty products are in strong demand. It remains to us only to evaluate the level of competition in this niche. Let’s go to Ahrefs and figure it out!

Ahrefs competition health and beauty niche

As it may seem from the screenshot, the keyword difficulty is very low. Despite this, let’s look at the global search volume which amounts to more than 10K. What does it mean for you as a dropshipping store owner? In fact, if you make content marketing effort, you’re highly likely to succeed in this niche.

So, if you’re very interested in beauty products, feel free to read this article. In fact, it’s in your hands! Nothing can stop you from making money within this niche.

5. Pet products

dropshipping pet products

Pets have become quite an important, even indispensable aspect of our daily life. That’s why there is an idea that pet products are going to be extremely popular nowadays. Let’s check it with Google Trends.

Google trends pet products

Here we can see that the interest towards this niche is not growing steadily, meanwhile, it is already high enough and keeps this position for many years. That’s why it’s going to be a great idea to start reselling pet products, isn’t it? Let’s try to make sure of that!

Ahrefs low competition pet niche

If we take a pet feeder, for example, we will see that the particular keyword difficulty is incredibly low. At the same moment, the number of potential customers is going up and amounts to almost 4K. Sounds like a very promising niche to start dealing with, doesn’t it?

So, whether you’re a pet lover or not, start dropshipping pet products since product category lets you create a strong brand and use it as a stable source of high income!

6. Sports equipment

dropshipping sport bags

Since we live in the 21st century, healthy lifestyle is gaining traction! More and more people go in for sports, lead an active life, and so on. That’s why we decided to check if reselling sports products is a good idea for an online store and if we should include this niche in our list of most profitable niches with low competition. Let’s see what we found out.

Google trends sport products

According to Google Trends, products for sports are in a strong demand. So, we have no choice but to check if the level of competition is relatively low in this niche. Let’s choose some products related to sports and study them in detail.

Ahrefs low competition in sports niche

According to Ahrefs, global search volume of sports bags is high enough and amounts to more than 5K. At the same time, the keyword difficulty is relatively low. In other words, reselling sports bags can be a great business idea for your dropshipping store due to a low level of competition and a huge number of potential customers in this niche.

Not convincing? Let’s consider one more product from this category. Let it be a sport bra.

Ahrefs low competition in sports niche

While the keyword difficulty is a bit higher, the global search volume is impressive and amounts to almost 20K. Would you like to have so many potential customers? We suppose, you would.

So, we have found out that reselling products for sports can be a very profitable business idea. Especially, if you’re fond of sports!

7. Minimalist watches

dropshipping watches

Despite the fact that nowadays almost everyone can afford a smartphone or any other gadget which can show time, many people wear watches anyway. This is also confirmed by Google Trends. Let’s look at what it says about watches.

Google Trends dropshipping watches

This is clear that the popularity of watches is out of the question. But things aren’t that simple.

You probably know that there are a number of leaders in the watch industry. Their watches cost much, and not many people can afford to buy them. But you can become the very person who suggests the potential customers a way out of this situation!

In recent years, minimalist watches are in fashion. As a rule, they don’t cost a lot. So, this can be one more approach for you to make money.

Ahrefs low competition watches niche

We have already found out that the number of potential customers can be extremely high. What is more, according to Ahrefs the level of competition in this niche is tending towards zero. Isn’t it great?

So, if you would like to start dropshipping watches, we recommend you consider this very group of products since it’s going to become one of the most profitable in this niche.

8. LED

dropshipping led

The light sources are changing rapidly. Nowadays the most efficient one is LED. LED lamps allows people to save energy and get more bright beam of light without any gases and health hazards. So, since LED is so good, is it already popular enough on the market?

dropshipping led: Google trends

According to Google Trends, LED lamps are in a strong demand. Now let’s find out how the number of potential customers is correlated with the level of competition in the niche.

Ahrefs low competition led niche

As you can see from the screenshot, the keyword difficulty of LED strip is not low, but medium. Although let us draw your attention to the global search volume which is impressive. It amounts to more than 60K.

So, based on this data, you can choose a particular content marketing strategy to create great content. It’s clear that if you manage to do a little more hard work, you’ll get an enormous number of potential buyers and a chance to get your online store to a whole new level!

By the way, if you want to learn more about LED lamps and other most trending products of 2020, go and read this article.

9. Bluetooth gadgets

dropshipping bluetooth earphones

Well, no wonder, but Bluetooth gadgets are still in fashion. Since this technology allows manufacturers to make our lives a bit more convenient, these products won’t leave the lists of top profitable niches. Now let’s go closer to the figures.

Google trends bluetooth earphones

As you can see, instead of going down, the popularity of Bluetooth products is growing rapidly. However, it may seem that the competition in this niche is going to be very fierce. Let’s find this out.

Ahrefs: profitable niches with low competition bluetooth

According to Ahrefs, the level of competition is relatively low for such a huge niche. Draw your attention to the fact that more than 71K of potential customers are at stake. That’s why there is no doubt that this niche is worth your effort!

10. Bathroom accessories

dropshipping bathroom accessories

Now let’s talk about the products that are manufactured to let you make your home a bit more modern and practical. This is all about bathroom accessories!

This niche is included in our list of most profitable niches with low competition because in recent years, this group of products really has been gaining traction. Don’t believe? Let’s look at what Google Trends says.

Google Trends dropshipping bathroom accessories

As you may see, the interest towards products for bathroom is increasing quickly enough. And it means that it remains for us to check if this niche can be profitable in terms of dropshipping. For example, let’s consider toothbrush holder.

profitable niches with low competition bathroom accessories

We may see that this keyword has a global search volume that amounts to almost 30K. At the same time, the keyword difficulty is extremely low. It means that you are highly likely to succeed in reselling this group of products. However, if this is not impressive for you, let’s look at facets which also became a product in demand nowadays.

profitable niches with low competition bathroom accessories

So, this is clear that the keyword difficulty is a bit higher due to the faucets’ rapidly growing popularity. But just have a look at the global search volume that is almost 200K! If you’re eager to open new horizons for your business, this product category is exactly what you need!

Summing it up: choosing profitable niches with low competition

So, no matter whether you’re an experienced dropshipping store owner or only want to try out in this eCommerce activity, the niche selection is a challenging but quite an important task for you. Since AliDropship makes every effort to make its clients business journey easier, we have prepared a list of the 10 most profitable niches with low competition.

We hope this info will be extremely useful for you and your business!

By Artyom Kopylov
Artyom is a copywriter at AliDropship. Having received a BA degree in International Communication and MA degree in Advertising, he started his career working in a multinational petrochemical enterprise as a marketing specialist. To date, for a number of years, Artyom has been sharing the latest ecommerce trends with you, creating guides on how to start an online business from scratch, and keeping you updated on new IT solutions that help you optimize your venture.
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